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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: 'Drag Bunt'
Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: 'Drag Bunt' (Image Credit: Netflix)

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: ‘Drag Bunt’

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 primarily follows Seo Jun-Hyeong ( played by Lee Jin-Wook) and Kim Na-Eun (played by Lee Yeon-Hee) discussing their finances, such as how much money they have saved and how much they should spend on their marriage & honeymoon etc. 

Upon consulting with her besties Hui-Seon & Su-Yeon and the office boss, Na-Eun decides to take up the discussion with Jun-Hyeong on the finances, but as it turns out that both of them handle their finances differently. 

Na-Eun, under the influence of her friends and office colleague, discussed with Jun-Hyeong the marriage plans and spending. 

Jun-Hyeong replied that marriage is a once in a lifetime moment, so they should not think about finances. 

Instead, they should spend on whatever the things they feel are worth spending on. 

Jun-Hyeong’s obnoxious seniors suggest that Jun-Hyeong take control of the finances of both Jun-Hyeong and Na-Eun after marriage.

So what happened after that? Did Jun-Hyeong and Na-Eun come to terms on the matter? what happens at the end? Well, read along to know the details.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap

In Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3, Jun-Hyeong, after discussing his finances with his obnoxious seniors, decides to consult with Na-Eun about their assets and who should have the authority over the finances once they are married. 

After this, Jun-Hyeong and Na-Eun discuss the same during dinner. Na-Eun says that she trusts Jun-Hyeong’s skill in investing, so she lets him take control of their finances after marriage, but Jun-Hyeong suggests otherwise that both of them have different ways of managing finances them should handle their finances separately. 

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained
Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

Na-Eun agrees to do so, but she is visibly uncomfortable with what Jun-Hyeong had suggested. 

She thinks that Jun-Hyeong has thought way ahead about their future finances, but all she needs to know is whether they together have enough savings to plan their wedding perfectly. 

Later on, after discussing with her mother, Na-Eun realised that she needs to be more upfront about her feelings and should explain Jun-Hyeong what’s on her mind. 

Later on, she does so towards the ending of Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3, read along to know what happened at the ending

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Ending Explained: ‘Drag Bunt’ 

Jun-Hyeong, on the next day, goes out for a drink with his office colleagues and the senior who had earlier lectured him about finances. 

While drinking, the senior states that Na-Eun will control his life in finances and tells Jun-Hyeong that he should reconsider getting married. Na-Eun will go crazy after marriage and will always raise concerns about money. 

This hurts the sentiments of Jun-Hyeong, and he decides to leave the place as it is getting hard for him to listen to such things from his friends about his about to be fiance. 

Jun-Hyeong decides to go and meet Na-Eun as he was feeling deficient at that point. 

However, upon calling Na-Eun, he comes to know that Na-Eun is already at his place. 

After going to his apartment, Jun-Hyeong saw that Na-Eun had bought some stuff to help him recover from the hangover. 

This made Jun-Hyeong realise how lucky he is and how caring his fiance has. 

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained
Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

After this, Jun-Hyeong gets a bit emotional and hugs Na-Eun.  

Then, both discuss their finances, and Na-Eun suggests that they should take care of their finances separately but needs to be transparent with each other. 

Jun-Hyeong agrees with Na-Eun. Later on, Na-Eun also presented a status report on her assets as she wanted to keep things simple, so she decided to share the details with Jun-Hyeong on the savings and her assets. 

Na-Eun says that all she wanted to know from Jun-Hyeong that how much he had saved so that they could create a joint wedding budget to plan out everything. 

Jun-Hyeong states he will also share the same report with Na-Eun next week to plan a joint wedding plan together.

Jun-Hyeong also suggested Na-Eun at the end that they both should be open to each other and discuss everything troubling them. Na-Eun agrees to do the same henceforth. 

While leaving, Na-Eun catches a glance at Jun-Hyeong’s last month’s credit card bill, which is close to 33,355,790 WON. 

So the next episode will give us an idea of their finances of Jun-Hyeong and how much savings he has made, and how many assets he possesses.

By the looks of Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3 ending, it seems Jun-Hyeong has done a lot of investing earlier, which is why he might have a lot of wealth at the moment? Or is it something else? Is Jun-Hyeong in debt instead?

Well, only Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 4 will be able to provide us with that answer. 

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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