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Shoto Todoroki Power Levels
Shoto Todoroki Power Levels: What are Shoto Todoroki's powers in My Hero Academia? (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Shoto Todoroki Power Levels: What are Shoto Todoroki’s powers in My Hero Academia?

Shoto Todoroki is the deuteragonist in My Hero Academia by 

He is one of the most important and powerful characters in My Hero Academia Universe.

Shoto Todoroki is one of the strongest students in Class 1-A of UA High.

He is one of the few students who got into UA High on recommendations.

 Shoto Todoroki is a hard worker and has been training hard since he was a tiny kid.

Like Midoriya and Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki always wanted to become a hero like All Might.

He was trained by his father, Endeavour, the current number 1 Hero.

Todoroki has excellent physical endurance. 

Half-Cold-Half-Hot is the name of Todoroki’s quirk.

Half-Cold-Half-Hot is a combination of two quirks.

He inherited one from his father, Endeavour, and one from his mother.

Shoto Todoroki’s right side is used for the attacks and moves that include ice, and the left side allows him to use attacks that use hot flames.

Todoroki always used only his right side while fighting.

He never used his left side during a battle.

Shoto Todoroki had a very arrogant nature before Izuku Midoriya opened his eyes during the fight in the Sports Festival by making Todoroki use his father’s power.

Izuku had a chance to win, but he was trying to save Todoroki the whole time from his past during the battle. This changed Todoroki.

Why are Shoto Todoroki’s powers counted as a single quirk?

Shoto Todoroki’s Quirk is considered a single Quirk as he can use ice and fire from both sides.

The above statement and question are supported by the ability known as Phosphor, which is discussed later in this article.

Phosphor allows Shoto Todoroki to use his fire or ice ability from both the left and right sides.

Shoto has a lot of attacks and moves in his arsenal because of the multiple quirks he possesses.

1. Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall 

Shoto Todoroki Power Levels
Shoto Todoroki Power Levels (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Shoto Todoroki uses his right side to create a massive wall of Ice that acts as a barrier for his opponents. This attack is also used to immobilize his opponent by trapping the opponent in this enormous wall.

Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall can also be used as a shield against stronger attacks or attacks that can cause tremendous destruction.

Shoto can freeze anything and anyone who gets caught in his attack range.

This is the technique that Shoto used the most in the battles during the Sports Festival.

He used it against Sero at the Sports Festival, which made him victorious.

He also used Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall in the match against Bakugo and Midoriya.

2.FlashFreeze Heatwave

Shoto Todoroki Power Levels
Shoto Todoroki Power Levels (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

FlashFreeze Heatwave is caused by the air thoroughly cooled down and rapidly expanding by heating up.

This is a very powerful attack.

Shoto Todoroki first uses his right side to cool the air around him with ice and then uses his left side to use his flames to rapidly expand the air creating a massive blast of the heatwave. This blast of heatwave seems like an explosion.

At the Sports Festival, Shoto Todoroki used the FlashFreeze Heatwave for the first time against Izuku Midoriya.

This attack confirmed Shoto Todoroki’s win against Izuku Midoriya.

3. Wall of Flames

Shoto Todoroki uses his left side to create a Wall of Flames by continuously bursting flames.

This wall of Flames can prove effective as both offence and defence.

This attack is used to create a wall of flames that keeps the opponents or enemies at a distance.

It can be used against multiple opponents as it is both offensive and defensive. Shoto used it against Tetsutetsu in the Joint Training Arc.

4. FlashFire Fist

Shoto Todoroki Power Levels
Shoto Todoroki Power Levels (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

This is the Ultimate Move of Endeavour passed down to Shoto Todoroki.

FlashFire Fist compresses, contains, and intensifies flames under super-hot temperatures and releases them in a single-blow ultimate move.

If used recklessly, it causes the body temperature to rise and leads to deterioration of bodily functions.

This move involves discharging a lot of flames at once.

5. Jet Kindling

Jet Kindling is a move just like FlashFire Fist. However, Shoto Todoroki concentrates all his flames in his fist. 

He punches his opponent with that fist by letting a violent burst of flames through his arm.

This attack has immense firepower because of the concentrated and violent burst of flames enough to burn the enemies intensely.

In My Hero Academia: World Hero’s Mission, Shoto Todoroki used Jet Kindling in the battle against Leviathan, who was a Humarise. Unfortunately, this Jet Kindlind burns up the enemy from inside and is very destructive. 

6. Hell Spider

In Hell Spider, Shoto Todoroki concentrates and intensifies his flames on the tips of his fingers and releases them.

This allows him to cut through objects just like an intense laser beam.

Hell Spider is like Bakugo’s Armour Piercing Shot( AP Shot).

7. Phosphor

Phosphor is an ultimate move that allows Shoto Todoroki to use the combined abilities from the left and right sides.

This technique doesn’t limit the abilities of his left and right sides.

Shoto can use both of his sides to use his flames and ice.

With this ability, Shoto can use his entire body to channel one of his quirks, multiplying the output of his attacks.

8. ColdFlame’s Pale Blade

ColdFlame’s Pale Blade requires activation of Phosphor. This move throws a combined attack of Ice And Flames towards the target.

This attack launches the enemy or opponent at a considerable distance in the backward direction.

9. Great Glacial Aegir

Great Glacial is another fabulous attack that requires activation of Phosphor. It is one of the strongest attacks of Shoto.

With the help of Great Glacial Aegir, he can create a strong wave which covers most of the area around it. This freezes the area which is covered by it. 

The cold is strong enough to extinguish the flames at around 2000 degrees Celsius.

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