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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 has been released, along with its eighth episode. Yesool is overworked, an insomniac, and she does not seem to have much of a personal life.

Her boss Cha Minhu, played by Yoon Kyle-sang, is outwardly very hard on her but, at the same time, cares a lot for her.

We find this unlikely couple coming closer in the hilariously entertaining Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7. We also come to know that Lee always knew about Yesool’s unique ability.

Read on to know more about Kiss SixthSense Episode 7.

Where to watch Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 and its eighth episode were released on June 15, 2022.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7, released on the streaming platform Disney+ in countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia. At the same time, the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar will stream it in India.

Kiss Sixth Sense has twelve episodes with a duration of one hour and ten minutes. The finale episode of Kiss Sixth Sense is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2022.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

A Recap of Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7

At the beginning of Kiss SixthSense Episode 7, we find Yesool going to the office and thinking about how she will face Cha.

At the office, it is business as usual, and Cha is the typical hard taskmaster boss. But, Yesool keeps thinking, when is Cha going to fix their date.

During lunchtime, Cha gets hold of her and takes her to a hotel. It turns out to be their first date when Yesool, quite hilariously, takes out from an envelope some contract papers prepared by her.

The contract papers state that they will maintain absolute secrecy while having an affair and will not interfere in each other’s private lives. If they are busy throughout the week, they will meet every weekend, to which Cha says that he can meet her every weekend except for the third Saturday of the month.

The contract papers further state that they would avoid kissing and would terminate their relationship when their future is sorted out. The last two clauses of this contract are, of course, not acceptable to Cha.

The business-like manner in which Yesool drafted their dating contract is outrightly hilarious.

While Yesool and Cha are discussing their terms, they are interrupted by the entry of Jiyoung. An embarrassed Yesool tries to cover it up by saying they are here to see a client, but Cha tells Jiyoung they are on a date.

Cha tells Yesool that Jiyoung is like a younger sister to him. Cha later tells Dr Seungtaek that he is dating Yesool.

Seungtaek, too, wants to tell Cha about his misadventures with Ban Howoo, but refrains himself from doing so. So, instead, Seungtaek tells Cha that he should tell Yesool about his condition.

The clients like the introductory video of the Mopix commercial made by director Lee. The clients, however, suggested that some editing be done in the video, which is disagreeable to Lee. Yesool, however, convinces Lee that a commercial should be impactful.

Yesool also tells him that Jiyoung had also starred in a Mopix commercial 25 years ago as a child artist, which her late father, Hong Sungjoon, directed.

It gives Lee a fresh idea, and he suggests that they connect the two commercials together to provide it with a nostalgic feel, giving due credit to Yesool.

Based on the feedback on this idea, Cha can reinstate Yesool in his team.

Elsewhere, we find Dr Seungtaek picking on the intern doctors to get back at Ban, explicitly asking questions that she won’t be able to answer.

Meanwhile, Lee asks Yesool for their second date when Yesool tells him that she is dating Cha. Lee finds it very hard to believe that Yesool is dating Cha as she always used to badmouth Cha when she was dating Lee.

When Cha finds Yesool with Lee, he takes her aside, telling her that he wants to add another clause to their contract that she can’t meet another man as Cha admits that he is very possessive and jealous.

Yesool asks him if he liked her so much and why didn’t he try to date her earlier, to which Cha reminds her that when she had joined five years earlier, she already had a boyfriend.

Three years back, when Yesool had a break-up, she swore before him, in an inebriated state, that she would never date again; she would instead become a nun or a female Buddhist monk.

Further, Cha reminisces that Yesool had passed out after a meeting two years back due to a heavy workload.

At the hospital, Cha heard Yesool say that she would dip her hands in boiling water rather than date Cha. Cha then hilariously concludes that he didn’t ask her for a date just to save her hands.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

What Happens on the Third Saturday in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7?

On the third Saturday, we find Cha going to the Noel orphanage (we have already seen the visuals of Noel orphanage in the visions of Yesool).

There, he meets Kyungsoo and tells him that his symptoms and pain ease whenever he is near Yesool. Kyungsoo says that he would like to meet her.

Meanwhile, Yesool is fretting over why Cha has refused to go on a date with her on the third Saturday. Yesool’s mom pays her a surprise visit, and the mother-daughter duo have a heart-to-heart.

Yesool’s mom says that her father would have been so proud to know she was doing the Mopix commercial.

Yesool asks her mom about the fatal accident in which her father had died, and also about the nasty fall she had in her childhood, and the visions of which she keeps having.

Her mother, however, dodges these questions and asks her what a Young woman like Yesool is doing at home on the weekend and why she is not out enjoying herself with a date. Yesool says that she is dating someone busy on third Saturdays.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Recap (Image Credit: Disney+)

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7 Ending Explained

At the ending of Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 7, director Lee finds Yesool’s dating contract papers, which Yesool had accidentally left amidst her research papers.

He is aghast at the absurdity of all this and calls Yesool at their usual hanging-out place.

When Yesool comes, Lee confronts her with this piece of information and asks her how it could be so absurd to have written a business-like contract to start dating a guy, especially the termination of the relationship part of it.

Lee went into the past when Yesool had broken up with him for no apparent reason. He then makes a startling revelation to Yesool by saying that he always knew she could look into the future!

Kiss Sixth Sense is a Korean romantic comedy-drama series directed by Nam Ki Hun, written by Jeon Yuki, while Jeon Yoo Ri did the screenplay.

Kiss Sixth Sense revolves around a workaholic executive Hong Yesool, played by Seo Ji-hye, who works in an advertising agency. Also, it possesses the ability to look into the future when she kisses someone.

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