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How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Megumi Fushiguro’s Domain Expansion and Curse Techniques: How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro in Jujustsu Kaisen?

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Before Answering “How Strong Is Megumi Fushiguro?” Let’s have a quick introduction to Megumi. Megumi Fushiguro is the deuteragonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe created by Gege Akatumi.

Megumi Fushiguro, along with the protagonist Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki, is one of the first-year students at Tokyo Jujutsu High, also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical High School.

Megumi is a student of Gojo Satoruwho is one of the most or, to be precise, the most powerful character in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe.

Megumi Fushiguro is a Strong Jujutsu Sorcerer.

Megumi has great potential. He is recognized by Gojo Satoru as well.

Ryomen Sakuna, also known as the “King Of Curses”, is a fierce imaginary god with four arms and has also shown great interest in Megumi Fushiguro.

Megumi’s Cursed Abilities and Cursed Energy Techniques

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro in Jujustsu Kaisen? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Megumi is from the Zenin Clan, which is a Jujutsu Sorcerer family.

Megumi has inherited Zenin’s Clan Latter’s Ten Shadow Technique.

It is a very powerful cursed energy technique.

Megumi is able to create or summon Shikigami (Cursed Animal Spirits) that help him in the battle.

Manifesting a Shikigami takes a considerable amount of Energy.

Megumi has to weave some particular hand signs to manifest the Shikigami. These Shikigami are manifested out of shadows.

Even if a Shikigami is destroyed, its power gets transferred to the remaining Shikigami making the remaining Shikigami more powerful.

However, the destroyed Shikigami cannot be manifested again.

Once destroyed, the Shikigami are gone for good.

Megumi can store weapons with the help of this technique.

Megumi is also able to use the Domain Expansion.

Domain expansion, also known as Ryouiki Tenkai, is a cursed technique that is considered the ultimately cursed technique that requires immense cursed energy.

Cursed energy is used to construct an Innate Domain. It is imbued with a cursed technique in its respective surroundings.

Spreading out a domain consumes a ton of energy. However, the merits of Domain expansion are worth the cost.

Domain Expansion’s benefit is boosting the stats due to environmental factors.

What are the abilities of Megumi Fushiguro?

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Megumi is quite good at hand-to-hand combat.

We got to see this quite a lot in the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Megumi has an arsenal of weapons in his Shadow Technique.

He stores the weapons in the shadows.

Megumi is also quite good when it comes to fighting with weapons.

Megumi does not have raw strength like Todo and Yuji Itadori.

However, he can induce cursed energy in his hits which makes those hits quite potent.

Megumi also inforced his body with the cursed energy in the fight against Ryomen Sukuna.

Megumi showed great potential in this fight against Sukuna, which caught Sukuna’s interest.

Megumi’s Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? Megumi’s Curse Technique Chimera Shadow Garden (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Megumi, while fighting a Special grade cursed spirit, was almost defeated.

At that moment, Megumi remembered Satoru Gojo’s words about creating a Domain Expansion.

He was able to put out a structure as soon as he collected the cursed energy. 

Megumi was able to create a Domain Expansion named Chimera Shadow garden of his own for the first time in this battle.

Megumi’s Chimera Shadow Garden is an Incomplete Domain Expansion.

Incomplete Domain Expansion is the domain expansion that is not imbued with any cursed techniques.

With this Domain Expansion’s help, Megumi could gain the upper hand on that cursed spirit and defeat it.

Megumi was completely exhausted after using Domain Expansion as it requires a lot of cursed energy.

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro: Megumi Fushiguro’s Curse Techniques/Megumi’s Shikigami

Megumi is able to create several Shikigami, which serve him. Likewise, he can manifest several Shikigami, which help him scout and fight in a battle.

Demon Dogs

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? -Megumi’s Curse Technique Demon Dogs (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Megumi summoned Demon Dogs in the fight against cursed spirits in the School where Itadori studied at first. 

There is a White and a Black Dog.

These dogs feed on the curses or cursed spirits to replenish their cursed energy.

These are also used for scouting.

There also requires weaving a particular hand sign to summon the demon dogs.

Demon Dog: Totality

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? -Megumi’s Curse Technique Demon Dog: Totality (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Megumi has a dog which is a lot bigger and superior in power to his two normal demon dogs.

This dog was created when both the demon dogs fused.

This gives them the ability to use particular grade spells which are hard to counter.

When Megumi was against Kirata, we saw him use this demon dog.

The Snake Shikigami: Orochi

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? -Megumi’s Curse Technique The Snake Shikigami: Orochi (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Megumi Fushiguro used Orochi in the fight against Ryomen Sukuna.

