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Yor Briar
Thorn Princess, a high professional assassin might fight the secret spy, Twilight, from the west. (Image Credit: Netflix)

Will Loid find out that Yor is an assassin in Spy X Family?

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Loid and Yor make one of the most adorable anime couples. It won’t be wrong to call them the hottest anime couple of the decade.

Loid Forger, a.k.a Secret Spy Twilight, is a spy from the West who is on a mission to monitor and uncover any attack plans by the East.

He had to “build a family” to be able to complete his mission, Operation Strix.

His wife, Yor Briar, a.k.a Thorn Princess, is a high-profile assassin.

She agreed to play the role of Loid’s wife and Anya’s mother to keep her cover as a normal lady working in a government office while assassinating people behind.

With this unique couple, adventure is bound to come on the way. And that’s what little Anya is excited about.

Being a psychic, she knows both of her parents’ secrets and looks for an adventure.

But what will happen when Loid and Yor come to know each other’s secret? Will they break apart and become hostile? Or will they have to kill the other to protect their missions? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Will Loid find out that Yor is an assassin in Spy X Family?

Will Loid find out that Yor is an assassin? Loid Forger is a spy, and that too, the best in the West.

He is the most skilled agent Western Intelligence Service Eastern-Focused Division (WISE) has seen to date.

He is a master of disguise and might even appear before you dressed like someone you have known for years, yet you will not be able to tell him apart.

Loid Forger
Loid Forger, also known as Agent Twilight is the best spy in the entire Western Intelligence Service Eastern-Focused Division (WISE). He is on a mission to ensure peace is maintained between the West and the East. (Image Credit: Netflix)

As a spy, his work mostly involves investigating possible suspects who can disrupt the temporary peace between the East and the West and eliminating possible threats.

So, needless to say, he is very skilled at collecting information about people and following them.

Hence there is a chance that Loid might find out Yor’s secret.

Once he gets suspicious of her, it is only a matter of time before he uncovers her real job of being an assassin.

What will happen then? Will he leave her? Or will he eliminate her for being a threat to his mission?

Why do we think that Loid will not find out Yor’s secret yet?

Well, as of now, Loid has not found that Yor is an assassin.

And we can expect many more chapters in Manga to be the same way.

Because the most interesting point about this story is the secret lives that each of them lives.

Even if it comes to it, it might be in the very climax of the story or possibly by the end of it.

Because each of the characters, Loid, Yor, and Anya, have their reasons to keep their secrets which are justifiable.

Loid and Yor
Will this adorable couple break apart after finding each other’s secret? What will they do when they discover others’ real identities? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Also, if Loid finds out about Yor’s or Anya’s big secret at the beginning itself, the suspense and thrill of the show might come to an abrupt end.

So I personally think that Loid will not learn about Yor being an assassin until the story reaches its climax.

What will happen if their paths cross as a Spy and an Assassin?

This is the most interesting theory which might come true further ahead in the series.

Since Loid is a Spy and Yor is an assassin, it is very likely that their paths might cross during their mission.

Loid might need to investigate and eliminate the Thorn Princess to secure peace between the nations.

He might have to find the real identity of high-profile assassin Thorn Princess for his mission.

And if it comes to this, a big surprise awaits him.

Though it would be difficult to trace her as she is a skilled professional killer, Twilight is no ordinary spy.

Or Yor might be assigned the task of eliminating a spy from the West, Twilight, who has infiltrated the East and poses a threat to another high-profile target.

Yor Briar
Yor Briar, also known as Thorn Princess is a high-class professional assassin. She has murdered hundreds of targets without being caught. (Image Credit: Netflix)

If it comes to this, Yor might have to assassinate Loid. But will she be able to put her feelings aside and kill the person she has come to admire? Can she kill Loid?

Well, it will be thrilling to watch how either of them uncovers another identity. And what will happen next will be more exciting.

I think that they would realise their feelings for each other and abandon their missions for the sake of their daughter Anya if it comes to it.

But, this is just my personal view on this and definitely what I would love to see.

It would be lovely to watch them abandon their mission for each other and fight all those who wish to harm their family.

But this will take a lot of time. So, till then, let me know what you expect from the series and how will their big secrets be revealed in the comments below.

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