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16 Best Fan Service Anime To Watch
16 Best Fan Service Anime To Watch

16 Best Fan Service Anime To Watch

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Fanservice has played a crucial role in pleasing the fans, and nowadays, fanservice has become an integral part of most anime.

Anime with ecchi content usually has its own fanbase.

Just like Kakashi’s favourite Make Out Tactics, we have some excellent fanservice anime you can not resist watching.

Below are some of the anime overflowing with fanservice that will please the anime fans to their hearts.

1. High School DxD

High School DxD is at the top of the Best Fan Service Anime to Watch list. It is one of the best ecchi ever made and has a lot of fanbases.

High School DxD is a very balanced anime.

High School DxD is an excellent Fan Service anime with drama, harem, a fantastic plot, violence, character development and a lot of ecchi scenes.

Apart from a great storyline which will make you watch the anime till the end, it also has some great and interesting characters, which is why it is called the best fan service anime.

 Issei Hyoudou is a lustful High School student.

He is a guy who never had a girlfriend. So he is asked for a date by a girl, and he agrees without a second thought. 

On his first date, he was killed by a girl named Amano Yuuma, who asked him out on the same date. 

Yuuma is an angel expelled from the Heavens who was sent on a mission to exterminate immortal weapons.

However, Issei Hyoudou was reincarnated as a devil by his extremely beautiful senior Rias Gremory.

This was how the regular High School life of Issei Hyoudou ended.

 Rias Gremory is also a devil who made Issei Hyoudou her servant who will serve her in her war against the fallen angels.

2. Monster Musume no Iru Nicchijou

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is an excellent anime with a good storyline based on the co-existence of humans and monsters.

The monsters are Hybrids of humans and animals.

The story resides in Japan, where the government has permitted humans and monsters to live together.

Japanese government promoted and permitted humans to be a caretaker of monsters.

 Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou is a story of a Japanese student named Kimihito Kurusu whose parents lived abroad.

His solitary life is entirely changed by a monster girl who enters his dis-tasteful life and makes it quite interesting.

The Cultural program exchange program between species changed his life upside down.

He is asked to live with a Monster named Mia, a Lamia and take care of her under this program. 

Lamia is a hybrid with the lower half of her body like a snake.

The Monster named Mia is exceptionally provocative. However, sexual relationships between a Human and a Monster were strictly forbidden under some laws.

But Kimihito Kurusu is a growing High School boy with many hormonal changes and surrounded by many appealing monsters.

This story is all about his life and him taking care of some of the absolute sexy monsters.

Monster Musume no Iru Nicchijou
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Monster Musume no Iru Nicchijou

3. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil, also known as Shinmai Maou no Testament, also comes with an uncensored version.

This anime has highly erotic scenes that will make you feel most of the things you watch.

This story and concept of this anime resemble the account of High School DxD to a small extent.

This story is based on a guy’s relationship with his stepsister due to a magical pact made by a demon who was his other stepsister.

 This story is about a First Year High School Student named Toujo Basara and the drastic change in his dry life brought by his stepsisters.

One day his bizarre father told him that he was getting married.

After Toujo Basara’s father is remarried, he brings in two of the stepsisters, Mio and Maria, for Toujo Basara.

The entry of Mio and Maria into Toujo Basara’s life completely turned his world upside down.

Mio and Maria’s primary forms are the newbie Demon Lord and a succubus.

Toujo Basara entered into a contract with Mio as her servant, but the contract somehow reversed, making Toujo as Master and Mio, his servant.

This contract was the cause of the ecchi situations between Toujo Basara and Mio.

In addition to erotic moments and a great storyline, this anime has a lot of great action.

The Testament of Sister New Devil
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-The Testament of Sister New Devil (Image Credit: Crunchyroll)

4. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is a perfect mixture of action, superpowers, great characters, fanservice, drama and exceptional storyline and plot.

The anime has a fair number of pervy actions that we get to see from the protagonist.

The series has some serious and sexy female characters.

This anime also has great male characters with the perfect build.

From a fanservice perspective, this anime is great for both genders to watch.

The story is about the Seven Deadly Sins with exceptional abilities and great powers.

Seven Deadly Sins is a story of Meliodas and a princess named Elizabeth.

The anime is great to watch with backstories of all the seven deadly sins and Meliodas.

Seven Deadly Sins is a must-watch power pact anime with everything on the Menu.

Seven Deadly Sins
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Seven Deadly Sins

5. To Love Ru

To Love Ru is an anime with many ecchi moments and a unique concept.

This story is about Rito Yukki, who has been in love with his classmate Haruna Sairenji since Middle School, but he is unable to confess his feelings.

