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Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained and Recap: Who Does Kamala Meet In Pakistan?
Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained and Recap: Who Does Kamala Meet In Pakistan? (Image Credit: Disney+)

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained: Who Does Kamala Meet In Pakistan?

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Ms. Marvel Episode 4 is out, and yes, it does star Farhan Akhtar and Fawad Khan, the very popular Indian and Pakistani actors, respectively.

With the mini-series coming very close to its end, we can see Kamala finding out more about her magical bangle and her grandmother, Aisha.

Kamala has also gradually learned how to use her powers and has to continue fighting with enemies.

In Ms. Marvel Episode 4, Kamala travels to Pakistan to meet her grandmother.

Kamala finds out a lot more about the bangle as she meets some people who seem to have the answer to all the questions she has been having ever since she learned about the bangle’s magical powers.

Read further to learn more about Ms. Marvel Episode 4, including significant spoilers.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained and Recap
Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Recap

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 has been titled “Seeing Red”.

At the beginning of Ms. Marvel Episode 4, we find Kamala, along with her mother Muneeba, landing in Pakistan, as per her grandmother Sana’s wish.

Unfortunately, Kamala hasn’t had a chance to explain things to Nakia and keeps sending sorry messages to her.

Kamala’s cousins and grandmother give them a warm welcome at the airport.

Kamala accidentally enters a room full of her grandmother Sana’s paintings at her grandmother’s place. Sana comes to the room, and Kamala asks her if she really is a djinn, to which Sana very casually says yes.

Sana talks about her vision of the last train to Pakistan at the time of the partition and how the bangle had saved her life back then.

Sana also shows Kamala a painting of her mother, Aisha and a photograph of herself with her father, Hasan. Incidentally, Hasan from the picture seems to be the famous Pakistani actor Fawad Khan!

The next day Kamala’s cousins take her to the club where she gets the taste of the spicy South Asian delicacy, the “paani-puri”, which has her sweating.

Later, Kamala goes to see the train station, where an unknown masked man attacks her, who says that he found her through the Noor of the bangle.

When the cops arrive, both of them flee, and the masked teenager takes her to a kitchen which leads to a secret pathway.

There, Kamala meets a man who introduces himself as Waleed, played by the famous Indian actor Farhan Akhtar. Waleed welcomes the “descendant of Aisha”.

The teenager, Kareem, removes his mask and says they belong to the Red Daggers group, aiming to save humanity.

Waleed shows her the three-dimensional map of the world, which shows another realm where the Clandestines or the djinns reside. Waleed says that numerous such worlds coexist behind the veil of Noor, parallel to each other, unknown to us.

He adds that if the Clandestines manage to use the bangle to take down this veil, they will unleash their world onto us, and nothing will be left of our world.

He also deciphers the writing on the bangle, which says, “what you seek is seeking you”.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Recap
Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Recap (Image Credit: Disney+)

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Ending Explained: Does Waleed Die?

Elsewhere, we find the Clandestines escape from the high-security Supermax prison of the Department of Damage Control, using their superpowers.

Najma leaves behind her son Kamran, as he has chosen this path away from them.

Waleed says that together they will shape the Noor. He gives Kamala a jacket, saying that there is history in every thread of this fabric.

This is when Najma and her group attack them. Waleed asks Kareem to take Kamala to a safe place.

A nail-biting chase begins, and in the fierce battle that ensues, Waleed loses his life while trying to save Kamala’s life.

Kamala, during her fight with Najma, is transported into another timeline. Finally, she reaches the train station in India, where the last train for Pakistan is leaving!

When was Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Released, and Where to Watch It?

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 was released on the streaming platform Disney+ on June 29, 2022. Ms. Marvel Episode 4 was released in India on Disney+ Hotstar.

The show premiered on June 8, 2022, and this mini-series consists of six episodes with a running time of about fifty minutes. The final episode is scheduled to arrive on July 13, 2022.

Created by Bisha K Ali and produced by Marvel Studios, Ms Marvel is an action-adventure superhero series. Ms Marvel revolves around the girl-next-door Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, a diehard fan of the Avengers.

Wearing an old bracelet gives her superpowers, and gradually she is made to realise its significance, along with her supposed role in saving this world.

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