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Loid and Yor
Will Loid and Yor end up together in Spy X Family? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Will Loid and Yor end up together in Spy X Family?

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Spy X Family has become one of the most loved anime of this decade. With a unique story and amazing characters, it has won everyone’s heart.

The Spy father, Secret assassin mother, and a psychic mind-reading daughter make the show most interesting to watch.

Though this is a “Build up Family”, it is nothing less than a normal one.

Anya is the cute adorable daughter that every parent would want (not just the telepathic mind-reading ability, though).

The amazing duo of Loid and Yor makes each episode more interesting.

Although Loid and Yor married each other on a mutual contract and to just prevent their secrets from spilling out, they might actually end up falling in love with each other.

Loid and Yor image 2
Will Loid and Yor fall for each other in future? Will this adorable couple finally end up together? (Image Credit: Netflix)

This is the most awaited moment in Spy X Family. The super hot couple might finally make an actual family.

A mysterious spy husband and a secret assassin.

What an incredible duo it is. Don’t you think? Well, the most asked question on the internet today is, “Will Loid and Yor end up together?”

So let’s answer that question today.

Read out till the end, and don’t forget to drop your thoughts about this super hot couple in the comments below.

Do Loid and Yor end up together in Spy X Family Manga?

Spy X Family manga is still in progress, and as far as the story is released now, Loid and Yor have not fallen in love with each other YET.

They are still in their pretend marriage and living together with Anya.

But, it does not mean that they don’t have any feelings for each other.

Loid and Yor
The hottest anime couple in the decade might end up together in future. Loid and Yor both long for a happy family and a perfect partner which they have finally got, Would they ever leave such a life? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Yor definitely has deep feelings for Loid and is always impressed by him.

She admires him for the man he is, despite not knowing his true identity as a spy.

Her love for him makes her think twice if she is suitable for such a gentleman.

She doubts if she is a good enough wife and a mother for him and his daughter.

She also feels guilty for not being able to cook food or be a normal wife.

Meanwhile, Loid has locked all of his feelings away.

He is a spy and cannot fall in love with her or Anya.

Because if he does, he might end up putting world peace in jeopardy.

He tries to keep himself distant from getting attached to Yor or Anya and tries his best to do so.

But after being a Spy for so long and living an ordinary life now makes him feel that this is what he wanted all along.

Watching Anya and Yor laughing heartily and being his family definitely makes Loid happy.

But, to answer the question, Yes, Loid might have feelings for Yor somewhere deep down in his heart.

Loid Forger and Lor Briar
The happy family of a Spy father, a psychic daughter, and an assassin mother have set on an adventurous journey. We would love to see how they face the new challenges of this “Build up family”. (Image Credit: Netflix)

He has not allowed himself to accept it yet, but sooner or later, he might come to realise those feelings.

He likes Yor the way she is and does not want her to learn cooking or do something else for his sake.

We have also seen a few lovely moments between this adorable couple where we think that they might actually get together. And as Anya says, “Mom and Dad get lovey-dovey”. But, sadly, we need to wait for more.

So we might actually end up seeing Loid and Yor together sometime in future.

But, this is just my personal opinion as I would love to see them getting together. Do let me know your thoughts about this in the comments below.

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