But the story takes a drastic turn when one night, a mysterious naked girl named Lala Satalin Deviluke crashes into his life of Rito while he has a bath.

Rito discovers that Lala Satalin Deviluke is an alien princess who ran from her home and wants to avoid a political marriage.

And the alien princess now wants to marry Rito. She shows great affection towards him.

To Love Ru is the story of how great beauties spoil Rito’s attempts to confess his love to Haruna.

This anime has lewd moments also act as a spice to make it more interesting.

To Love Ru
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-To Love Ru

6. My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling is one of the best recent fanservice anime. It was released in Winter 2022.

The main female character, Marin Kitagawa, has won the hearts of many fans.

The character of Marin Kitagawa is just perfect.

The story revolves around a High School boy named Gojo who loves and excels in making Hina dolls. Gojo is an ordinary-looking guy.

Marin is an Otaku who is extremely beautiful and loves to cosplay her favourite and famous characters.

Gojo makes cosplay costumes for her. This is a romantic story.

And there are a lot of moments that turn out to be the reason for My Dress Up Darling to be on the list of Best Fanservice anime.

My Dress Up Darling
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-My Dress Up Darling (Image Credit: Pinterest)

7. World’s End Harem

World’s End Harem is also known as Shuumatsu No Harem. The name itself gives us some hints about the plot of this anime.

This story has some inspiring characters striving to make the world a better place.

Along with a lustful plot, World’s End Harem also has a love story of a boy and a girl who decide to be doctors to save people when they were just kids. 

This is a great fantasy anime with many erotic moments and provocative female characters.

 The story is based on a world where a deadly virus kills nearly all the men in the world, leaving a few men.

Some of the men were in a deep sleep, frozen. 

Some of the men were immune to that deadly virus and were left and encouraged to make the balance of the world population again by impregnating as many women as possible.

It is a fun anime to watch as there are a lot of provocative scenes in this anime.

This anime is a mine full of the harem and is partially uncensored.

This anime also has a storyline that focuses on discovering the cure for the MK Virus apart from ecchi moments.

World's End Harem
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-World’s End Harem

8. Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire is an anime with supernatural beings and romantic comedy.

This story takes place mainly at Yukai Academy, a boarding school. 

The protagonist, Tsukune Aono in the anime, is terrible at academics and is denied admission to many schools.

However, his parents find a school that is ready to accept him, the Yukai Academy.

All the students at the Yukai Academy are monsters in human forms learning to coexist with humans.

But one rule in the School is set in stone: any human found on school grounds must be executed immediately.

Tsukune Aono runs into a gorgeous girl named Moka Akashiya. But he was unaware of the fact that the girl was actually a monster, a vampire. 

Rosario to Vampire is great fanservice anime with the romantic plot and comedy of Tsukune Aono surrounded by dangerous monsters and creatures.

Rosario to Vampire
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Rosario to Vampire (Image Credit: Pinterest)

9. Blood Lad

Blood Lad is an anime based on the story of a Vampire and his love story with an ordinary human girl. The story emphasises their relationship.

This anime has a little spice of ecchi situations.

 Blood lad is about a strong vampire named Staz Charlie Blood, a ruler of one of the Demon Districts.

He is the opposite of what his reputation tells. It is rumoured that he is a bloodthirsty and ruthless Vampire. 

But in reality, he is super obsessed with the Japanese culture and has no interest in blood. 

He spends most of his time slacking off, playing games, reading manga and resting.

A Japanese Girl named Fuyumi Yanagi accidentally reaches the demon world through a portal. Staz takes a liking to her and is really happy because of this girl.

Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Blood Lad (Image Credit: DeviantArt)
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Blood Lad (Image Credit: DeviantArt)

His district is attacked out of nowhere, resulting in Fuyumi Yanagi’s death, turning her into a wandering ghost.

This story is all about Staz’s adventure to find a way to resurrect Fuyumi and bring her back to life.

10. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is an anime that has so many characters that it partially puts this anime under the category of fanservice anime.

Fairy Tail is a long anime with charming and provocative female characters.

This anime has a great story and is also filled with several fillers. Fairy Tail resides in a world where magic is everything.

Various guilds of mages take several jobs and tasks in return for a fortune.

Fairy Tail is the story of Natsu Dragneel and his friend Happy, who are striving to find a Dragon who took care of Natsu and someday disappeared.

Fairy Tail
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Fairy Tail-(Image Credit:

11. Code Geass

Code Geass is an anime series that revolves around the concept of Geass and some great technology. Geass are supernatural abilities.

In addition to a great plot and amazing action, Code Geass also has some great fanservice.

