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Demon Slayer: Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?
Demon Slayer: Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Demon Slayer: Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?

Will Zenitsu Die or Survive in Demon Slayer

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From time and time, there have been incidences in the Demon Slayer series where most people thought that Zenitsu Agatsuma was going to die.

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main characters of the Demon Slayer series.

Zenitsu has brown, orange and golden hair.

He is a little pale. When he spots a demon, he gets afraid and starts whining about the demon’s strength and saying he will die.

Although Zenitsu is super strong most of the time, he gets terrified if he ever comes across a demon.

Zenitsu has low self-confidence, and as a result, he loses consciousness when he sees a strong Demon.

The moment he loses consciousness, the rest is history. His alter ego kicks in, and he becomes a ruthless demon slayer.

Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?-The first incident was when everyone thought that Zenitsu was going to die.

Will Zenitsu Die or Survive in Demon Slayer?
Will Zenitsu Die or Survive in Demon Slayer? (Image Credit: Netflix)

The time when Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke were assigned a mission to carry out on a mountain was under the terror of the demons.

This was when Zenitsu, Tanjiro and Inosuke were split because of the number of solid demons on that mountain.

Zenitsu was under attack by a spider demon and the demon’s minions.

Zenitsu was poisoned by that spider and lost consciousness because he was terrified of the demon.

After he gets unconscious, Zenitsu’s alter ego kicks in, and the faithful and true might and powers of Zenitsu arise, and he becomes unstoppable.

He fights all the demos and cuts the head off the spider demon.

But he starts losing his breathing because of the spider’s poison.

But Shinobu Kocho reaches there in time, giving Zenitsu the antidote to the demon’s poison and saving his life.

Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?-The second incident was when everyone thought Zenitsu would die.

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Entertainment District Arc, in the battle against the upper six demons, Daki and Gyutaro, when everyone was beaten up, along with Tengen Uzui, who is a Hashira.

Inosuke was in terrible shape as he was stabbed in the chest.

Tengen lost one of his hands and one eye in the fight and was lying on the floor due to the blood demon art attack of the demon. 

In an attempt to save Tanjiro from that deadly attack from the demon, Zenitsu pushed Tanjiro from the roof. 

Demon Slayer: Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?
Demon Slayer: Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Zenitsu somehow manages to get saved from that attack.

To get protected from that deadly demon art attack Zenitsu uses a unique technique named Thunderclap and Flash- God Speed technique.

So this was how Zenitsu was saved and once again amazed everyone with the unexpected turn of events.

Will Zenitsu Die in Demon Slayer?-The Trio Theory

In every anime, whenever there are three main characters.

In a series where all three are in the limelight, all three characters stay till the end of that anime.

So Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma will be there with Tanjiro Kamado till the end.

None of them is going to die as a stunt for character development, just like the trio in Naruto, i.e. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Eren, Mikasa and Armin in Attack on Titan.

According to Manga (Spoiler Alert)

You know that Zenitsu is not dead if you are a manga reader.

For the ones who didn’t have read the manga, then read this part in the next arc, which is the swordsmith village arc Zenitsu appears to fight upper moon 4 Hantengu with Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, his comrades Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke and surprise new member joins them who Genya Shinazugawa who is also the younger brother of Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa.

So as Hantengu is upper moon four, the battle will not be easy. So this satisfies the answer to the question.

Zenitsu’s Importance In The Series (Spoiler Alert)

As you know, Zenitsu is one of the strongest characters in the series.

Also, he is an essential character because he helped in defeating the upper moon 4.

Also, as you have seen in seasons 1 and 2, he helped defeat many demons. And the shocking thing is he is the only Non-Hashira who has soloed an upper moon demon who was upper six named Kaigaku.

He also helped in slaughtering the king of demons known as Muzan Kibutsuji, where he did a splendid job matching the strength and speed of a Hashira.

Who is Zenitsu Agatsuma?

Zenitsu Agatsuma is also a demon slayer in the Demon Slayer Corp and one of the series’s most important characters. 

Along with Inosuke Hashibara, Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu is also one of the major protagonists of the series. 

Zenitsu is a user of Thunder Breathing and is immensely powerful. 

But one thing that sets him apart from other demon slayers is Zenitsu’s lack of confidence, which is why, in most cases, he gets frightened by coming face to face with a demon, and that is when he falls asleep. 

That is when his alter ego kicks in, which is just the opposite of Zenitsu. 

His alter ego is ruthless and lacks empathy towards the demons; when he is in this state, he can use powers such as Thunder Clap and Flash. 

Zenitsu also is in love with Nezuko Kamado and intends to marry her someday; even during the fight with Enmu and Upper Demon 3 Akaza in the Mugen Train arc, Zenitsu risks his life in order to save Nezuko. 

Zenitsu has much more prominent roles in the upcoming Sword Smith Arc of the Demon Slayer, where he will fight with the upper demon 4 Hantengu. 

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