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Tomorrow Episode 15

Tomorrow Episode 15 recap and ending explained – ‘Circus’

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Tomorrow Episode 15 kicked off with Ryeon taking her life and revealing the reason behind her drastic step.

She was shattered by what had been happening, but more so because of how Jeong-gil changed.

He returned home to find Ryeon in a state that would crush his heart for life, and hearing the story, Joon-woong realises Ryeon’s words from the past.

Tomorrow Episode 15 Recap:

He also realises that Ryeon gave up her reincarnation and had been doing her job ever since to save people from having regrets.

On the other hand, Jung-gil reincarnated with his memories Ryeon sealed away; however, he came to Jumadeong with his wound buried deep within his soul.

The episode started quite a stong with the director explaining how fate works and that she can’t intervene.

Tomorrow Episode 15: A New Victim, ‘Ryu Cho-hui’

Tomorrow Episode 15 recap
Tomorrow Episode 15: Ryu Cho-hui (via Netflix)

A moment later, we see Ryeon getting an update on the victim, Ryu Cho-hui, a singer and actor. 

It’s going to be another emotional case as the victim seems to be Ryeon’s mistress from the previous life.

Cho-hui has been working as an actress and singer and thus has quite an exhausting schedule. 

But she did gather hate for the blunt statements that she made pointing out the wrong about the industry.

After the briefing, the RM team gets to work. 

Ryeon and Ryung-gu take up the role of Cho-hui’s bodyguard, who apparently had some compromising picture takes. 

Joon-woong takes the role of her manager. 

Cho-hui’s life and problems

Despite mean comments pouring online, it didn’t waver her from her craft, as she looked forward to her rehearsal for her upcoming album.

Cho-hui seems to be a very straightforward person who stands up to the wrong, as seen from her confrontation with the lead singer of another group (Lavina’s Ms Ryu).

As righteous as she is, it’s the reason for attracting a lot of unwanted hate for her. 

Her exhaustiveness gets the best of her as she faints while rehearsing. She gets highly depressed about it and thinks of dying. 

But, Ryeon comforted her and talked sense to her before offering her help. 

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Cho-hui also realises that Ryeon isn’t just a bodyguard and someone else, to which the latter responds by saying, ‘You’ll find out in time.’

Seeing Cho-hui’s condition and the fear of sketchy people, Ryeon asks Joon-woong to watch over Cho-hui at all hours.

Ryeon sends Joon-woong to grab some food for Cho-hui, before informing Ryung-gu about that being their last mission.

Tomorrow Episode 15: Jung-gil confronts the director of Jumadeong

Back at Jumadeong, Jung-gil comes to know about Ryeon taking her life. It also explained the reason for her coming from Hell.

Jung-gil immediately leaves and confronts the director about his dreams. 

He learns that he was the one who asked the director to erase his memories.

An enraged Jung-gil charged on his own to find the truth, knocking anyone who stood in his way.

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Tomorrow Episode 15: Cho-hui in trouble

Meanwhile, Ms Ryu plans with her boyfriend to oust Cho-hui from the industry.   

Ryung-gu and Ryeon manage to grab the evidence of Cho-hui in the hotel; however, a published article against her hit her hard.

Her current plans were also affected as her concern was called off, and her album was put on hold. 

After seeing all this, her percentage jumped to 97%. 

The RM team gets into the action, and Ryeon asks Joon-woong to guard her while waiting for them.

Although Joon-woong managed to save Cho-hui from the paparazzi, she ran away.

She tried taking her life by jumping in front of a car.

Ryeon, who stopped the time to save her, was confronted by Jung-gil, who was still searching for his answers.

Jung-gil and Reyon had an argument, and the former asked her to let Cho-hui die, to which she disagreed straightaway.

He decides to use the Reaper’s Guarantee of Responsibility against her and resumes the time.

Cho-hui gets hit by the oncoming car.

Ryeon broke into tears, and Joon-woong consoled her. 

Tomorrow Episode 15 Ending Explained

Tomorrow Episode 15 ending explained
Tomorrow Episode 15: Ryeon (via Netflix)

As enraged as Ryeon was, she wasted no time punishing the ones who were responsible for Cho-hui’s pain. 

She starts off with Lavina’s lead singer, from whom she gained the main culprit’s identity before paying him a visit.

Seol In-hu paid the reporter to publish the article against Cho-hui. 

Ryeon takes care of them, and in her trial, she makes sure to punish the online commenters and cyber wreckers as well.

Things are getting out of hand with Ryeon’s assault, and Joon-woong and Ryung-gu set out to find her.

Ryung-gu did try to stop her but wasn’t strong enough.  

There has been an order to arrest Ryeon, and Mr Ha from Hell makes his way to Jumadeong. 

At the ending of ‘Tomorrow Episode 15,’ he informs the director about taking Ryeon back to Hell before she can cause any problem in the Land of the Living.

Tomorrow Episode 15 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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