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The Law Cafe Episode 1 recap

The Law Cafe Episode 1 Recap and Ending Explained

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Lee Seung-Gi is back with another sunshine drama, and we already have high expectations from it. The chemistry between Seung-Gi and Lee Se-Young is already paving the way for The Law Cafe’s success. The law Cafe Episode 1 was released today, and we can’t wait to see how things progress from here.

We have some time before The Law Cafe Episode 2 comes out, and before that, here is the recap of episode 1, in case you’ve missed anything.

The Law Cafe Episode 1 Recap:

The Law Cafe Episode 1 kicks off with our start lawyer, Kim yu Ri (Lee Se-Young), taking on the Kangwoo motors to provide justice to one of their workers’ untimely death.

Right off the bat, she gives an impression that will stick in your mind. She appears as a jubilant and quirky young woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. 

Despite her outward actions, she is a highly skilled lawyer and proves that in the courtroom. 

We get a quick intro on her, “Kim Yu-Ri represent underprivileged people, gives legal advice pro bono and also handles public interest litigation.

Despite her noble work, working for underprivileged people brings hardly any profits to the law firm. After her last case, she decided to quit the firm and start a law cafe, where she would give legal advice and sell coffee.

She agrees to take the first floor of the building owned by Kim Jung-Ho (Lee Seung-Gi) for her cafe. 

The scene shifts to the marriage ceremony of Yu-Ri’s childhood friends, Se Yeon and Do Jin-Gi, Jung-Ho also appears in the ceremony; however, he avoids Yu-Ri.

The place Yu-Ri rents for her cafe seems spooky, but it finally allows her to catch Jung-Ho. 

The Law Cafe Episode 1: Jung-Ho and Yu-Ri’s backstory

The Law Cafe Episode 1 ending explained
The Law Cafe Episode 1: Kim Yu-Ri (via Viu)

She asks him the reason behind him avoiding her. He didn’t tell her directly, but we feel it because he still has feelings for her.

After learning about Yu-Ri being his tenant, he decided to cancel the agreement, but Yu-Ri is hell-bent on taking the first floor for her cafe.

Both Jun-Ho and Yu-Ri appear to be on the same path, leaving a well-settled jobs to pursue their passion. 

Jung-Ho warns Yu-Ri about her rash decision and advises her to give her idea one more thought before she storms away.

We then get a brief background story on the duo during college, when they used to date each other.

The Law Cafe Episode 3 Release Date and Spoilers

However, Jung-Ho eventually ended their relationship, and things have never been the same between the due ever since. 

Yu-Ri feels extremely disheartened after her encounter with Jung-Ho, and she eventually sends a legal notice to him. 

Although she is pretty upset with him, she still keeps her righteous side as she meets up with the workers of Kang-woo motors to get a statement from them.

She got quite emotional, making them realise how the accident could’ve been prevented had the company installed basic precaution measures.

Her drive to help underprivileged people, especially the workers and to open her Law Cafe comes from dreadful memory from her past.

She lost her father in the accident that took place at the construction site of a distribution warehouse in the city of Pocheon. 

As if losing her dad wasn’t her only ordeal, she had to witness her dad turning from a victim to a heinous crime in the courtroom just because of false testimony. 

She realised how shrewd manipulation could take away the chances of the poor people in the courtroom before the trial had even begun. It was enough reason for her to turn into a righteous lawyer.

At night, she crashes into Jung-Ho’s apartment, which drives her away, giving her a false reason, and in the process, she leaves the affidavit of the victim’s colleagues in Jung-Ho’s house.

The Law Cafe Episode 1 Ending Explained:

Yu-Ri called him and asked him to come to the courtroom with the affidavit. 

She went further ahead and convinced him to stay and watch her during the trial, in which she eventually triumphs.

She tells him that it was her plan to make him realise what she does to change his heart. Seeing his unwavering attitude, she tells him to prepare rules for them to coexist.

Jung-ho pulls an all-nighter to prepare all the rules, which infuriates Yu-Ri.

The episode ended with Jung-Ho revealing his feelings for Yu-ri.

The Law Cafe Episode 1 is available for streaming on Viu.

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