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Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?
Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?

Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

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What is the name of Tanjiro’s Father?

The name of Tanjiro’s father is Tanjuro Kamado.

We know Tanjuro Kamado from some of his memories, the memories of Tanjiro Kamado.

The name of his wife (Tanjiro’s Mother) is Kie Kamado.

He has always been a bit pale because of a particular disease. But on the other hand, Tanjuro Kamado was ill all the time. 

Tanjuro has six children in all, including Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado.

The names of his other children were Takeo Kamado, Hanako Kamado, Shigeru Kamado and Rokuto Kamado.

Tanjuro was a great father who raised Tanjiro to be a fine boy.

Tanjuro passed away due to his illness which was the reason he was growing weak and weak day by day.

Tanjuro faced some difficulty in breathing due to his illness.

Tanjuro practised a breathing technique while doing their traditional family dance.

Even in a freezing environment, Tanjuro could dance without getting tired though he was always ill.

Tanjuro Kamado’s connection to the Sun Breathing Technique

Tanjuro Kamado was once performing his Ceremonial Dance.

Tanjiro’s mother showed him Tanjuro’s Kagura Dance.

She told Tanjuro that our family works with fires, so to ward off injuries and disasters, we offer this dance to Hinokami along with prayers at the start of every year.

So Tanjiro asked his mother that his father is always pretty sick, so how could he be out in the snow and still keep dancing and dancing? If that were me, I bet my lungs would freeze.

Tanjiro’s mother, however, didn’t answer that question at that time.

Tanjuro once explained to Tanjiro that a breathing technique exists that will prevent you from ever exhausting yourself.

If you can master the correct way to breathe, you’ll also be able to dance forever. Even the cold won’t bother you.

What was Tanjuro’s gift for Tanjiro?

Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?
Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

Tanjuro’s words for Tanjiro were:

“Tanjiro, this ceremonial dance and pair of earrings, I wish for them to be passed down to you. This is my gift.”

Yorrichi taught the Hanafuda earrings and the ceremonial dance of the fire god to Tanjiro’s ancestor Sumiyoshi Kamado, and from there on, the ceremonial dance and the earrings were passed through the generations of the Kamado family and finally, Tanjuro handed down the earrings and the dance technique to his son Tanjiro Kamado.

That was the only gift that Tanjuro left for his son. 

What is the connection between Tanjiro’s Father and the Demon Slayer? Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?
Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro’s father practised a breathing technique while performing the Hinokami Kagura Dance.

Tanjiro, while fighting a powerful demon, faced a lot of difficulty in countering the demon’s attack.

In fact, the battle was almost one-sided, with the demon dominating it.

The demon was able to use the blood demon art. And he used it against Tanjiro.

Tanjiro was almost defeated and was rendered helpless because of this attack.

When Tanjiro could not think of anything, his life flashed before his eyes, and he remembered the things from his past, including the memories of his father, Tanjuro Kamado. 

Tanjiro remembered that his father once told him to master his command over his breathing and become more like Hinokami Kagura.

That was the first time Tanjiro could use the Hinokami Kagura by switching his breathing technique.

Thereafter Tanjiro was almost able to defeat that demon.

How strong is Sun Breathing Technique? What is Tanjuro’s connection to the most powerful Breathing technique?

Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?
Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

The most powerful breathing technique is the Sun Breathing Technique. 

Sun Breathing is the most powerful breathing technique of all. 

All the other breathing techniques are weak imitations of Sun Breathing.

Sun breathing is the first breathing technique ever created by Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

But unfortunately, it is the hardest to master.

The Water breathing technique, the Moon breathing technique, the Flame breathing technique, the Thunder breathing technique, the Stone breathing technique, the Wind breathing technique, as well as the Flower, Serpent, Insect, Love, Sound, Beast, and Mist breathing techniques, are derived from the Sun Breathing.

Tanjuro used to wear the Hanafuda earrings and practice breathing techniques while dancing(later, we learned that this was Sun Breathing).

These Hanafuda earrings are the same ones worn by Yoriichi( the strongest demon slayer ever to exist).

These Hanafuda earrings and the breathing technique were proof that Tanjuro had a connection to the Sun Breathing Technique.

Tanjuro’s strength: How strong was Tanjuro Kamado?

Tanjuro was really a strong person as he was a descendant of Sun Breathing user Yoricchi.

But most of the fans call him weak because of his disease but let me tell you one thing: Tanjuro killed two meters tall and strong wild bear with bare hands. 

This is evident that Tanjuro’s raw power is greater than any of the strongest rank holders in the Demon Slayer Core. 

Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?
Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

Most of the things about Tanjuro’s past are still unknown.

The facts to be taken into consideration to assume that Tanjuro was a Demon Slayer:

  • Tanjuro was the one to exist with the knowledge of the Sun Breathing Technique.
  • Tanjuro wore the same Hanafuda earrings as Yoriichi Tsugukuni.
  • Tanjuro was born with a faint mark on his forehead. This mark is known as the Demon Slayer mark ( The ones who practised sun breathing are born with this mark )
  • This is also rumoured that Tanjuro was physically quite strong before getting ill.

Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer? (MediaScrolls Opinion)

According to MediaScrolls, Tanjuro was not a Demon Slayer because very little is known and shown about him. His screentime is the least in anime series and in the manga too. Furthermore, he has no sign of a demon slayer like he doesn’t have any Nichirin Katana Blade(Demon Slayer’s Sword).

 Also, Tanjuro doesn’t have a Demon Slayer Corps uniform. So he was not a demon slayer. 

Tanjuro never mentioned the demons and the Demon Slayer to his family.

Was Tanjuro Stronger Than a Hashira? 

As we know, he was a descendant of Yoriichi, the strongest character in the series, and also created the strongest breathing style, sun breathing.

Tanjuro was also practising Sun Breathing and was pretty good at it, so he was definitely at the level of a Hashira or stronger than even Upper Moon 3 rank.

Why Did Tanjuro Die at a Young Age? 

As we know, anyone who awakens the demon slayer mark dies at 25.

This should be the reason, or there is another chance, too.

As Tanjuro was practising Sun Breathing, the disease should be a side effect. 

What does that mark on the forehead means? 

Was Tanjiro's Father a Demon Slayer?
Was Tanjiro’s Father a Demon Slayer?

This is the Demon Slayer Mark, or we can say access to use sun breathing without any difficulty, or they can learn breathing more efficiently than any other person or would not suffer the side effects. 

As Tanjuro had it from birth, he was great and had no difficulty doing the Hinokami Kagura dance, a breathing form of Sun Breathing. 

But Tanjiro was having difficulty because he was not born with the mark. Instead, he got marks because hot water was spilt on his head, and his head burned when he was a kid.

Please let us know if you have any theories regarding Tanjuro Kamado in the comment section.


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