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Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi?
Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Jujutsu Kaisen Theory: Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi Fushiguro?

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Ryomen Sukuna is a popular character in the manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen and is known as the King of Curses.

Gege Akatumi really has something in mind for Sukuna being interested in Megumi Fushiguro.

He is the strongest cursed spirit and is a fierce god with four arms and two faces.

Therefore, he is also known as the “King of Curses“.

Megumi Fushiguro is the second most important character of the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

Megumi Fushiguro, along with the protagonist Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki, is one of the first-year students at Tokyo Jujutsu High, also known as Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical High School.

Megumi is a student of Gojo Satoru who is one of the most or, to be precise, the most favourite character for Jujutsu Kaisen fans.

Sukuna, despite his reputation as a powerful and ruthless cursed spirit, has shown a strong interest in the series’ protagonist, Megumi Fushiguro.

This article will explore why Sukuna is interested in Megumi and what this interest reveals about his character.

Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi?
Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

MediaScrolls’ Jujutsu Kaisen Theory: Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi Fushiguro?

Sukuna is a cursed spirit with immense power and is feared by many in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. Despite his reputation, he has taken a particular interest in Megumi, a powerful Jujutsu sorcerer.

This interest can be seen as both a fascination and a challenge, as Sukuna is intrigued by Megumi’s power and wants to test his abilities against him.

There are mainly 3 reasons why Sukuna has shown interest in Megumi. 

  • Ryomen Sukuna has shown a great interest in Megumi Fushiguro’s Latter’s Ten Shadow Technique.
  • Megumi’s self-serving nature
  • Ryomen Sukuna might have had some relation with the Zenin Clan in the past, as Megumi was born with the Family’s most celebrated Cursed Technique.
  • Sukuna wants Megumi to be so powerful that he can reincarnate himself fully in Megumi’s body and be immortal. 

In episode 5(Curse womb must die – 2) of Jujutsu Kaisen, Ryomen Sukuna asks Itadori to switch back already, but Itadori can’t.

Sukuna takes control of Itadori’s body and is about to set on a rampage to slaughter innocent lives.

Sukuna encounters Megumi and says there is no reason to be scared as Sukuna is in a very great mood at that moment as Itadori is facing some trouble switching back.

Sukuna was always thinking of different ways to take out Itadori’s heart, as Sukuna could live without a soul (heart), but Itadori could not.

Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi?
Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Sukuna removes Itadori’s heart and throws it away in front of Megumi.

As soon as Itadori switches with Sukuna, he is as good as dead.

After defeating the cursed spirit possessing Sukuna’s finger, Sukuna ate the finger and was now more powerful.

As Itadori could not switch back, Sukuna was now as free as a bird and decided to kill Megumi Fushiguro.

Megumi was a bit scared at that moment. But still, he chose to fight Sukuna himself.

A few of Megumi’s Shikigami were destroyed during the battle.

The battle was one-sided as Sukuna dominated it as he was way stronger than Megumi.

Sukuna, while enjoying his fight with Megumi, realizes that Megumi uses the Shadows to create the Shikigami.

He also realizes that it is not a generic technique that uses charms.

The cursed technique is adaptable as well.

The above was the first thing that Sukuna found exciting, which is why he was interested in Megumi.

When Megumi almost gave up, he had a glimpse of his past, which gave him the confidence to fight and strengthen his resolve.

Megumi, at that time, was planning on using his secret treasure-cursed technique.

Sukuna was thrilled and filled with joy, saying Megumi show me what you got.

This was the second reason why Sukuna wanted to see Megumi’s potential as a Jujutsu sorcerer.

Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi?
Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

During Sukuna’s fight with Megumi, we learnt that Sukuna possesses a powerful technique called the reverse cursed technique. 

This technique also allows him to reverse the curses, as he once regenerated Itadori‘s arm and fingers in a fight against a special cursed spirit.

As the Manga suggests, Ryomen Sukuna was a human thousand years ago.

In the golden age of Jujutsu, sorcerers gathered all their might to challenge Sukuna, and all of them failed. 

He was crowned with the title of The King of Curses.

The members from the Zenin Clan might have also challenged Sukuna facing defeat but giving Sukuna a run for his money.

He was a human sorcerer in the golden age of Jujutsu.

After Sukuna was dead, he turned into a cursed spirit.

Sukuna had such a strong curse that Sukuna’s body could not be destroyed entirely.

His remains were twenty indestructible fingers preserved in grave wax that traversed through the ages as super-strong cursed objects.

These cursed objects are continuously growing in power.

The Zenin family is one of the oldest Jujutsu Sorcerers Family that has passed down its Latter’s Ten Shadow Technique.

Megumi was born with this Ten Shadow Technique. 

And that is one of the reasons why Sukuna is interested in Megumi is because of the latter’s potential as a Jujutsu sorcerer.

Megumi possesses this powerful innate curse technique named Ten Shadows, whereas Itadori, the current vessel of Sukuna, doesn’t possess that kind of innate curse technique.

Megumi is a talented sorcerer who has shown a remarkable talent for curse techniques, and Sukuna is interested in seeing just how far he can push himself.

So the main reason for Sukuna’s interest in Megumi is his desire to be his reincarnated body.

Why Is Sakuna Interested In Megumi?
Why Is Sukuna Interested In Megumi? (Image Credit: MAPPA)

Sukuna wants Megumi to be more powerful so that, ultimately, he can take over his body and fully reincarnate himself within Megumi.  

Throughout the series, Sukuna is displayed as a powerful and ruthless personality who has never met a challenge he could not overcome.

But Sukuna’s interest in Megumi can also be seen as a way for him to demonstrate that he wants Megumi to be so strong that once Itadori consumes the 20 fingers of Sukuna, he can reincarnate himself with Megumi’s body because, as compared to Itadori, Megumi is far stronger.

Throughout the series, Sukuna desires to dominate and control those around him, and his interest in Megumi is no exception.

By showing that he can take an interest, he proves our theory that he wants to control Megumi and leave Itadori as a vessel.

In conclusion, Sukuna’s interest in Megumi is multi-faceted and reveals much about his character.

Maybe after taking over Megumi’s body, he plans to do something else, which we are yet to see in the manga.

Still, his fascination with Megumi’s potential somehow points to the above theory.

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