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Now and Then Episode 5 Release Date and Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained
Now and Then Episode 5 Release Date and Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Apple TV)

Now and Then Episode 5 Release Date and Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

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Now and Then is a thriller drama series about a group of college friends whose carefree graduation celebration goes awry. For the past two decades, the guilt-ridden surviving friends have been trying to bury the past and move on.

The past, however, is now staring at their faces. They are forced to reunite at their alumni reunion party, where they realise that someone else is privy to their dark past and is now trying to blackmail them.

One of the friends, who was also suspected of being the blackmailer, dies mysteriously, giving Detective Neruda another chance to remedy the injustice done to Alejandro two decades back.

The reason why Detective Neruda is so obsessed with not letting the “rich brats” go Scot free is now made clear to the viewers.

Read on to know more about Now and Then Episode 5 and a recap of Now and Then Episode 4.

Now and Then Episode 5 Release Date: When will Now and Then Episode 5 Be Released, and Where To Watch It?

Now and Then Episode 5 will be released on the streaming platform Apple TV+ on June 3, 2022. Now and Then premiered on Apple TV+ on May 20, 2022, with three episodes releasing simultaneously on this day.

Now and Then has got eight episodes of a duration of 54-58 minutes, released every Friday.

The finale episode of Now and Then will be released on June 24, 2022. This thriller drama series directed by Carlos Sedes has been made in two languages- Spanish and English.

What To Expect from Now and Then Episode 5?

In Now and Then Episode 5, we will be made aware of Hugo’s condition and whether he was able to survive the massive accident.

Also, Hugo’s connection with Sofia might be made clear to the viewers in Now and Then Episode 5.

On the other hand, Sofia might try to break into Marcos’s father’s villa to steal money that she so desperately needs to save her life from the mafia.

However, the fact that she has seen the combination of the safe and that she refused to take one million dollars from Marcos’s father shows that she wants to keep up an image of a self-respecting woman in front of Marcos.

In Now and Then Episode 5, we will also find how Pedro and Ana will arrange the two million dollars that Pedro had stolen from the campaign money. The money that Ana was expecting to receive from her mother has been delayed while the couple needs the money urgently.

Now and Then Episode 5 Release Date and Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained
Now and Then Episode 5 Release Date and Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Apple TV)

Now and Then Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4 Recap

Now and Then Episode 4 begins with a flashback scene showing that Sergeant Neruda can locate the taxi driver who had dropped the friend home.

The taxi driver identifies Daniela from her photograph and even remembers that her hand has been bleeding profusely at that time.

However, by the time of the identification parade, the taxi driver has changed his statement completely. He refuses to identify any of them, and even his taxi has gone to the scraps, leaving no hope of getting any forensic evidence from his cab.

He is now the owner of a brand new cab, proving that Marcos’s father has bought him.

Looking at the disgust and resentment that Neruda showed at all this, Sergeant Sullivan asks her the reason why she was so against the rich brats. Neruda tells him that in the past, a rich brat like this had victimised and spoiled the life of his elder brother.

Marcos sees Sofia’s phone ringing in the present timeline and finds that Hugo has called her. He confronts Sofia with this information, but Sofia refuses to divulge anything.

Meanwhile, Pedro’s video in which he was desperately looking for something in the dump yard went viral. Luis’s friends are mocking him, and he feels pretty ashamed. So, Ana throws a surprise party on Luis’s thirteenth birthday.

Mr Rodrigo comes to the party and tells them about the robbery at his villa. Something in Pedro’s expression makes Ana confront him, and Pedro confesses to her that he has stolen money from Mr Rodrigo’s safe, and Luis accidentally threw away the money bag in the trash bin.

Ana has also called Zoe and her parents to befriend them. She even offers the post of Pedro’s press officer to Zoe’s father.

Ana’s mother calls in to tell her that the money Ana was supposed to receive from her will take some time because of the formalities involved.

Now and Then Episode 4 Ending Explained: What Happens at the End?

Elsewhere, we find that Neruda’s request for surveillance on the suspects’ homes has been denied. Neruda meets Isabel, who is busy trying out her bridal gown. Neruda tells her that she may be marrying a murderer and convinces her to let them instal microphones at her house. Neruda also tells her about Sofia’s past.

Isabel checks Sofia’s belongings and finds that she carries a fake passport with a phoney name. Isabel takes Marcos and Sofia to her father in law’s house to allow Neruda to have microphones installed at her house.

Once there, Sofia goes on looking for the safe. Marcos’s father opens the safe in front of her and offers her a million dollars to exit his son’s life. Sofia turns down this offer and leaves in a huff. Marcos is furious at his father, and back home, he tells her that he wants her to fight a case against his father.

As a damage control measure, Pedro released a video saying that he jumped into the dump yard looking for his child’s favourite toy, which was accidentally thrown away. With this statement, he wants to establish his image as a reliable family man.

Sullivan receives a call from the forensics department, where he and Neruda learn that Jessica Thomson had not died from the impact of her car collision.

She had, in fact, died moments later when a sharp object was inserted deep into her neck.

At the end of the episode, we find that Hugo calls Neruda telling her that he has screwed up. Moments later, we see his car having a massive accident.

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