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The Boys: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?
The Boys: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

The Boys: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?

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The Boys: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?

The Boys series is an adaptation of the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

The Boys Season 3 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The Boys is set in a timeline where the general public considers Supeheros as gods and super-celebrities.

They work for the influential organization Vought International, which markets and monetizes them apart from their heroic possessions; most of them are corrupt and sell out.

This is where our anti-heroes come in the group called “The Boys”, led by Billy Butcher ( Karl Urban) and consisting of Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), Frenchie (Tomer Kapon), Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso).

Their main aim is to bring these Supes down. In the series, the Supes, especially ‘The Seven’, consists of the seven most powerful Superheros.

In The Seven, there are some powerful Supes such as Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, Starlight etc.

But the main question that the fans have related to The Boys series is, Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?

This has been a most asked question related to The Boys series on social media.

But we have an answer for it, so read along to know the details.

The Boys: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?
The Boys: Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander? (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Is Black Noir a Clone of Homelander?

The below details contain spoilers from The Boys comics!

As a matter of fact, Yes! Black Noir is a clone of Homelander in the comics.

As per The Boys Comics, Black Noir was created as a clone of Homelander by Vought America to keep Homelander in check cause if Homelander someday goes insane, then Black Noir could be utilized to kill Homelander.

You would be surprised to know that Black Noir had committed most of the crimes by disguising himself as Homelander and later on framed Homelander for those crimes so that Vought could permit Black Noir to kill Homelander.

The reason why he did is that Homelander was always a target for Black Noir.

So, keeping an eye on him and treating his target as a friend drove him insane.

He planned to frame Homelander by committing vicious crimes disguised as Homelander so that Vought could finally allow him to kill Homelander.

At the finale of The Boys comics, Homelander could not recall committing these crimes, but when he invaded the White House and murdered the President of the United States, Billy Butcher and Black Noir intervened with Homelander at that time.

During the final confrontation, the details mentioned above revealed that Black Noir was the one who was committing the vicious acts to frame Homelander.

Billy Butcher also learned that Black Noir was the one who had r#ped Becca disguised as Homelander.

This enraged Billy, and he, along with the Military, brutally shot Black Noir; later on, Billy pulled his brain and skulls from his body to confirm if he had actually killed him.

Black Noir's Face Reveal in The Boys
Black Noir’s Face Reveal in The Boys (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Will Black Noir be Homelander’s Clone in ‘The Boys’ Series?

We don’t think Black Noir will be a clone of Homelander in the series cause in the series, we have seen some creative differences, such as the following:

  1. Stormfront’s gender: In comics, Stormfront was male. In the series, Stormfront has been showcased as female.
  2.  Billy’s missing pet dog “Terror”, who is very dear to him.
  3. How Hughie got his powers in the series is way different from that of comics.
  4. Black Noir’s face reveal

As per comics, Black Noir was a clone of Homelander, so both of them were identical, but as per ‘The Boys Season 3 Episode 3,’ Black Noir’s face has already been revealed in the series and not only that, Black Noir is being played by Nathan Mitchell, an actor of a different race.

So it is pretty evident that, as of now, the direction in which The Boys series is going, Black Noir will not be a clone of Homelander.

But nothing to worry about as such.

Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys Series, definitely has something in mind that will catch us off guard for sure. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the remaining episode of The Boys Season 3 to understand fully in which direction the series is going.

So that’s it for now. We will be back with more of such exciting insight on ‘The Boys’ Series soon. 

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