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Shining Centipede
Ymir Fritz became the first Founding Titan in AOT. (Image Credit: MAPPA)

The Origin of Titans Explained: What is the Shining Centipede in Attack on Titan? How did Ymir become the first Founding Titan? and What is Ymir’s curse in Attack on Titan?

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Attack on Titan has been the best Anime of this decade. It is a combination of pain, sorrow, action, adventure, suspense, and thrill.

The amazing plot will make you fall in love with it. Eren Yeager, the main protagonist, changed from an innocent boy to a ruthless killer determined to kill all of humanity that exists in the world other than Paradise Island.

This all happened after the Titans infiltrated Paradise Island and killed Eren’s mother.

He received the powers of Founding Titan from his father and was transformed into a Titan.

Eren’s power was not realised until many years later.

He was forced into a deadly situation where he almost died.

His determination to save his friends and hatred towards the titans triggered his ability to transform into the Founding Titan.

It is believed that the Founding Titan is the first Titan to come into Existence. A girl named Ymir was the first human to gain the power of Titans and become the first Founding Titan.

But how did this happen? How did Ymir gain the powers of Titan? From where did this power come, and how did it evolve?

Today let’s answer this very important question and understand how Titans came into Existence.

First Founding Titan
Ymir the first founding Titan to come into existence. All Titans evolved after the death of the First Founding Titan and gave rise to 9 Titans that exist now. (Image Credit: MAPPA)

How did Ymir become the first Founding Titan?

Ymir lived hundreds of years before Eren’s time and came to be the first Titan.

During that time, the Eldian King was in power and committed heinous crimes and killed thousands of people, including women and children.

Ymir was one such young girl being chased by Eldian soldiers when she stumbled into a mysterious tree trunk.

To her surprise, the trunk was too spacious inside.

Ymir found herself sinking inside an unknown and mysterious liquid. But she was not drowning in it.

Then a mysterious shining creature resembling a centipede swam towards Ymir and attached its tentacles to Ymir’s spine.

Shining Centipede
The mysterious Shining Centipede attached to Ymir’s spine and chose her to carry the unbelievable powers of the Founding Titan. Ymir became the most powerful being on the planet by obtaining the powers of a Titan. (Image Credit: MAPPA)

And this mystical creature fusing with Ymir gave her the powers of a Titan.

She became the first Titan to exist and came to be known as the Founding Titan.

The Shining Centipede gave Ymir the powers of a Titan and supernatural abilities.

As soon as the Eldian King came to know of her, he summoned her and used her.

He acquired all nearby nations using Ymir’s Titan powers and ruled over the great Eldian Empire.

Thus the Shining Centipide gave rise to what we know today as the Titans.

How did Ymir Die in Attack on Titan?

The Eldian King was so full of himself that he even chose Ymir to give birth to his children so that they could obtain her Titan powers.

So Ymir gave birth to a lot of King’s children and also was the central pillar on which the Eldian Empire stood.

But, even after having the Titan powers, she was treated like the slave that she once was.

Ymir Fritz
Ymir chose to die instead of living and serving the first King of the Eldian Empire. (Image Credit: MAPPA)

She was so sad about her life that she eventually chose to die.

When one of the King’s soldiers betrayed him and was about to attack him, Ymir jumped in front and took the blow.

The spear pierced her body.

She chose not to turn into a Titan and died with her will.

If she had chosen to transform into a titan, she could have healed her wounds in mere seconds and survived even the deadliest of blows.

But, Ymir chose to die as she was tired of her life with the King and being a Titan slave. And with this died the First Founding Titan.

How did Titans come into Existence? What is the Shining Centipede in Attack on Titan?

After Ymir’s death, the Eldian King was so absorbed in his pride and power that he forced Ymir’s daughters to eat Ymir’s spine and body raw.

He neither gave her a funeral nor did he value her help in building such a strong Eldian Empire.

He only cursed her for dying as now he had lost his only power.

Ymir’s spine still had the mystical Shining Centipede attached to it.

After eating Ymir’s body, later on, her daughters became Titans, and this gave rise to all other Titans that we know of.

So the Shining Centipede is the origin of Titan powers. But, it is still a question, how did the Shining Centipede come into Existence, and where did it come from? What exactly is the Shining Centipede?

Is it an organism from another dimension? Or is it a result of evolution that this earth has seen after the Big Bang? Let us know in the comments below what you think about this. Do you have any theory on what the Shining Centipede could be? Let us know in the comments below.

How Old was Ymir when she became a Titan?

There is no proof that gives the proper age of Ymir, but as we see, we can expect Ymir to be the same age as Eren when the Colossal Titan first attacked Paradise Island.

So Ymir might be 10 years old when she fell into that Mysterious tree trunk and fused with the Shining Centipede.

Hence, Ymir was around 10 years old when she became the First Founding Titan.

What is Ymir’s curse in Attack on Titan?

Ymir died 13 years after obtaining Titan powers. So she was about 23 years old when she chose to take the spear directed toward the King and die.

As she was so fed up with her life, when she died, her will was carried on. Therefore all members die 13 years after becoming a Titan.

There is one more curse that Ymir’s death had, which is still felt by the Titans.

The Origin of Titans Explained: What is the Shining Centipede in Attack on Titan? How did Ymir become the first Founding Titan? and What is Ymir’s curse in Attack on Titan?
Eren Yeager freed Ymir from her thoughts and released her from “The Paths”. He obtained the complete powers of the Founding Titan and unleashed the Colossal Titans inside the walls of Paradise Island. (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Ymir was scared of the Elidan King, and despite being the strongest being alive, she obeyed his orders and did not go against him.

This thought is still engraved in the Founding Titans. Whenever a member of the royal family obtains the power of the Founding Titan, they lose their complete control over themselves and are forced to obey the will of the First Eldian King whom Ymir served.

If any member who is not of royal bloodline gains the powers of Founding Titan, they can break free of that curse and go against the first King’s will. And that’s what Eren Yeager plans to do.

With the help of his half-brother, Eren has gained complete control over the Founding Titan’s powers and freed Ymir from the parallel dimension of the Titans known as “The Paths”.

Now Eren Yeager is the largest and most powerful Titan with an army of Colossal Titans that he freed from the walls.

Let us know what you think about Ymir, the First Founding Titan and the powers obtained by Shining Centipede in the comments below. Let’s hope that the next season of AOT comes soon.

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