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Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk? Is A-Train dead? And How did A-Train die in comics? 
Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk? Is A-Train dead? And How did A-Train die in comics?  (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk? Is A-Train dead? And How did A-Train die in comics? 

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Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk? Is A-Train dead? And How did A-Train die in comics? 

In The Boys Season 3 Episode 6, we finally witnessed A-Train killing Blue Hawk using his powers.  

But why did A Train kill Blue Hawk? and lastly, what happened to him at the end? Is A Train dead? Well, let us find the answers below. 

Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk?

A-Train killed Blue Hawk because Blue Hawk had severely wounded A-Train’s brother Nathan Franklin. The wound was so severe that it resulted in permanent paralysis. 

Blue Hawk was invited to a community event organized by Vought International to apologize to the African American Community members for targetting black people in the recent past. 

While apologizing in the event, A-Train eventually lost his cool and attacked the people present in the event. 

A-Train’s brother Nathan Franklin, who was also present at the community gathering, got severely injured due to the attack. 

Later on, when Nathan was rushed to the hospital, doctors revealed that Nathan had been paralyzed due to a severe injury to the spine; hence he won’t be able to walk again. 

Therefore, in Episode 6, A-Train first tried to discuss this with Ashley and told her to take strict action against Blue Hawk, but as it turns out, Ashley didn’t pay any attention to these matters.  

Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk
Why did A-Train kill Blue Hawk? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Ashley replied that A-Train had also killed numerous people, including Robin Ward, Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend, but now when his family got affected by a Supe’s powers, he wants Vought to take action against Blue Hawk? Well, that is not going to happen. 

Ashley’s intention was crystal clear that Vought would not take any action against Blue Hawk. 

This made A-Train mad. He now thought of going to the Herogasm event to find Blue Hawk and make him pay for what he did to his brother Nathan. 

At the party, finally, A-Train confronted Blue Hawk and used his super-speed powers to take him on a stroll. 

A-Train dragged Blue Hawk’s body down the highway, which injured him gravely, resulting in Blue Hawk’s death. 

Is A-Train dead? How did A-Train die in comics? 

We don’t think that A-Train is dead yet. Cause as per the comics, A-Train died after Hughie killed him for what he did to his girlfriend, Robin. 

But as of now, we know that The Boys series is taking some creative differences when compared to the actual comics. 

In the series, it has been showcased that A-Train has a history of drug abuse which affected him badly at the later stages of his career. 

The Doctors warned A-Train not to use his powers extensively cause it would put pressure on his heart, and he would die. 

This was the reason why we didn’t see A-Train engaging in a fight against anyone in season 3 so far, but after his brother got severely injured and paralyzed, thanks to Blue Hawk. 

A-Train thought of taking revenge on Blue Hawk by any means necessary, which is why he used his super speed and dragged Blue Hawk’s body down the streets, which injured Blue Hawk badly and resulted in his death. 

Is A-Train dead?
Is A-Train dead? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

After Blue Hawk died, we saw that A-Train had a major heart attack.

The reason might be related to what doctors told him and the heavy Compound V abuse in season 1. 

A-Train finally fell to the ground, and it appeared that he had died, but we think that A-Train is not dead yet because, as per comics, Hughie is supposed to kill him to complete his revenge. 

But as the series is taking creative differences compared to the comics, therefore what happens to A-Train, whether he is dead or alive, will be revealed in The Boys Season 3 Episode 7. 

Till then, stay tuned to MediaScrolls. 

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