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The Law Cafe Episode 2 ending explained

The Law Cafe Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

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The Law Cafe Episode 2 exceeded the expectation we had after watching the first episode. The second episode dove deeper into the backstory of Yu-ri and Jung-ho and revealed the reason behind their current situation.

Here is the detailed recap of episode 2.

The Law Cafe Episode 2 Recap:

Episode 2 kicked off right from the ending of episode 1 of ‘The Law Cafe’ as Jung-Ho revealed the reason behind his behaviour towards Yu-Ri.

Jung-Ho has been in love with Yu-ri ever since he first had a glace of her, and he describes two key moments when he realized his feelings.

He has been in love with Yu-ri for the past 17 years, yet he decides to stay distant so as to avoid hurting each other.

Quite a delicate reason, but his peaceful day was about to get over as Yu-ri came with the contract, revealing that she agreed with the demands.

Yu-ri returns to her Cafe. In the middle of her recruitment of a new worker, Jung-ho interrupts and takes charge of the interview.

Jung-ho went on with his usual rant about how Yu-ri doesn’t know anything about coffee making, but he was about to get surprised.

Yu-ri has already hired a barista, Eun Gang, whose skills are top-notch. Even Jung-ho gets impressed by Gang, but here is the twist.

The Law Cafe Episode 3 Release Date and Spoilers

Eung gang is from Cheonggang prison, and he is hired because of his long history with Yu-ri.

A previous arsonist, Jung-ho, again questions Yu-ri about her methods and warns her to terminate her contract if she breaks any rules.

The Law Cafe Episode 2: Ghost at the Cafe?

The Law Cafe Episode 2 recap
The Law Cafe Episode 2 still (via Viu)

Things are about to get very interesting with Yu-ri. 

Later that day, at the Cafe, Yu-ri hears strange and creepy banging sounds and rushes to Dr Park from the nearby Barun Mental Health Clinic.

The realtor informed her about the previous tenant of that cage who left the place after seeing a ‘ghost,’ but she didn’t take it seriously.

After informing Park about the situation, she returns to the Cafe and proceeds to leave the place. But the moment she turned after switching off the light, sees a strange man standing with a hammer.

Jung-ho rushes to the Cafe after hearing Yu-ri’s scream, and a brawl erupts between the two.

Yu-ri switched the lights back on, and after a clear look, she recognized that man from the mental hospital.

The mysterious guy had come to take legal help for the noise issue, but a misunderstanding was evident. 

Seeing that Jung-ho was hurt, she quickly concluded the discussion and took Jung-ho back to his room.

Another strange event took place when Jung-ho hurriedly closed the closet that Yu-ri opened to get a needle, and it will play a significant role in the series down the line.

Opening day of The law Cafe:

Opening day is always hard, but Yu-ri’s Cafe didn’t shy away from attracting customers.

Later that evening, Dr Park accompanied her to that patient from the previous night, and Jung-ho could let the two go alone, so he tagged along.

Seeing Jung-ho jealous is quite hilarious; however, there is a profound reason why he tends to behave in that manner, as he asks the same from Park, who happens to be his cousin.

Jung-ho quickly analyzed that man’s strangeness and told Yu-ri his observations.

The next day, even some of the visitors were discussing the noise issue in Purean Apartments, where Park’s patient lives.

Yu-ri overhears the conversation and tags along with them to their apartment. She learns that no one lives above him, and no one knows where the noise comes from.

Soon it’s revealed that Dohan Construction company built the Purean Apartments, the same company behind Yu-ri’s misfortunes.

Yu-ri decides to file a damage claim against the construction company. 

Jung-ho tells Yu-ri not to get her personal feelings involved, but she vehemently assures him that she has moved on.

We get a flashback scene and get more insight into the events that led to the present situation. 

Jung-ho’s father was the public prosecutor but failed to prove the innocence of Yu-ri’s father.

The Law Cafe Episode 2 Ending Explained:

Jung-ho also came to know his father behind closing the case regarding the fire in Dohan Warehouse involving Yu-ri’s father. 

Jung-ho was extremely appalled at his father’s wrongdoings and decided to quit the firm.

Presently, Jung-ho is leading his own investigation on the Dohan Construction company, and it’s what he hid from Yu-ri earlier.

At the Palacio Hotel, Lee Pyeon Woong of Dohan meets up with Law Firm Hwang and Goo’s Mr Hwang to discuss legal charges against the writer of a web novel that possible targeted Dohan Construction.

At this stage, it’s no surprise that the writer could be Jung-ho. Meanwhile, Jung-ho gets a call from Park regarding Cho Seok Jun (the guy seeking legal advice from Yu-ri for the noise issue).

Fed up with the current situation and not knowing how to let go of his anger, Seok Jun decides to take his life.

The Law Cafe Episode 2 ended with Jung-ho convincing Seok Jun to live and fight alongside them against Dohan construction.

The Law Cafe Episode 2 is available for streaming on Viu.

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