Orochi is a Shikigami, a vast Snake capable of attacking and Swallowing the cursed spirits or the curses.

Orochi is an extremely powerful Shikigami.

For a Shikigami like Orichi, it might take quite a good amount of Cursed Energy to be manifested. 

Orochi was distroyed by Ryomen Sukuna in the fight of Megumi against Sukuna. This was a one-sided fight where Sukuna dominated the battle.

After Orochi was destroyed, the power of Orochi was transferred to the other Shikigami making the other Shikigami more powerful.


How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?-Megumi’s Curse Technique Nue (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

Nue is one of the most potent Shikigami of Megumi.

Nue is an owl-like giant creature who is super strong. Nue is used to scout the enemy from the air.

Nue is quite powerful and can use an Electric Shock Attack.

Nue is also used for rescuing and carrying. 

In the fight against Sukuna, Nue attacked, scouted, saved Megumi, and carried him to a place away from Ryoumen Sukuna’s attack.

Nue was also very crucial in the battle against a special grade cursed spirit where Megumi was able to create a clone of Nue.


How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? -Megumi’s Curse Technique Toad (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

This technique allows Megumi to use toads against his enemies.

Which are pretty effective when fighting an enemy who has high speed.

Because this toad can catch anything and imprison him with the help of his long and muscular tongue.

Megumi used his toads to fight against Noritoshi Kamo, where the toads saved him from arrows that were used to attack Megumi by Noritoshi Kamo.

Megumi also used a toad to distract Noritoshi Kamo, which in turn provided him with some time to manifest Max Elephant.

He used this power to save Nobara once.

The Wells Unknown Abyss 

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? -Megumi’s Curse Technique The Wells Unknown Abyss  (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

This technique uses Nue And Toad.

Both of them merged together and created a strong cursed creature.

This cursed creature also has wings. In addition, it has the abilities of both Nue as well as Toad.

This creature looks like a toad in appearance.

The Toad can fly and shoot aerial spells and attacks.

Megumi first used the Well’s Unknown Abyss in the fight against Aoi Todo (who tormented Megumi).

In the fight against Noritoshi Kamo, the Well’s Unknown Abyss helped Megumi counter the cursed energy attacks from Noritoshi Kamo.

Max Elephant (Huge Cursed Elephant)

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? -Megumi’s Curse Technique (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

This allows him to summon a giant Elephant which he has recently tamed.

This cursed spirit contains a lot of cursed energy.

But he can no more summon his other cursed spirits.

Because of his size, he can attack with brutal force as he gets an advantage for that.

And he can spill water from his Trunk with a very great force.

 This water spilling can also be used as an attack because of its great force.

Rabbit Escape (Spoiler alert)

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro? Megumi’s Curse Technique-Rabbit Escape (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

This technique summons many numbers of rabbits.

These rabbits are also used for searching anything as they are present in a great number.

Which are pretty used as decoys or distractions for the enemy.

These are not used for an offence because anyone can destroy them barehanded.

They create chaos where Megumi get a chance to attack or escape.

Divine General Mahoraga (Spoiler alert)

How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?
How Strong is Megumi Fushiguro?-Megumi’s Curse Technique-Divine General Mahoraga (Image Credit: MAPPA Studios)

This is the strongest summoning Megumi can use.

His is known as The Eight Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.

Even previous users were frightened to use this because he is a very powerful and wild creature.

He was so dangerous and powerful that he gave trouble and was almost near Gojo Satoru’s power level, where Gojo was pulled to use his full potential.

The Relationship Between Megumi and Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen

As we know, Megumi’s family is not known yet, but his guardian is Gojo Satoru. So who is the strongest character shown in the series, As he is the big brother of Megumi? No, He is not a real brother. He had adopted Megumi when he was a kid.

 Not that he just gave him love, but he has taught and made him one of the strongest curse users.

Well, so he is like a father to him. And he is also his first sensei.

So we hope we’ll learn about their past and how this happened soon in other seasons.

Is Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Is Based On Megumi’s past?

Many Jujutsu Kaisen fans ask this question, but this is not true.

I know it is prequel of Jujutsu jujutsu kaisen orignally manga animated series. 

But fans need to understand the main character in the movie is Yuta Okkosuki. 

Whose childhood friend is eaten by his cursed creature. And I know he looks like Megumi, but they are different persons. 

So is, Yuta will be the main turn point for the series? Yes, because he is connected to Gojo Satoru, and from manga reference, he is an essential character for the plot of the series. And also for the character development in the series.

Megumi has great potential and a lot of room to grow.

Please let us know in the comment section your thoughts and theories on Megumi in the comments section.

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