Code Geass also has a bit of spice of a love triangle in it.

This story is about Lelouch vi Britania, a royal prince who has changed his name and lives as a regular student to take revenge for his mother’s death. 

Another motive of Lelouch is to make the world a peaceful place for his sister Nunnally to live in peace.

He has good motives, but he has to resort to killing and violence on the path to make the world a peaceful place.

Code Geass
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Code Geass

12. Monogatari

Monogatari is a perfect balanced anime series with fanservice, ecchi moments, plot and the most important, i.e. character development.

Fanservice in Monogatari is just like garnishing on the food.

The story of Monogatari revolves around Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student who was saved and prevented from becoming a Vampire.

On a regular day at the School, Koyomi’s classmate Hitagi Senjgahara falls down the stairs, and Koyomi catches her.

Koyomi, after catching her, finds out that Hitagi Senjgahara is weightless.

Koyomi decides to help Hitagi and introduces her to a man named Meme Oshino, who saved Koyomi from being a Vampire and cured him.

Monogatari has a great storyline and is a perfectly balanced anime.

Best Fan Service Anime To Watch- Monogatari
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch- Monogatari

13. Domestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend, also known as Domestic Na Kanojo, is an anime with some exceptional Storyline, great drama, and provocative scenes.

This story will make you feel whatever is happening in the series. 

 Domestic Girlfriend is the story of 17-year-old Natsuo Fujii and his two stepsisters, Rui Tachibana and Hina Tachibana.

Natsuo Fujii had sex with Rui Tachibana before Natsuo’s father married Rui and Hina’s mother.

Hina Tachibana is a teacher at Natsuo’s School, and he is madly in love with Hina.

Later he finds out that the woman his father married is the mother of Rui Tachibana, the one he had sex with and Hina Tachibana, with whom he is madly in love.

It is an anime with a complicated storyline and many ecchi scenes.

Best Fan Service Anime To Watch- Domestic Girlfriend
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch- Domestic Girlfriend

The story emphasises the relationship between Natsuo and Rui and the relationship between Natsuo and Hina.

14. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill is an anime with an excellent storyline and some great characters. This anime has some great fanservice.

The characters in Kill la Kill have some significant power levels.

The increase in Power Levels is inversely proportional to the length of clothes on a person’s body.

The person who reaches the highest power level has nothing left of his clothes.

This story is about Ryuuko Matoi and her revenge for her father’s death.

She follows the trails left by a part of a weapon made by her father and reaches Honnouji Academy, administered by Satsuki and her underlings.

Ryuuko Matoi fights with one of the underlings of Satsuki but gets trounced because of the special godly clothes that Satsuki provides to her underlings.

Kill la Kill
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Kill la Kill

After getting defeated, she returns home, where she finds a kind of God cloth which activates after coming in contact with her blood.

This god cloth is named Senketsu. 

With the help of Senketsu, Ryuuko Matoi gets super powerful and decides to take on Satsuki and her underlings in the hope of finding the answers to her father’s death.

15. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagan is yet another anime with great fanservice. Gurren Lagan has excellent female characters with sexy bodies and builds.

At the story’s beginning, there are two main characters, Simon and Kamina.

With the help of Kamina, Simon reaches the surface, as they all lived underground and thought there was no world beyond this.

The surface was full of violence and war.

The story of Gurren Lagan starts with Simon, who has a special kind of spiral key with the help of which Simon can access and pilot any Mech and exponentially increase its power.

Gurren Lagann
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Gurren Lagann (Image Credit: WallHere)

Simon always saw Kamina as an inspiration, and Kamina treated Simon as his younger brother.

But Kamina ends up dead in a battle. Simon decides to end this war and conflict and sets on a path to defeat the spiral king, who was the reason for all the struggles and wars.

16. Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer is yet another anime with a unique storyline and fanservice. 

Redo of Healer is also sometimes referred to as controversial anime because of the content of this anime.

This anime has severe sexual abuse moments as a part of it.

Redo of Healer
Best Fan Service Anime To Watch-Redo of Healer

The protagonist, Keyaru, is a magician who has the power to heal any injuries. But he faces a lot of hardships and sexual abuse on his path.

However, later he found that there was more to the healing magic than just healing.

He was able to access the memories and collect the abilities of the people he treated, which was a way that could end his salvation.

The power to acquire the abilities of the people he treated made him super powerful.

So he decided to make all the things by using his power and used his magic to go into the past and redo the things his way.

This anime has a great plot and fanservice but has a lot of abuse and torture. This anime is an adaptation of a Novel by Rui Tsukiyo.

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