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Damian and Anya in Spy X Family
Does Damian have a crush on Anya in Spy X Family? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Does Damian like Anya in Spy X Family? What is the relationship between Damian and Anya in Spy X Family?

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Spy X Family has a unique couple, a spy man and an assassin woman but what’s more, is that we might get to see another unusual couple too. A psychic woman and a rich man.

Well, you might have guessed whom I am talking about, right? Yes, I am talking about Anya and Damian Desmond.

The same Damian whose father, Donovan Desmond, is Loid Forger’s (a.k.a secret agent Twilight’s) target.

The same Damian whom Anya punched with full power right into his face on the very first day at the prestigious Eden Academy.

The same Damian who comes from a very rich family and considers himself to be superior to all others.

The same Damian might be in love with Anya!

Does Damian like Anya in Spy X Family?
Does Damian like Anya in Spy X Family?-Damian Desmond and Anya Forger meet for the first time after Anya punched him in the face. Damian is blushing while talking with Anya. Does he like her? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Damian still has mixed feelings about Anya and is not sure whether he likes her or he hates her, but we have seen him blush every time he talks to Anya and turns beet red.

Damian might be the warmest and most caring child acting arrogant and superior due to his upbringing and intense desire to be noticed and acknowledged by his father.

Everyone around him treats him as high and mighty, but Anya is the first one to punch him right in the face.

After that incident, both Anya and Damian share a special relationship which is kind of cute and weird at the same time.

So, let’s get into more detail and see what supporting arguments we have to prove that Damian might have a crush on Anya.

What is the relationship between Damian and Anya in Spy X Family? Does Damian have a crush on Anya? 

Damian Desmond and Anya Forger are both in the same division of 1st grade at the prestigious Eden Academy.

Damian is the second son of Donovan Desmond, a high official in the military who holds many deep secrets.

He is the target of Loid Forger, a.k.a spy Twilight.

To investigate Donovan Desmond and prevent any war between the East and the West, Twilight must get close to him.

For the same, he has to build up a family. He adopts a daughter, Anya, who is telepathic and can read minds.

Of course, Twilight does not know about it.

What is the relationship between Damian and Anya in Spy X Family?
What is the relationship between Damian and Anya in Spy X Family?-Anya punched the arrogant Damian Desmond right into the face on her first day at the prestigious Eden Academy. She received punishment for fighting. (Image Credit: Netflix)

Anya must get close to Damian and become friends with him.

But, on the very first day, Anya had an argument with him and was upset about his arrogant behaviour.

She punched him right in his face and since then started their unexplainable relationship.

After being punched by Anya, Damian started to see her with a new set of eyes.

He still tries to act arrogant and behave like he does not care whatever she does, but he is always impressed by her, recognises her achievements, and does not want to be fall behind her.

Actually, Anya was the first one to recognise Damian for who he was.

She was not at all influenced by the fact that he came from a rich and important family or who his father was. 

She was the first one to ever punch him for his wrongdoings when everyone else treated him as high and mighty for coming from a rich family and being the son of Donovan Desmond.

Even if he does not realise it, subconsciously, he knows that Anya is the only one till now who has recognised Damian for himself and not for his background.

Damian longs to be recognised by his father, who always compares him to his older son and Damian’s older brother, who excelled at everything.

Damian Desmond Spy X Family
What is the proof that Damian likes Anya in Spy X Family?-Damian turns beet red while talking with Anya when she apologises to him. He cannot be mad and does not want to be kind to her either. So what exactly are Damian’s feelings for Anya? (Image Credit: @Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha, Spy X Family Project)

And for that reason, we can say that Anya holds a special place in Damian’s heart even though he does not realise it yet. 

What is the proof that Damian likes Anya in Spy X Family?

Well, Spy X Family has given us many hints that Damian might like Anya. Here are a few of them.

  • Damian turns beet red while talking to Anya or even thinking about her. He is also sometimes jealous of her achievements and does not want to be left behind her.
  • During the game of dodgeball, Damian stands in front of Anya, and himself gets hit by the ball when she trips on the floor and is about to be attacked by the opponent team. He puts his faith into her and, without thinking, just jumps in front of her.
  • When Anya receives a Stella for saving a boy from drowning in the pool, everyone badmouths her by saying that she might have cheated or paid a lot of money to the school. Damian is the only one who recognises her for her achievement and says that the school would never do such a thing and that she earned it honorably.
  • Whenever Anya tries to talk to him, he avoids her as he loses his sense of what is going on in his mind. This embarrasses him, and it is kind of cute to watch.

    Does Damian like Anya in Spy X Family?
    This is how adorable Damian things Anya is in real life. So, Does Damian have a crush on Anya? Or is it just friendship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. (Image Credit: Netflix)

  • When Anya tried to make up with Damian after punching him the other day, Damian could not hear a word she said but was mesmerized by her eyes and the cute way in which she meant to apologize to him and even cried.

All these moments lead us to think that Damian has a crush on Anya. 

What do you think about this? Does he really have a crush on Anya? Or is it just my vague imagination? Let me know your thoughts and views on this in the comments below. 

Does Anya have a crush on Damian?

Well, the answer to that question is simple! no, Anya does not have any crush on Damian, the reason being she is too little and currently doesn’t understand what love means plus, she is only looking to make friends with Damian because it would help her father Loid’s mission to get close to his father Donovan Desmond so that he can spy on her and keep the peace between Westalis and Ostania. 

So the straight answer would be that Anya doesn’t have any crush on Damian. Rather, it’s the other way around.

Why Does Anya Call Damian Sy-On Boy?

As per Spy X Family, Fandom Anya calls Damian “Sy-on boy” because of the mispronunciation of the word “Scion”. 

Anya calls Damian “Sy-on boy,” where the word sy-on is a messed up pronunciation of “scion.”

As we know that Damian is from a notable Desmond family, and he is known as Damian’s Scion of the Desmond family, and Anya is a little girl who has trouble mispronouncing names. 

She calls Damian Sy-on boy because she can’t pronounce Scion correctly. 

But as per Fiction Horizon, in the unsubbed version of Spy X Family, Anya calls Damian Jinan, which in Japanese means “second son”, but in the translated version of Spy X Family, we only see her using the Sy-on boy term, maybe it is because of the dubbing issue. 

Does Anya Know that Damian Likes Her?

Well, as we all know, Anya has a telepathic power that she can read people’s minds easily, but even though it is an advantage for her, Anya does not know that Damian actually likes her. 

The reason is that Damian himself is unpretentious about how he feels about Anya, which is why he doesn’t show much affection to her either. 

As we know, Anya can read people’s minds, but when it comes to matters of heart and love, it is impossible for Anya to be telepathic to know how a person feels for her.

Therefore that is the reason why she doesn’t know that Damian has a crush on her. 

As a little girl, she is too understanding about love and all at the first stage; she is now happy with her chi-chi Loid, Yor and the dog Bond. 

But eventually, when she grows up and will be good friends with Damian, she will know how he feels for her. 

Does Damian tell Anya he has a crush on her in the Spy X Family manga?

No, as of Chapter 72 of Spy X Family, Damian is still subtle about how he feels towards Anya, which is why in the Spy X Family manga, Damian hasn’t told Anya that he has a crush on her. 

Damian thinks if he ever tells Anya about her feelings, she will think of it as a sign of weakness and being a Scion of the Desmond family. 

He has to maintain a standard to maintain in school. Hence, he does not tell Anya that he has a crush on her. 

Damian will probably hold his feelings for Anya as long as possible. 

Because of this, it would be sometime in the manga and also in the Spy X Family anime before we would see Damian admitting to his feelings about it Anya. 

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