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Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 Recap and Ending Explained

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Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 returned after the cliffhanger ending of episode 1, and we get to know more of the link between An and Dr Han.

In episode 1, Ahn’s behaviour hinted that she already knew Dr Han from before; however, Han was oblivious to that fact. Right at the beginning of episode 2, it turned out to be true.

So let’s dive into the recap of episode 2.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 Recap:

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 recap
Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2: Ahn, Sang-hyeon and Dr Han (via Netflix)

Episode 2 kicked off with Ahn checking a book which revealed the fact that she and Han were secret friends; however, the latter clearly has forgotten about it.

It explains the subtle change in Ahn’s behaviour once she learns about Han’s true identity in “Once Upon a Small Town Episode 1.

Meanwhile, Han is still having a hard time adjusting to the new environment and gets quite tense with his new appointment for the day.

He began his day with his usual morning workout but was interrupted by the group of women from earlier. 

He somehow managed to subdue the awkward interaction, only to get into an embarrassing situation with a kid.

As usual, he tried to impose Seoul’s etiquette on one of the kids of Huidong, Kim Seon-dong, but it was far from what he expected.

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Later that day, he learns about Mr Yang’s appointment for his pig’s vaccination; however, he gets pretty surprised when came to know about the actual task.

Instead of one pig, he had to vaccinate a whole group of pigs, which threw him off track.

A theif at loose in Huidong:

He was soon joined by Ahn and gets surprised to see a police officer having such duties. 

After a brief conversation, Ahn tells him how she was conned by someone who looked exactly like Han, but he’s forgotten, referring to him.

Still oblivious, Han teams up with Ahn to take care of the vaccination duty, and then he decides to take a detour and follow Ahn to the cafe.

They were joined by the in charge of Huidong Young Men’s Association (Lee Sang-hyeon). He tells Han that he will see Ahn most during his time in Huidong.

Ahn checked for the cash depositor and found the money was already taken. They concluded that it was the work of the thief, who had been a nuisance for the town for quite some time.

Soon after paying for the coffee, Han leaves the company of two, but things are about to get quite interesting.

He returns to his hospital and seems to be off because of what Ahn said about his face. 

Later, he came to know about the reason behind Ahn’s involvement in almost all the town matters.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 Ending Explained:

Han’s day continues to get harder as he gets another call for a baby goat which too came during his lunchtime.

Meanwhile, Ahn checks on one of the residents who has been one of the recent victims of the thief’s shenanigans.

Although she didn’t get any concrete info, she decided to stick by and luckily, that kid from before came with the thief’s information.

The thief raided Dr Han’s house. She caught him red-handed; however, he overcame her. But thanks to Han’s involvement, the other officer caught him.

Episode 2 of ‘Once Upon a Small Town’ ended with a sweet moment between the duo as Han accidentally grabbed Ahn’s hand despite turning her down when she offered.

Once Upon a Small Town Episode 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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