Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

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Kiss Sixth Sense is a Korean romantic comedy-drama series directed by Nam Ki Hun, with Jeon Yoo Ri having done the screenplay and written by Jeon Yuki. Kiss Sixth Sense revolves around a workaholic executive Hong Yesool, played by Seo Ji-hye, who works in an advertising agency. She also possesses the ability to look into the future.

Yesool is overworked, an insomniac, and she doesn’t seem to have much of a personal life.

Her boss Cha Minhu, played by Yoon Kyle-sang, is outwardly very hard on her but, at the same time, cares a lot for her. So, very slowly, we are finding this unlikely couple coming closer.

When was Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Released, and Where To Watch It?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4, along with its third episode, was released on June 1, 2022.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 was released on the streaming platform Disney+ in countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

At the same time, the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar will stream it in India.

Kiss Sixth Sense has twelve episodes with a duration of one hour and ten minutes. The finale episode of Kiss Sixth Sense is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2022.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Recap
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Recap (Image Credit: Disney+)

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Recap

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 begins with an embarrassed Yesool waking up in the hotel bed and remembering the events of the night before.

Then, very hilariously, she asks Cha about how much of it all he remembers, to which Cha only has to remind her that it was she who was drunk.

Cha asks Yesool about her vision after they kissed the night before, but she is so drunk that she cannot remember any of it. Finally, Cha asks her if she has any feelings for him, and she denies having any feelings for him.

Cha orders a Lisa dress for Yesool so that she can change and go to the office straight from the hotel. At the elevator, they come across Lee Pilyo, who stays at the same hotel.

At the hotel lobby, they run into Dr Seungtaek, who has a date with Yesool’s sister. Dr Seungtaek later sets up a week-long date with Yesool’s sister.

Yesool’s Lisa dress becomes the talk of the office. So, when Jiyoung learns that Lee has ordered a Lisa dress, she wonders who is it for.

Cha is wondering why he isn’t feeling any pain in his office and why he is feeling alright. He even calls Dr Seungtaek and asks him if he has given him a new medicine, which Seungtaek denies.

Yesool and Cha meet in the conference room, where she kisses his hand to have the vision again.

This time she sees dust everywhere, a car going round in circles, her tripping over, Cha saving her from an imminent fall, and in this process, breaking the screen of his mobile phone.

Yesool kisses him again on his hand, and this time she sees Dr Seungtaek at Cha’s apartment, his nose bleeding.

Later Lee Pilyo arrives at the office and befriends the whole team. He expresses his desire for Yesool to be his manager. He also says that he needs to get familiar with the product before shooting the commercial.

Lee reminds Yesool that when they were dating, Yesool had asked him to give her a ring after he won an award and became a world-famous director.

Lee tells her that he has been carrying a ring for her in his pocket since then. In addition, he asks her for three dates in return for the things she broke in his studio three years ago.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Ending Explained
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Ending Explained (Image Credit: Disney+)

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 4 Ending Explained

Elsewhere, Dr Seungtaek and Jiyoung have barged into Cha’s apartment and drank heavily. Cha accidentally pushes the doctor, and his nose starts bleeding, just as Yesool had envisioned.

Yesool has a video conversation with her mom, who is getting married again. Her mom advises her to reach out to people.

Cha has to sign a confidentiality agreement with the car company to fulfil Lee’s demand to get familiar with the product. After that, they can take the car for a test drive, but the car will be under wraps, and its pictures cannot be taken.

Lee drives the car to the location along with Yesool and Cha, where he moves it in circles just as Yesool had seen. While Cha is busy with a call, Lee removes the covers and takes pictures of the car.

Just as Yesool is returning to the car, she trips up, and in an effort to save her from falling, Cha breaks the screen of his mobile phone.

After the test drive is over and the car returned, Cha tells Yesool that now he trusts her visions. He says that tonight is the time to fulfil her first vision of their being together.