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Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, and A Recap of Episodes 1 and 2

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, and A Recap of Episodes 1 and 2

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Ms. Marvel Episode 2 ended in a nail-biting cliffhanger, and the wait is on for Ms. Marvel Episode 3. Read on to know more about Ms. Marvel Episode 3 and a recap of the previous episodes.

Recently released, Ms. Marvel is an American action-comedy series by Marvel Studios.

Created by Bisha K Ali, Ms. Marvel, the superhero television series, is based on the Marvel comics starring Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, who acquires superpowers and becomes Ms. Marvel.

When will Ms. Marvel Episode 3 Be Released, and Where To Watch It?

Ms. Marvel Episode 3 will land on the streaming platform Disney+ on June 22, 2022.

Ms. Marvel premiered on June 8, 2022, and this miniseries consists of six episodes with a running time of about fifty minutes. The final episode is scheduled to arrive on July 13, 2022.

What To Expect From Ms. Marvel Episode 3?

Ms. Marvel Episode 3
Ms. Marvel Still (via Disney+)

At the end of Ms. Marvel Episode 2, we found Kamala trying to escape from the DODC (Department of Damage Control) agents when Kamran rescued her.

In the back seat of Kamran’s car, he introduces his mother, sitting at the back, to Kamala.

Kamala was shocked to see Kamran’s mother as she saw her before in her visions. In how Kamran had rescued Kamala just in the nick of time, one can quickly conclude that he had ulterior motives.

Kamran and his mother might be the antagonists of this series, trying to gain Kamala’s trust and might later betray her, which we are likely to find in Ms. Marvel Episode 3.

In Ms. Marvel Episode 3, we are also likely to see Kamala polishing her superhero skills with the help of her loyal friend Bruno.

She will also dig into her family history to find more information about her great-grandmother, Aisha.

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A Recap of Ms. Marvel Episode 1

Ms. Marvel Episode 1 has been titled “Generation Why”.

As the title suggests, this episode introduces us to the Generation Y protagonist Kamala, who keeps questioning the conventional norms set by her family, her parents, Yusuf and Muneeba, played by Mohan Kapur and Zenobia Shroff respectively, and her elder brother Aamir.

Aamir is engaged to be married, and we are very soon introduced to his soon-to-be wife.

Kamala is a free-spirited teenage girl, a dreamer, a YouTuber and a diehard fan of the Avengers. At the beginning of episode 1, we find this soon-to-be superhero hilariously failing her driving test after hitting the examiner’s car.

Her friend Bruno Carrelli, played by Matt Lintz, is a computer genius and has also made an AI gadget for Yusuf.

The wedding preparations are going on in the Khan household, and a package arrives from Kamala’s grandmother Sana.

The package contains an antique bangle along with other trinkets, which, according to Muneeba, are nothing but pieces of junk, and asks Aamir to put the box in the attic.

Kamala is very eager to go to the AvengerCon event, but her parents decline permission to let her go there unattended and wearing a tight-fitting Captain Marvel costume.

Kamala decides to go anyway and sneaks out of the house and goes to the event with Bruno. She takes the antique bangle as well, with her as Bruno had suggested that she display a Pakistani touch in the cosplay.

Kamala and Bruno arrive at the event and get dressed as Captain Marvel.

However, as soon as she wears the bangle, she experiences cosmic energy within her. This energy causes some vast props to fall, and chaos ensues.

Kamala’s classmate Zoe is also there to participate in the cosplay and is about to fall when Kamala saves her.

When Kamala reaches home, she finds her mom waiting for her and is very angry with her.

At the end of Episode 1, we see agents P.Cleary and Sadie Deever of the Department of Damage Control watching the event video when Kamala is displaying her superpowers and saying they have to find her.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Recap 2

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 has been titled “Crushed“.

In Ms. Marvel Episode 2, we find that Zoe has become an overnight celebrity, being rescued by a superhero.

As a result, the number of her Instagram followers has increased, and Kamala rues the fact that the rescuer gets no limelight. Zoe also throws a party to celebrate her new popularity.

Kamala goes to the mosque to offer her prayers with her friend Nakia, played by Yaseen Fletcher.

Nakia rues the fact that the section of the mosque where men offer namaz is well maintained, while the walls of the woman’s area are crumbling.

Nakia decides to run for the mosque’s board elections.

Kamala begins practising controlling her powers with the help of Bruno.

At Zoe’s party, Kamala meets handsome Kamran, played by Rish Shah, a new senior who he besots. Cops arrive at the party, and they all have to disperse.

Kamran gives a lift to Kamala and Bruno in his car, and their conversation goes toward Bollywood movies.

It turns out that both Kamala and Kamran are huge Shah Rukh Khan fans, and the duo hit it off instantly, much to Bruno’s dislike.

School counsellor Gabe Wilson informs Bruno that he has got a chance to be admitted to the prestigious Caltex school.

Naturally, Bruno is excited about it, but at the same time, this would mean going away from New Jersey and Kamala.

Moreover, Bruno is disappointed that instead of focusing on her practice, Kamala has gone out with Kamran, who promised to teach her driving.

Kamala asks her mom and also calls her grandmother to ask about her great-grandmother, but both dodge her questions.

She is having visions of a mysterious lady.

Elsewhere, agents Cleary and Deever question Zoe about the superhero and learn that the superhero has a South Asian accent.

So, the agents decide to sweep the mosques and the temples.

During the Eid celebrations near the mosque, Nakia is canvassing for candidacy.

It is when a small boy slips from the mosque balcony and is about to fall. Kamala quickly wears her Captain Marvel costume and, though a bit clumsily, manages to save the boy.

The agents then chase her when Kamran arrives and asks her to sit in his car.

Kamran introduces her to his mother sitting in the back seat. Kamala is shocked to see that Kamran’s mother is the woman Kamala saw in her visions!

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