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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit Disney+)

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained: The past lives of Yesool and Cha.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 has been released, and besides the elements of thrill and suspense, we find that romance is in the air. In Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9, we see that Cha has told Yesool everything about his condition and past ( almost, that is). Yesool has also accepted Cha for whomever he is. Their respective lovers, Lee and Jiyoung, however, remain heartbroken.

Read ahead to know more about Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9, along with significant spoilers.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

A Recap of Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9

At the beginning of Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9, we witness Cha desperately looking for Yesool and calling out her name.

The stalker, approaching Yesool with a handkerchief dipped in chloroform, sensing that she is not all alone, decides to retreat. Cha sees him backing off in a black car, but he is not in a condition to stop him.

Cha refrains from speaking about the stalker to Yesool as he does not want to scare her. However, his condition worsens, and he collapses on the ground and tells Yesool that he must take his pills.

Yesool takes him to his room, where Cha tells her he gets sick whenever someone kisses him. He adds that Jiyoung is the doctor’s daughter, who has been treating him since childhood and knows everything about his condition.

Cha says that after he told Jiyoung that Yesool’s kisses do not make him sick, she forcibly kissed him to check whether this made him sick or not. An exhausted Cha sleeps on Yesool’s shoulders.

The following day, we find Cha calling a private detective to locate a rented black car. He is very much concerned about Yesool’s safety as his senses tell him that she is in danger.

Yesool, who had slept there only, wakes up and says sorry for misunderstanding him.

When they come out, they come across Jiyoung and Lee. Lee, very gracefully, takes Ji young away on the pretext of explaining the scenes to her, thus saving them all from an embarrassing situation.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Recap (Image Credit: Disney+)

The shooting of the Mopix commercial begins when Cha hears the characteristic finger snapping of the stalker amongst the spectators.

He runs there, but the stalker has left by then. He tells Yesool that he will go with her to ship back the things.

Jiyoung suffers a nasty fall during the shooting and sprains her ankle. As she can now not do the scene which requires her to run on the beach,

Yesool acts as her body double and does the scenes for her. Yesool looks stunning in the costume, and both Lee and Cha seem to be mesmerised by her.

Shooting over, the whole team takes a return flight except for Cha and Yesool, who go to the shipping dock to ship back the vehicle.

While Cha is busy, Yesool thinks over the times when Cha’s alertness had saved her life. Finally, she goes to the airport alone, leaving him a message.

At the airport, Cha finds her without difficulty though she is sitting at the wrong end.

When Yesool forces him, Cha has to tell her that his five senses have heightened since he had an accident at the age of thirteen. Finally, Cha confesses that when Yesool had asked him for a date, he could hear her heartbeats!

Elsewhere Jiyoung goes to the hospital. The interns are gossiping over the way she enters the chamber of Dr Seungtaek unannounced.

Jiyoung shares her woes with Seungtaek, and he also tells her about Ban. Jiyoung tries to make Ban jealous by hugging Seungtaek in front of her, but Ban seems unaffected.

Ban takes time off, goes home, and spends time with Yesool and her mom. But, unfortunately, they find that all the photographs of Yesool’s father are missing from the album!

The next day Cha takes Yesool to work. Yesool asks Cha to be super rude to her at the office, which he obediently follows, with hilarious results. Cha even drops Yesool home, leaving nothing to chance.

At home, Yesool finds a package from Lee containing a ticket to his movie Haroo. Yesool goes to watch the film and finds herself glued to the seat even after the movie ends.

Lee was at the theatre itself and came to have a conversation with her. He asks if she foresees something wrong about Cha and whether she will continue to date him, to which she answers in the affirmative.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Ending Explained

Lee later goes to the bar, his and Yesool’s hang-out place, where Haejun suggests that he should never give up.

Cha goes to Dr Kyungsoo for a check, who finds him completely fine. Cha asks him whether he should tell Yesool about their childhood together, the memories that Yesool prefers not to remember.

Yesool comes to Cha’s place with the dating contract in her hands, which she tears and throws away. She tells him that from now they will be honest and passionate lovers.

They kissed just as she had envisioned. However, the Jackson plant remains intact, contrary to her visions!

When was Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 Released, and Where To Watch It?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 and its tenth episode were released on June 22, 2022.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 9 was released on the streaming platform Disney+ in countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia. At the same time, the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar will stream it in India.

Kiss Sixth Sense has twelve episodes with a duration of one hour and ten minutes. The finale episode of Kiss Sixth Sense is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2022.

Kiss Sixth Sense is a Korean romantic comedy-drama series directed by Nam Ki Hoon.

The series is about Hong Yesool, played by Seo Ji-hye, an efficient executive with a heightened sixth sense, and Cha Minhu, played by Yoon Kyle-sang, Yesool’s boss, whose five senses started to work overtime after an accident. The duo eventually fall in love.

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