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Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan?
Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan? (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Eren Yeager: Is Eren considered a villain? Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan?

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Eren Yeager, a Hero or Villain? It is one of the most debatable topics among anime fans.

After Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 1 and Part 2, there are a number of questions that fans have been wondering about.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 1 was the reason that asked fans to question the nature and intentions of Eren Yeager.

Eren risked the lives of all his friends and comrades and was responsible for the death of many Marleyan people and the higher Military officials from Marley.

Eren justified all his actions under the title of revenge and the word he gave Reiner that he would pay back everything that happened with him and the people of Eldia.

He conspired with Zeke and made plans to wipe out all the Marleyan troops and higher Military officials.

Eren once told Zeke something everyone would agree with: It appears you thought I’m the same as you, but I suppose you might be wrong. If someone tries to steal my freedom away, I won’t hesitate to steal theirs.

Eren went through many hardships and struggles and saw what no child should ever see.

He saw his mother getting eaten alive by a Titan as the walls were breached by the Armoured Titan and the Colossal Titan.

Eren witnessed countless soldiers and many of his companions lose their lives. 

Many scouts lost their lives while protecting Eren as they believed that Eren was their only hope to save the people of Eldia from Marley and the outside world.

Eren gave everyone inside the walls that they no longer need to fear the Titans and remain confined inside the walls.

The people on Paradis Island Eldia didn’t have any idea about the world outside the walls, the sea, and so many things.

Because of Eren, the people on Paradis Island knew there was also a world beyond these walls.

What should anyone expect from Eren after Eren endured so much?

Eren had to take some hard decisions in order to save his friends and loved ones.

He always wanted to protect his friends and the people on Paradis Island.

Is Eren considered a villain? Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan?

In Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 1, it is evident that Eren is responsible for making many innocent people lose their lives.

Even Mikasa told Eren that there is no going back after trampling over so many lives.

For many people, he is a hero, but for the World outside Paradis Island, he is a Devil- a villain.

Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan?
Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan? (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 completely blew up the minds of everyone.

It turned out that every of our favourite Attack on Titan characters who Eren was trying to save and was ready to make any sacrifice needed is dead set on stopping Eren from destroying the World. 

Eren fought the Armoured Titan and the Jaw Titan simultaneously, and still, he was able to overpower them.

The true motive of Eren is yet to be disclosed in the Attack on Titan anime, except those who have given a shot to Hajime Isayama’s manga know his true intentions and the unexpected ending that may or may not change in the anime.

On the one hand, he told Zeke that he’s been thinking about the Eldian euthanization plan.

On the other, he was working on something substantial, i.e. activating the rumbling.

This will create a massacre as its activation arouses the titans within the walls and eventually lead to the destruction of human life, and he had planned the same.

He intended to save the people of Paradis Island, but that’s quite impossible in the presence of Marley and its allies and the entire World conspiring to end their existence.

However, he killed many lives before the paradise island troops and Marley united to stop him.

Eren first agreed to the euthanization plan of Zeke for the Eldian people making them unable to bare children and bring an end to the prolonged war.

But it was not what Eren wanted. A new ability of the Attack titan that was known to no one came under focus.

The Attack Titan was able to see memories of its future inheritors.

In other words, the Attack Titan is capable of knowing the future.

Even if Gabi shot Eren beheading him, Eren was able to live and grab the Founder’s power.

It was Eren who provoked Grisha Yeager to take the power of the Founder and kill all of the children present at sight.

Eren strongly opposed and never agreed to wait for the outside world and let the people inside the walls get killed.

Grisha Yeager told Zeke that Eren would get everything he needed, and no one could stop him.

Will Eren be stopped? (Spoiler Alert)

Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan?
Is Eren Yeager the ultimate villain in Attack On Titan? (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

There was only one way to stop Eren: to kill him, which will be done in the last chapter by Mikasa.

Any army in the world could not control him because of the thousands of Colossal Titans he had and the power of the Founding Titan.

He could have only been killed by someone he trusted the most and didn’t feel that person was a threat.

Yes, you guessed it entirely right. It could only be Mikasa or Armin.

So, it was Mikasa who killed Eren, ended the war, and saved millions of people from getting killed.

However, most fans would love to see a different scenario and hope in the anime adaption.

We get to see a different picture and get to see a happy ending for Eren as he has endured so much for his friends and people of Eldia.

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