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One Piece Episode 1018 recap and ending explained: Kaido's man-beast form

One Piece Episode 1018 recap and ending explained: Kaido’s man-beast form

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One Piece Episode 1018 kicked off from where episode 1017 left off, with Luffy charging at the Yonkos. 

Both Kaido and Big Mom were perplexed to see their attacks not affecting Luffy, and an enraged Luffy brought a barrage of attacks on Kaido.

The episode ended with a tease of Kaido in his hybrid form, and we can’t wait to see it in action in One Piece Episode 1019.

One Piece Episode 1018 Recap:

One Piece Episode 1018 is titled “Kaido Laughs! The Emperor of the Sea vs the New Generation!

Luffy continues his Gatling attack on Kaido while the rest of the New Generation watches. 

One Piece Episode 1018: Luffy knocked out cold

One Piece Episode 1018 recap
One Piece Episode 1018: Luffy’s Gear 4 form (via Toei Animation)

Luffy managed to knock Kaido to the ground; however, that wasn’t going to stop the Yonko. 

Before attacking the final blow, Luffy went out of gas, and he plummeted to the ground. 

The others were quite shocked to see Luffy like this since no one noticed any direct attacks.

It made Kidd question Luffy getting hit, to which Law prompted, “He didn’t get hit. It’s the by-product of his Gear 4 form.”

With Luffy not able to use his Haki for 10 minutes, things have gotten worse for the others.

Big Mom was still in the sky, creating havoc.

Zoro cuts Kaido’s scales

One Piece Episode 1018 ending explained
One Piece Episode 1018: Zoro (via Toei Animation)

Thanks to Zoro, Luffy was saved from Big Mom’s ‘Mother of Blaze’ attack, followed by Law’s countershock attack.

Meanwhile, Kaido regained his consciousness Before Kidd and Killer could do any damage. 

Kaido obliterated everything in his path with his ‘Dragon Twister‘ attack while Zoro stuck with Luffy, but even they were pulled into the attack.

Inside the giant tornado created by Kaido, both Zoro and Luffy were separated and taking advantage, Kaido seemed to gulp Luffy. 

But Zoro unleashed his Enma, making Kaido sense the strange Haki from the sword.

Zoro’s ‘Black Rope Dragon Twister’ cut Kaido’s scale, thereby saving Luffy from his mouth.

Kaido realised it was Oden’s katana that Zoro was using, and it enraged him.

In response, Kaido unleased his ‘Dragon Twister Demolition Gust‘ attack and with Luffy down, the situation tends to worsen. 

The attack was too much for the others to doge, but they still avoided any grave injuries. 

We know what happened to Kiku, and certainly, we don’t want history to repeat itself.

One Piece Episode 1018 Ending Explained: Kaido’s Man-Beast form

Meanwhile, Cipher Pol is at the castle with their own agenda. 

At present, they only discussed the ongoing events in Wano since Doflamingo’s downfall. 

They concluded the war as one-sided, favouring the Beasts pirates. 

Others were shocked to see Kaido in his Man beast form on the battlefield as the Yonkos prepared to charge.

One Piece Episode 1018 ended with Luffy calling out Kaido, but the future doesn’t look good with his current condition.

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