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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 recap and ending explained: “Missed Sign”

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 has just dropped on Netflix, and things are already getting interesting between Jun-Hyeong and Na-Eun. 

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 1‘ concluded with Jun-Hyeong proposing Na-Eun, contrary to her imagination, and the duo just blossomed into wholesomeness.

The drama has already begun on a positive note, and their adorable chemistry seems to light up the screens. 

It will be interesting to see how the couple begins their wedding plans from “Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 3′ onwards.

With that being said, here is everything you need to know about ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2.’

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Recap:

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Recap
Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2: Na-Eun at the family meeting (via Netflix)

Episode 2 is titled ‘Missed Sign,’ and it kicked off with Na-Eun watching a baseball game with her father.

The catcher not being able to understand the sign from the pitcher, thereby failing to catch the ball and allowing the batter to run, was the analogy used in the situation of Na-Eun.

She also missed the signs and misunderstood Jun-Hyeong, which later became evident. 

Just as missing vital signs can ruin the entire game, Na-Eun decides not to repeat the same mistake.

Meanwhile, at the gym, we have Jun-Hyeong and Jang Min-Woo, and Jun-Hyeong asks him what he should do before the wedding.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2: Family Meeting

Min-Woo advises him on everything Na-Eun likes, but Jun-Hyeong wants to make sure that Na-Eun turns up as the happiest bride.

On the other hand, Na-Eun takes Choi Hui-Seon to look for furniture, but the latter tells her to slow down a bit. 

She advises her to have their parents meet, as meeting them as their son’s girlfriend is not as same as meeting them as the soon-to-be bride.

Jun-Hyeong also has the same plan, as he reveals it to Na-Eun, and they decide on the perfect venue for the gathering.

Na-Eun was still nervous about having their families meet, but Jun-Hyeong already had it prepared.

He showed her an article listing all the things that they need to avoid for a smooth gathering.

After discussing the gathering, both head out to their parents to inform them about the meeting. 

Na-Eun tells her parents, who got nervous about having the perfect attires to make a good impression.

Jun-Hyeong’s mother was worried about their wedding and how they were planning it. 

The common area of concern was housing after their marriage.

Jun-Hyeong’s response irks his mom during their conversation, who sends him away to his home.

At the office, we have Na-Eun, Hui-Seon and Lee Su-Yeon discussing the future gathering. 

Na-Eun is quite stressed, and even Jun-Hyeong’s presence wasn’t enough to calm her down. 

Hui-Seon then tells her to prepare for their family meeting as if it’s a company summit. 

She adds that Na-Eun should make sure not to discuss topics such as dowry or gifts.

Na-Eun returns home to find out about her mother’s ordeal after the latter goes to get a massage. 

It further adds to her tension as they meet the next day.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2: Na-Eun’s Plan to keep things in control

Clearly, both didn’t have their way, and they decided to come up with a plan.

Both met the night before, and Na-Eun suggested creating signs that they would use to communicate to keep things in control.

As per Na-Eun, she’s quick at picking up on social cues, so she will sign Jun-Jyeong if needed.

She came up with the following signs:

  • She will wink at Jun-Jyeong, signalling him to interfere with changing the topic if it’s uncomfortable
  • She will nod twice, signalling him to compliment her mother
  • She will twirl her hair to indicate that she wants him to step outside for a second
  • The final one, she will join hands like the one we do for praying to indicate to him to stop everything that he might be doing at that point

The D-Day finally arrived, as the two parties prepared to meet. 

All these signs seem overwhelming, and judging Jun-Jyeng, things were destined to go wrong; but it went pretty well.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Ending Explained

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Ending Explained
Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2: Na-Eun and Jun-Hyeong (via Netflix)

The meeting started smoothly, and Jun-Jyeong was also doing good. 

However, Jun-Jyeong being Jun-Jyeong, was about to cause a dispute when he asked the waitress about the dish in which both the mother had different opinions.

Na-Eun saved the day, and her father gave a piece of advice to Jun-Jyeong.

However, at the ending of ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2,’ Jun-Jyeong’s words won everyone’s heart. 

Despite others’ willingness to involve, he urged everyone to trust him and Na-Eun and let them plan the wedding.

Also, Na-Eun’s small gesture of remembering Jun-Jyeong and giving Macrons to his mother won her heart, as she welcomed her into the family.

Despite the lack of picking social cues, Jun-Jyeong still managed to make a good impression.

The episode ended with Na-Eun’s mother worried that the cost of marriage might affect their relationship.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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