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Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4 recap

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4 recap and ending explained – ‘Cheesy, But Destiny’

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After episode 3‘s cliffhanger ending, we have been dying to find out Gye-Hoon’s response in Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4. 

Da-Hyun confessed about her killing someone, and with how things have been turning out, Gye-Hoon will now understand the reason behind all the emotions.

With that being said, let’s dive into Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4. 

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4 recap
Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4 (via Disney+ Hotstar)

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4 kicked off by highlighting all the fiasco in Da-Hyun’s life involving men.

So far, her experience with men hasn’t been memorable, especially after being harassed countless times. 

All the dreadful experience has changed her perception, which is why she decided not to get involved with any man.

Despite that, she finally seems comfortable with someone, ‘Gye-Hoon.’

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She also points out that she wanted to admit her feelings for him instead of what she actually confessed. 

Meanwhile, Jae-Sook asking Da-Hyun’s family to repeat the same and kill someone didn’t go well with the latter.

Bok-Hee and Chun-Ok realized that Jae-Sook might have been the victim of domestic violence, but they didn’t like the fact that she threatened them.

It made Bok-Hee say, “I won’t sympathize. Anyone that knows about the incident and gets in the way of Da-Hyun, I’ll get rid of them.”

Da-Hyun also messed up a little as she not only confessed but also threatened to kill Gye-Hoon if need be.

Gye-Hoon has been feeling ever since he heard her confession, and he connected all the dots behind the entire family’s obsession with the fridge.

He opened the fridge but was Jin-Hu intervened. 

The second time he opened it, the fridge was empty, making him ask Jin-Hu if he was hiding something.

Soon they are joined by Da-Hyun and Eun-Jung as they start their first day at work. 

As the events unfold, Eun-Jung gets convinced that Da-Hyun has something to do with Jin-Geun’s disappearance.

Jin-Hu also gets an update on the DNA test, but he doesn’t reveal it yet. 

At night after seeing Jin-Hu off, Gye-Hoon encounters Ui-Chan, who claims to know him.

Gye-Hoon riles up and threats to kill him only when he finds the evidence against him. 

Before it got worse, the policeman Jung-Ho stepped in and warned Gye-Hoon that he would keep tabs on him.

Da-Hyun’s parents visit Jae-Sook to learn more about her situation, and it’s worse than expected. 

She has been a victim for years and is stressed out that she can’t let her family know about this. 

But the fact that she continues to use Da-Hyun to threaten irks Bok-Hee.

Chun-Ok tells her to be the bigger person but ultimately loses her cool and decides to run after Jae-Sook’s husband.

Bok-Hee runs after her, and later they are joined by Da-Hyun as she runs after to stop them.

Gye-Hoon steps out to find Da-Hyun and runs into Won-Tak, who was returning after brutally assaulting Jae-Sook’s husband.

The trio (Da-Hyun, mother and grandmother) found Jae-Sook’s husband unconscious on the floor, but the police mistook them for the culprit.

The police took them into custody, but eventually, they found the assaulter to be a male (tall, wearing a black jacket and a black hat).

Gye-Hoon saw Won-Tak’s bruised hand when he ran into him earlier, and the specification matched him. 

Jin-Hu revealed the DNA test report to Gye-Hoon.

The test was negative, and although Gye-Hoon had already anticipated the possibility, he was pretty disappointed after seeing that.

He set things straight with Gye-Hoon and told her that he wouldn’t be concerned for her again.

But, here, it took a major twist as Da-Hyun explained one scenario from her childhood when a certain boy came to their rescue.

Da-Hyun was with Gye-Young when Gye-Hoon came to save them from a group of boys.

Gye-Hoon thought carefully about the knife that was missing.

After realizing this, he lets Da-Hyun about his thought that Jin-Geun is alive.

Then the ultimate twist came in the ending of Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4; Jin-Geun managed to escape the fridge alive with Gye-Hoon’s knife.

But on his way, he was hit by Min-Cheol’s cab. 

At the end of the episode, Jin-Geun appears out of nowhere and grabs Da-Hyun’s throat while Gye-Hoon watches in shock.

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