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Link Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 recap and ending explained – ‘Confession’

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Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 kicked off with a little flashback of Gye-Hoon’s childhood, followed by the cliffhanger scene from episode 2.

The episode ended with another major cliffhanger ending, and we can’t wait to see Da-Hyun’s reaction in episode 4.

With that being said, here is the detailed recap of episode 3.

Each episode features tidbits on Gye-Hoon’s childhood days surrounding Gye-Young, and the scenes are hard to see.

With emotion being high for little Gye-Hoon after losing his sister, it’s tough to see what he went through on a daily basis. 

Link Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 Ending Explained
Link Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 – Jin-Hu and Gye-Hoon (via Disney+ Hotstar)

Back to the current timeline, Da-Hyun manages to sneak into Gye-Hoon’s restaurant to check on the fridge.

To her surprise, she found the fridge to be empty. 

She was caught by Gye-Hoon, who asked about the last night’s incident after sensing her stress.

Like other times, she escaped the situation by telling him a white lie. 

On the other hand, we see Gye-Hoon’s mother doing well after her breakdown in the previous episode at his aunt’s house.  

Gye-Hoon tells his plan to commute back and forth and tells Jin-Hu to use his residence in the neighbourhood.

We do get a slight comic relief when Jin-Hu pulls Gye-Hoon’s leg by taking his as a stalker after seeing Da-Hyun in her room across from their window.

Meanwhile, Da-Hyun and her family had developed traumas, and before it got worse, Bok-Hee decided to retrieve the fridge.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 4 recap and ending explained – ‘Cheesy, But Destiny’

Da-Hyun responded by telling her about the body’s disappearance. 

After much bickering, the family decides to put their minds as one and work together.

Jin-Hu also realised that they were being watched by the neighbours and the police and told Gye-Hoon. 

On their way back from the market, Jin-Hu asks Gye-Hoon about Da-Hyun being his sister and tells him to verify.

Gye-Hoon’s response suggests some sort of fear that he has deep within.

Won-Tak and Min-Jo attend to a distress signal regarding domestic violence but couldn’t act because of the lack of victim’s cooperation.

The following day, Min-Jo visits Da-Hyun’s restaurant, although her motive wasn’t fulfiled.

We also got to see Jin-Geun’s sister, Eun-Jung, at the restaurant as she inquired about her brother’s whereabouts.

Although she didn’t receive a concrete answer from Da-Hyun’s family, she met her in person.

A small skirmish with the policeman Won-Tak leaves Gye-Hoon embarrassed. 

In his defence, he wasn’t trying to help Da-Hyun but ended up getting a promise from her to not like him despite his help.

Da-Hyun and Gye-Hoon:

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 recap
Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 – Da-Hyun and Gye-Hoon (via Disney+ Hotstar)

Da-Hyun and her family continue to live their life in trauma. 

Da-Hyun gets nightmares after nightmares while her family gets panicked for trivial stuff.

Luckily for Da-Hyun, Gye-Hoon gives a helping hand as he, too, experiences the same feelings. 

Slowly the duo gets comfortable with each other and interacts without the formal awkwardness.

On the other hand, at the police station, Min-Jo reveals the body found in ‘Geumdo Villa.’ 

It led to the senior officers revealing the old case regarding a child’s disappearance, as they were trying to connect the culprit to the current case.

It’s the same person seen homeless in the neighbourhood, often scolded by the police officers for urinating in off-areas.

We also get a flashback showing the confession made by the man’s son in a letter to Gye-Hoon.

Back at the restaurant, Da-Hyun had a fallout with her mother.

She stormed off and found Gye-Hoon standing right in front, asking her for a meal.

She asks him for a job at his place. 

Meanwhile, Jin-Hu managed to get hold of Da-Hyun and Gye-Hoon’s hair for a DNA test. 

Da-Hyun seems to have got the job, but things are about to get messy with Eun-Jung working at the same restaurant.

The last five minutes of the episodes took an interesting turn when Jae-Sook asked Da-Hyun’s parents if they could kill someone.

She also revealed that she saw everything that night. 

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 ended with another cliffhanger as Da-Hyun confessed her secret to Gye-Hoon.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill Episode 3 is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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