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Why Did All Might Choose Izuku Midoriya as His Successor?
Why Did All Might Choose Izuku Midoriya as His Successor?

Why did All Might choose Izuku Midoriya as his successor?

All Might Chose Izuku Midoriya because he saw something that others didn’t. Even if Izuku Midoriya was quirk less and powerless, he had a sense of Justice. 

Izuku Midoriya made All Might believe in himself.

Mirio Togata was a potential candidate to inherit One For All before All Might met Izuku Midoriya.

Mirai Sasaki, also known as Nighteye, was a Pro Hero. Nighteye was one of the persons who knew about All Might’s quirk.

Nighteye was the brain behind all the operations of All Might. In addition, Nighteye was the mentor of Mirio, also known as Lemillion.

Nighteye considered Mirio to be the successor of One For All.

Even if Izuku Midoriya wanted to become A Hero, he was always told that he didn’t stand a chance without a quirk. 

When Deku was four years old, he learnt that some kids have more powers than others.

Even after knowing all this, nothing could hold Midoriya back. It was the dream of Midoriya to go to UA High.

Izuku also kept notes on Hero Analysis. However, everyone thought that Midoriya was being delusional.

But the destiny of Izuku Midoriya had something different planned for him.

When Midoriya was just a little kid, he always wanted to become like All Might.

But later, Izuku found out that he would never have any quirk. So, Izuku decided that no matter what anyone else thought, he had to believe in himself and keep smiling like All Might.

Why Did All Might Choose Izuku Midoriya as His Successor?
Why Did All Might Choose Izuku Midoriya as His Successor?

Once Midoriya was attacked by a villain. The villain wanted to take over Midoriya’s body. Midoriya was utterly helpless.

All Might saved him from that villain. This was the first encounter of Izuku Midoriya with his idol, All Might.

As soon as All Might was supposed to leave, Midoriya clung to his leg.

Midoriya gathered the courage and asked All Might about becoming a Hero.

The exact words of Midoriya were:

Is it possible to become a hero even if I don’t have a Quirk? I am a normal kid without any powers. Could I ever hope to be someone like you?

At this time, Midoriya didn’t have any idea that this encounter and conversation could change his entire life.

After hearing this, All Might said you must have powers to stop a powerful enemy. Therefore, it is impossible to become an ideal hero without a Quirk.

When a villain attacked Bakugo Katsuki, All Might could not do anything. 

But Midoriya charged directly toward the villain. 

When All Might saw this timid quirk-less boy save the life, it inspired All Might to act.

This led to a sudden powerup in All Might, and All Might was able to save Bakugo and Midoriya from that villain.

This was when All Might decided to pass on his quirk to Midoriya.

All Might’s words for Midoriya:

I deem you worthy of my power. My Quirk is yours to inherit.

So this is how Midoriya became the successor of All Might.

Who Would All Might Choose if He Hadn’t Met Midoriya?

Why Did All Might Choose Izuku Midoriya as His Successor?
Izuku and Mirio

The answer to this question is obvious. Nighteye had in mind a worthy person for All Might’s quirk. The person was Mirio Togata, whose Hero name is Lemillion.

Mirio showed great potential and selfless nature in an attempt to save Eri.

Before Midoriya, Mirio was a candidate to inherit One For All and become All Might’s Successor.

Mirio was the pride of Nighteye.

How did Midoriya change Nighteye’s opinion about him?

Midoriya was able to change the future that Nighteye foresaw. Of course, Nighteye didn’t understand why it happened, but he was happy as Midoriya made his wish into reality. 

Midoriya twisted the future. He did the impossible because of his firm resolve.

 Origin of A Quirk in My Hero Academia Universe

The first incident related to quirk was in Qing Qing city. An extraordinary child was born in the town who was radiating light.

After that, there were a lot of reports of people with supernatural abilities coming into focus all over the world.

The reason that was causing all these quirks was unknown.

Now the supernatural were regarded as the ordinary people.

Almost 80% of the population was born with different types of quirks. As a result, the world was the Super Human Society.

A new profession dominated in this New Super Human Society named A Hero. It was a new age of Heros.

The remaining population did not have any quirk. And Deku, aka Izuku Midoriya, was one of the quirkless people before he was given One For All by All Might.

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