Who is Soldier Boy based on? and What are Soldier Boy's powers? 
Who is Soldier Boy based on? and What are Soldier Boy's powers? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Who is Soldier Boy based on? and What are Soldier Boy’s powers? 

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Who is Soldier Boy based on? and What are Soldier Boy’s powers? 

Solider Boy is one of the new inclusion in The Boys series.

Portrayed by Jensen Ackles, Solider Boy was America’s greatest superhero before Homelander, fought valiantly during World War II. 

But during WWII, the Russians took him captive during the botched operation in Nicaragua, which we witnessed in Episode 3.  

In Episode 4, he has finally been freed from the secret Russian lab where he was kept and experimented on all these times, thanks to Billy Butcher and Hughie Cambell. 

The Soldier Boy is now back in America. In the last episode, we saw that The Solider Boy took revenge on Crimson Countness, who betrayed him during the botched operation in Nicaragua. 

It was revealed that Crimson Countness was the one who handed Solider Boy over to the Russians. 

In Episode 4, we see that Solider Boy used his radiation-infused energy blast to kill Crimson Countess.

From there, the viewers are now questioning the powers of Solider Boy and, most importantly, who is Solider Boy based on? 

We have done a deep dive analysis on that, and I believe I can provide you with all the details related to Solider Boy, so without further ado, let us discuss the details. 

Who is Soldier Boy based on?
Who is Soldier Boy based on? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Who is Soldier Boy based on? 

Well, by now, I think we all be able to guess who is Solider Boy based on, i.e. Captain America. But he is also somewhat based on Winter Solider as well. (explained at the ending). 

As Captain America, Steve Rogers was part of the Super Soldier Project and received the Super Soldier Serum. 

In The Boys series, Soldier Boy received Compound V and was the first one on whom The Vought International experimented. 

Like Captain America, Solider Boy also received a shield similar to him. 

However, their costume was different. Whereas Captain America had a red, white, and blue costume with a star on his chest, Soldier Boy’s costume was a mixture of green and black colours with a star on his chest. 

MCU’s Captain America, Steve Rogers, was brave. However, Ben, Solider Boy, lacked captain America’s heart and valour. 

Although at first, Soldier Boy helped in WWII battles, with time, as he became the leader of the Superhero Team Payback, he eventually turned sinful. 

Also, he was one of the team’s weakest links before he was experimented on by the Russians. 

Solider Boy was also the most valuable asset of The Vought International during that period. 

During the botched operation of Nicaragua, he was backstabbed by his that-time lover Crimson Countess, after which the Russians abducted him and experimented on him. 

What are Soldier Boy's powers
What are Soldier Boy’s powers? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

What are Soldier Boy’s powers? 

Now to the most important question, What are Soldier Boy’s powers? 

Especially after the Russians have experimented on him, we can see that Soldier Boy is now a force to be reckoned with. 

It seems that if there is any weapon that can take down Homelander alone, it should be Solider Boy.

So what are the powers of Solider Boy? Well, let us discuss Soldier Boy’s powers below. 

Superhuman Strength and an Expert in Hand-to-Hand Combat 

Just like Captain America, Solider Boy also has Super Human strength. 

We didn’t see much of his fights in The Boys Season 3. 

Still, during the botched operation of Nicaragua, we saw Soldier Boy taking down many enemy soldiers alone with his hand-to-hand combat skills and super-strength abilities. 

Hence is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and also possesses Super Strength abilities. 

Superhuman Speed

We are yet to witness the power of Soldier Boy in the series, but as per the comics, Soldier Boy has superhuman speed and reflexes. 

(We will update this portion once we witness this ability of Solider Boy in The Boys Season 3)

Superhuman Longevity

Solider Boy does not age, meaning he is immortal and has extended lifespan powers. 

We witnessed the same in The Boys Season 3 after Crimson Countness betrayed him and the Russians abducted him in 1984. 

Solider Boy was experimented on by the Russians from 1984 till 2022, and after all this time, Solider Boy did not age. 

Which Soldier Boy has the Super Longevity ability. 

What are Soldier Boy's powers in The Boys
What are Soldier Boy’s powers in The Boys (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Radiation Infused Energy Blasts

As the Russians experimented on Solider Boy, he has now been turned into a weapon that can unleash powerful radiation-infused energy blasts so powerful that if used to its full potential, it can kill a Supe easily. 

The same has been confirmed in Episode 5 when Solider Boy killed Crimson Countness using the energy blast. 

Power Nullifying abilities- The reason why Russians took Solider Boy captive and experimented on him

This power is somewhat linked to the Radiation Infused Energy blast, so when Solider Boy uses the energy blast and hits any Supes or the person who has taken the Temp V, it nullifies the powers of Compound V in their body. 

The same we have seen in The Boys Season 3 Episode 4 when Solider Boy unknowingly hit Kimiko and injured her gravely. 

After that, in Episode 5, when Kimiko wakes up in the hospital, she realised that all her powers are gone, and she is now a normal human being again. 

We believe the Russian Scientists in the series might have achieved this through their experiments. 

They developed nullifying powers to take down the American Supes of Vought International. 

I believe they were trying to remove all of Soldier Boy’s memories, similar to what happened to Winter Soldier in Marvel. 

The reason might be trying to achieve this because Soldier Boy can be used as a weapon to counter American Supes. 

 But now it seems Billy, Hughie, MM, Kimiko, and Frenchie have already freed Soldier Boy before that could happen. 

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