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The Law Cafe Episode 3 Release Date

The Law Cafe Episode 3 and Episode 4 release date and spoilers

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The Law Cafe Episode 3 will be coming out next week, and we will get to see more drama between Jung-ho and Kim Yu-ri.

With the backstory of both the characters revealed in episode 2, the duo will begin their fight against Dohan Construction, and things are about to get crazy.

With that being said, here is everything you need to know about “The Law Cafe Episode 3.”

The Law Cafe Episode 3 Release Date:

The Law Cafe Episode 3 spoilers
The Law Cafe Episode 2 still (via Viu)

The law Cafe Episode 3 will air next week on September 12 (Monday), 2022

The Law Cafe Episode 4 Release Date:

The Law Cafe Episode 4 will air the following day, on September 13 (Tuesday), 2022, at the same time.

Where to watch ‘The Law Cafe Episode 3 and Episode 4’?

The Law Cafe Episodes 3 and 4 will be available for streaming on Viu

Both episodes will initially be broadcast on KBS2 at 21:50 KST, following which they will be live on Viu.

The Law Cafe Episode 3 Spoilers and Preview:

The Law Cafe Episode 2 gave us a lot more insight into the dynamics of both the leading characters. Additionally, we got to know a lot about their backstory and how Jung-ho’s father was involved in Yu-ri’s father’s misfortune.

The episode concluded with Jung-ho saving Dr Park’s patient from taking his life. He also convinced him to fight alongside them in a legal battle against the construction company responsible for his troubles.

In “The Law Cafe Episode 3”, we will see Jung-ho trying his own way to deal with Dohan Construction while Yu-ri is preparing to sue them.

Jung-ho is confident that Yu-ri will lose the battle, and we will get to see Jung-ho’s unique approach to dealing with the company.

Also, Lee Pyun-woong might take some kind of action against Kim Yu-ri, which will not sit well with Jung-ho.

At the end of episode 3’s preview, we hear Jung-ho saying, “If you try to mess with Kim Yu-ri again, I will shred you to pieces.”

The Law Cafe Episode 2 Recap:

We have already covered a detailed review on episode 2, so be sure to check that out. However, here is a brief recap of the events that happened in “The Law Cafe Episode 2.

  • Episode 2 kicked off right from the ending of episode 1 of ‘The Law Cafe’ as Jung-Ho revealed the reason behind his behaviour towards Yu-Ri.
  • Jung-ho has been in love with Yu-ri for the past 17 years, yet he decides to stay distant so as to avoid hurting each other.
  • Dr Park’s patient is dealing with noise issues in Purean Apartments, and seeks legal help from Yu-ri
  • Dohan Construction company built the Purean Apartments, the same company behind Yu-ri’s misfortunes.
  • Jung-ho’s father was the public prosecutor during the trial of Yu-ri’s father but failed to prove his innocence 
  • Presently, Jung-ho is leading his own investigation on the Dohan Construction company, and it’s what he hid from Yu-ri earlier.
  • At the Palacio Hotel, Lee Pyeon Woong of Dohan Construction meets up with Law Firm Hwang and Goo’s Mr Hwang to discuss legal charges against the writer of a web novel that possible targeted Dohan Construction.
  • Episode 2 ended with Jung-ho convincing Seok Jun (Dr Park’s patient) to live and fight alongside them against Dohan construction.

The Law Cafe Episodes 1 and 2 are currently available for streaming on Viu.


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