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What is the One Piece Treasure

What is the One Piece Treasure – What does the One Piece Treasure look like?

One Piece is in its much-awaited Wano arc, and the craze for the grand treasure is at its high. ‘What is the One Piece treasure?‘ has been one of the most asked about questions of the series, and with the One Piece ending coming soon, the curiosity is higher than ever.

At one point during the ‘Sabaody Archipelago arc,’ Silvers Rayleigh was about to disclose the truth behind the One Piece treasure. 

However, he was stopped by Luffy, but we all still ponder the question at this point.

Here are some legit theories behind the ‘One Piece Treasure.’

What is the One Piece Treasure theory?

What is the One Piece Treasure
What is the One Piece Treasure theory? (Luffy and Nami)

Regardless of whatever the actual ‘One Piece’ symbolises, there have been countless theories regarding the treasure.

One of the most prominent theories regarding the One Piece treasure points to the events of the ‘Void Century.’  

What does the One Piece Treasure look like?

According to the theory, The One Piece Treasure might look like, or it is a ‘Poneglyph’ that holds the truth of the ‘Void Century.’

The century that is lost and not known to others. 

It sure feels more likely as countless times Oda has hinted that One Piece isn’t a huge mass of fortune that Gol D. Roger left. 

This is contrary to the belief of most of the notorious pirates out there hunting for it. 

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Even during the Wano arc, the Roger pirates were amused to learn about the truth after completing their journey. 

The World Government could be thrown into chaos if information about the ‘Void Century’ gets to the public.  

Gol D. Roger was never after any treasure, and his character symbolised the notion of ‘Freedom.’ 

It’s what inspired Luffy to set out to see, so the One Piece treasure is likely the ONE PIECE of history that was erased.

Roger circumnavigated the entire grand line to find every single Poneglyph and document everything on a single Grand Poneglyph that tells about the Void Century.

Another interesting theory about the One Piece Treasure comes from a Youtuber, ‘Potentia1 Unl3ashed.‘ 

According to his theory, originally, Laugh Tale was called ‘Raugh Tale,’ but it was changed after Roger’s reaction.

Roger’s reaction was because of the fact that he didn’t know what and how to use the power of the One Piece.

He would need the three ancient weapons, Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton, to use the One Piece. 

We already know that Poseidon is Shirahoshi, Ryugu Kingdom’s princess, holding power to command all sea kings.

Pluton is said to be the ancient ship having the power to destroy an entire island, and Uranus could be Momonosuke, but take it with a pinch of salt.

Now, it could be possible that Roger might have the Pluton with him along with Oden (who would have the same power as Momo).

However, he was still missing ‘Poseidon,’ and thus, he could never use the ‘One Piece.’

It made him start the Great Pirate era during his execution, hoping someone would take his will and use One Piece to its potential.

Now you might have a question ‘What’s the use of One Piece?

According to this theory, One Piece, along with the three ancient weapons used as a single entity, could have been used to destroy the ‘Grand Line.’

Destroying Grand Line will unify seas from all sides, North Blue, East Blue, West Blue and South Blue, which might then unlock the ‘All Blue.’

All Blue is again Sanji’s dream, as it’s a place where fishes from all the seas will now be connected.

Another interesting theory talks about the existence of the ‘Old Kingdom’ with the ‘D’ clan. 

During the void century, all the kingdoms of the Current World Government overthrew the ‘Old Kingdom.’

It’s why the ‘D’ clan is now considered the enemies of the ‘Gods.’

The One Piece could be the information regarding that, but then again, its legitimacy is yet to be proved.


While there are several interesting theories regarding the ‘One Piece Treasure,‘ it’s better not to take them seriously.

Knowing Oda, if it gets too predictable, he will change the ending, and popular theories often don’t live up.

One Piece is almost close to its ending, and while we are at it, we can still enjoy the show without worrying too much.

Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see the actual treasure, and one thing we can be 100% sure of is that it won’t be anything related to riches.

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