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Billy Butcher's Powers: What are Billy Butcher's powers in The Boys? 
Billy Butcher's Powers: What are Billy Butcher's powers in The Boys?  (Image Credit: Amazon Prime) 

Billy Butcher’s Powers: What are Billy Butcher’s powers in The Boys? 

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Billy Butcher is one of the main protagonists in The Boys Series. Once a CIA BlackOps, Royal Marine office Billy Butcher turned Vigilante and created a group called ‘The Boys’. 

Billy Butcher is the leader of ‘The Boys, and the group also consist of Hughie Campbell, Frenchie, Kimiko and Mother’s Milk. 

Billy Butcher is an archenemy of Homelander and Vought Internation, and he has sworn to take his revenge on Homlander for what he did to his wife, Becky. 

He also wants to take down other corrupt Supes ‘The Seven’ and Vought international so that they can pay for their evildoings. 

Billy Butcher was recently offered a vile of Temp V serum, aka Compound V 24, which can turn anyone into a Supe for 24 hours. 

Queen Maeve offered a vile of Temp V to Billy Butcher so that he could find the whereabouts of the Supe gun in Russia, which could be used to take down Homelander. 

Billy Butcher used the Temp V, and he began using the powers of Temp V. 

It looked like his powers were somewhat identical to Homelander. 

But still, the viewers want to know what exactly the powers of Billy Butcher in The Boys? Well, read along to know the details. 

Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher in The Boys (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Billy Butcher’s Powers: What are Billy Butcher’s powers in The Boys?

After using the Temp V, Billy Butcher started having changes in his body. He first developed the laser eye similar to Homelander and also developed superhuman strength. 

He used both powers to kill Gunpowder in The Boys Episode 3. It is expected that apart from laser eye and superhuman strength, Billy Butcher will also have Superhuman durability. 

So we did some deep-dive analysis based on what we have seen so far in The Boys, so here are the listed powers we think Billy Butcher will going to have. 

Laser Eyes: 

Like Homelander, Billy Butcher developed laser eyes after injecting himself with compound V24. 

The leaser eyes can quickly melt anyone to bone if used rightly. 

Billy Butcher started having such powers after taking one of the shots from the vile of Temp V given by Queen Maeve. 

Initially, Billy couldn’t fully comprehend the powers of Laser Eyes, but from Episode 4, it seemed Billy was finally able to control his powers when he took down the remaining Russian guards alone using the laser eyes.  

Billy Butcher's powers
What are Billy Butcher’s powers in The Boys?-Billy Butcher uses laser eyes during his fight with Gunpowder (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Super Human Strength and Expert in Hand-to-Hand Combat: 

One more power that Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) has developed is Superhuman strength. 

Billy’s superhuman strength is at par with Homelander. 

He showed his strength during his fight against Gunpower, where he beat Gunpower to the pulp and killed Gunpowder. 

It is believed that Billy Butcher’s powers will advance as we progress more in The Boys Series. 

As per comics, Billy had also beaten the likes of Crimson Countness, Black Noir, and Jack the Jupyter using his superhuman strength. 

Besides superhuman strength, Billy Butcher also has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills, which we had seen in The Boys Season 1, where he fought Translucent alone, beat him, and saved Hughie.

Billy Butcher vs Translucent
Billy Butcher vs Translucent (Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Super Human Durability: 

Billy Butcher also has superhuman durability, which means no matter how many fatal blows or injuries he acquires, he would still be standing his ground and fighting toe-toe. 

Gifted Marksman skillset and superintelligence: 

Billy is also an expert marksman with superintelligence; being a prior member of CIA BlackOps and Royal Marine, he is a gifted marksman and also has superintelligence ability. 

Many times, we have seen his skill set as a marksman in the series. The most recent one would be Billy vs the Russian guards, where he took down most of the guards with just a revolver. 

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