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Tomorrow Episode 16

Tomorrow Episode 16 recap and ending explained – ‘Threads of Fate’

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The final episode of the series, Tomorrow Episode 16, kicked off with Ryeon coming to Jumadeong and the director assigning her to the escort team.

Moments later, they were joined by Jung-gil. However, he wasn’t the same person as he had already incarnated twice.

Despite his incarnations, the wound inflicted by Ryeon was yet to heal, says the director.

We get a small scene between the duo as Jung-gil hands her the task she is supposed to do.

Tomorrow Episode 16 Recap:

Tomorrow Episode 16 Recap
Tomorrow Episode 16: Cho-hui and the RM team (via Netflix)

It has almost been half a year since Joon-woong went into a coma. Meanwhile, Mr Ha explains his plans of taking Ryeon back to Hell.

Also, things aren’t going good for the rest of the RM team.

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Tomorrow Episode 16: Joon-woong comes up with a plan to save Ryeon

The director refused to help Ryeon and assigned Ryung-gu to the sales team and Joon-woong to the editing team.

Joon-woong comes up with a plan to save Ryeon, and he has someone to ask for help.

He revealed his plan to Ryung-gu and went to Jung-gil for help.

The duo had a fallout, and Joon-woong tells him to find the truth in his nightmares.

Jung-gil wasted no time and went into his memories to find his answers. Even Ryung-gu was shocked to know about Ryeon and Jung-gil.

Joon-woong and Ryung-gu go to the cyber wrecker’s house, searching for Ryeon.

The plan worked as they found Ryeon responding to the wrecker’s provocation, but she escaped.

Although they found her in no time, Ryeon refused to stop without punishing all the culprits.

Joon-woong did his magic, and his emotional message seems to have changed Ryeon’s heart.

However, before it could get any better, Mr Ha and his team interrupted them.

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Tomorrow Episode 16: Mr Ha vs Jung-gil

Mr Ha tells her about taking her back to Hell and that she has no say in it.

Jung-gil came to the rescue and told Ryeon to save Cho-hui while he took care of Mr Ha and rest.

Despite Jung-gil’s valiant effort, he was beaten by Mr Ha.

Cho-hui regained consciousness, but she tried retaking her life as soon as she woke up.

Thanks to Ryeon, and her effort, Cho-hui had a change of heart, and she was saved.

Ryeon asked Joon-woong to stay by Cho-hui despite what happened earlier.

She then reveals why she let Joon-woong stay with Cho-hui.

Tomorrow Episode 16: Jung-gil shoulders all the responsibility

Meanwhile, at Jumadeong, Ryeon learns about Jung-gil taking all the responsibility.

The director used Jung-gil’s previous hate for Ryeon to turn the tides and prove why he didn’t help Ryeon escape.

Jung-gil was smart enough to catch on, and things went smooth, saving him the trouble against Mr Ha.

Meanwhile, Cho-hui is back with Joon-woong, and she seems healthy.

Joon-woong reveals how he is a half reaper and about his contract. He makes food for her, despite his previous painful experience.

Even Ryung-gu stepped to stop Cho-hui, but the food was good this time to his surprise.

All four of them had dinner together, significantly boosting Cho-hui’s mood.

Also, justice prevails, as the team prepared enough evidence to punish the wrongdoers.

Even the cyberbullies weren’t spared and were made to write corrections inside the white room.

RM’s team’s help was fruitful in the end, as Chu-hui’s negative energy plummeted to 26%.

Ryeon then goes to meet Jung-gil. We get heart touching scene between the two as they talk about all that has happened.

Jung-gil also changed his impression of the RM team and finally understood why they saved people.

Joon-woong’s words deeply impacted Ryeon, and she realised something significant about herself.

Ryeon then asks the director to make the RM team an official department. She also demands a new office and promotion for Ryung-gu.

On the other hand, Joon-woong’s time is almost up. He did his job pretty well, so the director decided to let him back early.

The RM team breaks this news to Joon-woong, though he was a bit let down.

They exchanged goodbyes in an emotional scene before Ryeon sent him back.

Tomorrow Episode 16 Ending Explained

Tomorrow Episode 16 Ending Explained
Tomorrow Episode 16: Joon-woong back in the ‘Land of Living’ (via Netflix)

At the ending of Tomorrow Episode 16, Joon-woong finally wakes up, and six months later, he finally bags a job.

Some things never change, as in his office, he learns about an employee under tremendous stress and wanting to die.

The RM team’s next victim is this same employee, but they were beaten by Joon-woong.

Joon-woong’s helping nature doesn’t fade as he manages to save the employee from taking his life before the RM team.

Joon-woong works his magic again as Ryung-gu and Ryeon admire him from the side.

The episode ends with Ryeon telling Joon-woong about them being ‘Grim Reapers.’

Tomorrow Episode 15 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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