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Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?
Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni? (Image Credit: Ufotable Studios)

Muzan Vs Yoricchi: Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?

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Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni? and Why is Muzan afraid of dying? 

Muzan Kibutsuji is the main antagonist in the demon slayer.

He is the King of the Demons and has the ability to turn humans into demons.

He is the most powerful and cruel Demon. Muzan lives among human beings in disguise.

However, he is not able to walk in the sunlight. This is the only inability Muzan has.

Muzan is responsible for taking so many lives, and he was the one who was responsible for turning Nezuko into a demon and slaughtering Tanjiro’s entire family.

On the other hand, Yoriichi is a Legend and the strongest Demon Slayer in the history of the Demon Slayers.

Even though he developed the Demon Slayer Mark at a very young age, he was still alive until age 85 and killed many demons. The demon slayer curse mark didn’t affect Yoricii. 

Proof that Muzan is scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni

Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?
Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni? (Image Credit: Ufotable Studios)

In episode 6, titled Layered Memories of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc, when Tanjiro Kamado was fighting an Upper-Rank Demon.

This was one of the episodes when we first heard some words by Yoriichi.

As the Upper-Rank Demon changed her form and powered up, she killed many people in the surroundings. 

Because of this, Tanjiro was extremely enraged.

Tanjiro told her to fight him as he won’t let her escape after what she did.

As the Upper-Rank Demon Daki ran, Tanjiro was powered up because of rage and started attacking Daki.

That time Tanjiro said these exact words, which Daki thought she had heard before. 

Why do you kill? Why Trample over the lives of the innocent? Why can’t you understand?

Her heart suddenly starts pounding as she remembers something from Muzan’s memories.

These were Muzan’s memories from his cells. This is proof that shows that Muzan fears Yoriichi.

These were the memories of Muzan of Yoriichi.

Yoriichi’s words from the memories:

Such disregard for human life. What is so amusing about this? So tell me then, what is the weight of human life to you How could you ever forget?

 This was the first time we saw Yoriichi in Demon Slayer. 

Yoriichi is the strongest character in the demon slayer manga and anime series.

As Yoriichi has not appeared in the series yet, most Demon Slayer fans are unaware of his power level.

Even though Yoriichi Tsugikuni was super powerful, Muzan was unaware of his power until he met Yoriichi in person. 

One day when Muzan accidentally met Yoricchi, he underestimated him. 

And at the end, Yoricchi almost killed him, but he spared his life.

Now the question arises Why did Yoriichi not kill Muzan? Well, this still hasn’t been answered in the anime or the manga, but we think this has something to do with Michikatsu (Kokushibo).

Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?: Muzan Vs Yoricchi (Spoiler Alert)

Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?
Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni? (Image Credit: Ufotable Studios)

Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon king, is the strongest Demon alive. 

Muzan has immense strength. He can not only regenerate his body in the blink of an eye, but he also can regenerate his head.

It is also believed that Muzan has multiple brains and hearts, continuously changing positions inside his body.

This leaves only one weakness of Muzan, which is the Sun. 

But Yoricchi is superior to Muzan in strength, but he is human, so he can’t regenerate his part. But it’s not his weakness. 

On the contrary, his breathing and sword skills are so excellent that Muzan’s Final Form also can’t beat him.

No one in demon slayer verse can beat Yoricchi. 

Yoricchi is also known as the father of breathing styles because he created a breathing style named Breathing of the Sun or Sun Breathing. 

The other breathing styles are just weak imitations of it, as mentioned by Shinjuro Rengoku, the former Flame Hashira and Father of Rengoku Kyojuro, who was also a Hashira

Yoriichi was so powerful that Muzan was not even close to his power level. 

When Yoriichi fought Muzan, Yoriichi almost decapitated Muzan.

He unlocked Demon slayer mark and could see through the transparent world.

This allowed him to sense the flow of blood and the movement.

This might be the reason which allowed Yoriichi to find Muzan’s weakness.

That helped him to overpower Muzan easily.

It is also rumoured that this is a unique ability that Tanjuro Kamado also possessed.

Yoricchi was far superior to Muzan because of the Sun Breathing Technique, and during his fight with Muzan, he almost decapitated Muzan but didn’t kill him.

Hence that is why Muzan is so scared of Yorichii. 

Why is Muzan afraid of dying?

Muzan feared Yoriichi as he was defeated by Yoriichi and knew that a user of the Sun Breathing could defeat him.

As Yorichii created Sun breathing, Muzan knew it was the only technique that could kill him. 

Therefore Muzan wanted to destroy his fear, so he and Kokushibo started killing Sun Breathing users from every era. 

But everyone was incapable of mastering sun breathing, so they created their breathing which was not as powerful as Sun breathing but was effective in defeating an upper-rank demon. 

As per manga reference, in this era, Hashiras are the strongest, but they also can’t surpass the power of Sun breathing. 

So the reason why Muzan is afraid of dying is that he wants to be immortal. 

Muzan is a person who can do anything to gain immortality and overcome his only inability, which is not able to walk in the sunlight. 

Hence, he is scared of dying and fears both Yorichii and Tanjiro. 

Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?: Conclusion
Why is Muzan Scared of Yorrichi Tsugikuni?: Muzan Vs Yoricchi (Image Credit: Ufotable Studios)

Who Created Demon slayer corps? 

It was the time around 1000 years ago when Muzan recently became a demon and started killing people and eating them. 

Because he can’t live without eating human flesh and blood, no one knew about that. So people were scared. 

The Ubayashiki family started a secret organization unknown to the people and the government. That secret organization was later established and became The Demon Slayer Corps. 

Why was Yoriichi removed from Demon Slayer Corps?

Yoriichi was a prodigy and also the strongest man alive at that time.

His sword skills were the best. And his breathing style was also the strongest. So he joined Demon Slayer Corps. 

His mission was to decapitate Muzan and restore his brother Michikatsu who was turned into a demon by Muzan.

But he failed in both things. Neither he was able to kill Muzan, and neither he was able to kill his dear brother Michikatsu.

So, therefore, because he had failed in the mission, he was removed from the demon slayer corp.

But he never stopped killing demons to save innocent lives till his last breath. He kept fighting Muzan and his brother. 

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