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Gon's Jajanken
Gon's Jajanken (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Gon’s Jajanken Explained: What is the power of Gon’s Nen ability in Hunter x Hunter?

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Gon Freecss is the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter anime by Yoshihiro Togashi. Gon always dreamed of becoming a hunter just like his father Ging Freecss and worked hard for the same. 

Gon was able to accomplish an incredible feat when he was just twelve.

He caught a colossal beast known as the Lord Of the Lake.

This beast was like the same beast that Gon’s father, Ging Freecss, captured 20 years before. 

Gon’s father abandoned him to become a hunter when he was just a baby.

He chose to be a hunter over raising Gon. Therefore Gon always thought that being a hunter must be an excellent job if it was worth leaving his kid. He had great potential and an attitude of never giving up.

Gon had a strong sense of smell which could sense danger. Gon is quite strong. Gon also has a lightning-fast recovery speed.

Gon was able to pass the Hunter Exam and become a Hunter after many hardships and get his hand on the Hunter License.

Gon and Killua learnt the secrets of the principles of Nen from Master Wing.

Nen or Flame is a technique or power that powers one’s soul. To be more precise, Nen is the strength of one’s will.

There are four exercises or principles that are a part of a training regiment for strengthening the will.

The four Principles or Exercises are:

  1. Ten meaning Focus
  2. Zetsu meaning Express
  3. Ren meaning Temper
  4. Hatsu meaning Act

Ten means focusing the mind on a single point, increasing awareness of one’s ego and goals. Zetsu means to express or put into words. Ren means to intensify or temper will. Finally, Hatsu means to release that will into action.

Nen refers to the ability to manipulate the Aura, which is also known as life energy.

Gon is an Enhancer. Enhancers can enhance the power of their attacks and weapons during a fight. 

Gon’s Jajanken Explained: What is the power of Gon’s Nen ability in Hunter x Hunter? When Did Gon get the idea of Jajanken?

Gon's Jajanken
Gon’s Jajanken Explained: What is the power of Gon’s Nen ability in Hunter x Hunter? (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Gon also learned to use Nen from Bisky. Bisky trained Gon and Killua super hard.

Ten, Zetsu Ren, Hatsu and Gyo are combined in a single technique. This technique is called Ko. In this technique, the attacker focuses every ounce of Aura on one part of their body and then attacks. This technique gives this attack a far greater power than regular attacks.

Gon and Killua were playing Rock, Papers, Scissors, and they decided that the one losing would do a thousand push-ups.

Bisky, after hearing this, told Gon and Killua that rock-paper-scissors began in Martial arts. So therefore, it is based on Martial arts.

Paper represents a Palm attack that wrecks the opponents’ organs.

Scissors represent a Finger jab that targets the vital points.

The Rock represents a Punch targeting muscle and bone.

A long time ago, Martial Arts were called Jaken or Evil Fist and considered purely destructive and banned as an evil art. But the masters were able to continue their training as part of a game.

And that was how the concept of Rock-paper-scissors came into existence.

Based on this and his continuous training, Gon discovered a hint to developing his ultimate technique. 

The name of Gon’s Hatsu is Jajanken. Jajanken is a Japanese word meaning Rock Paper Scissors. 

Jajan is a Japanese word which expresses as Ta-dah.

Gon used his ultimate technique Jajanken Rock in a game against one of the fighters of the Greed Island named Razor. Razor was a friend of Ging Freecss.

Gon's Jajanken
Gon’s Jajanken Explained: What is the power of Gon’s Nen ability in Hunter x Hunter?  (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Jajanken Rock is a very powerful technique and also Gon’s Ultimate attacking technique.

As time passed, Gon perfected his Jajanken Technique, based on Ko.

Gon had three types of Jajanken in his Arsenal. 

The Three types of Jajanken are:

  1. Jajanken Rock
  2. Jajanken Paper
  3. Jajanken Scissors

Jajanken Rock is a Close range technique in which Gon focuses all the Aura in his fist and attacks. Jajanken Rock enhances Gon’s Punching power exponentially.

This is a very powerful technique, but it also comes with a disadvantage.

Gon is left defenceless when he gathers Aura in his fists. This is because he takes a little time to collect and focus the Aura. 

So during this time, Gon can be attacked by his opponents.

Jajanken rock is the most powerful of all the three Jajanken Techniques.

Jajanken Rock is based on the Enhancement type of Nen ability, and as Gon is an Enhancer, it’s the strongest.

Jajanken Paper

Gon's Jajanken
Gon’s Jajanken Explained: What is the power of Gon’s Nen ability in Hunter x Hunter?  (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Jajanken Paper is a long-range technique. It uses an Open Palm.

It is just like sending an attack as a projectile toward its target. It is like projecting a packet of Aura toward its Opponent.

As Gon is an Enhancer, not an Emitter, this attack is not as powerful as Jajanken Rock.

Jajanken Paper is a technique based on the Emitter type of Nen.

Gon used Jajanken Paper in the Chimera Ant Arc in his fight against Knuckle.

Jajanken Scissors

Gon's Jajanken
Gon’s Jajanken Explained (Image Credit: Nippon Animation)

Jajanken Scissors is a mid-range attack in which Gon focuses his Aura into just his two fingers.

Jajanken Scissors is a Transmuter technique. And Gon is not a Transmuter, so this technique is also not as strong as Jajanken Rock.

This technique is used to cut through particular objects rather than to break them. Jajanken Scissors is like a sword of Aura extending from Gon’s fingers.

While fighting alongside Killua and Kite, Gon used Jajanken Scissors against a Chimera Ant which destroyed that Chimera Ant.

Gon is still very young and growing at a breakneck pace. All of his techniques will improve and grow stronger with time and attain perfection.

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