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Our Blues Episode 13 and 14 release date and spoilers

Our Blues Episode 13 and 14 release date and spoilers

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Our Blues Episode 13 will be out next week, and we will get to see the next part of Eun-hui and Mi-ran.

In ‘Our Blues Episode 12,’ Mi-ran returned to Jeju after three years. 

Although other seems extremely happy around her, the same cant be said for Eun-hui and Ho-sik.

Past incidents have tainted the relationship of Eun-hui and Mi-ran, but the latter doesn’t seem to have any clue.

It will be interesting to see what episode 13 has to offer.

Our Blues Episode 13 Release Date:

Our Blues Episode 13 release date
Our Blues Episode 13: Mi-ran (via Netflix)

Our Blues Episode 13 will air next week on May 21 (Saturday), 2022

Our Blues Episode 14 Release Date:

Our Blues Episode 14 will air the following day, on May 22 (Sunday), 2022, at the same time.

Where to watch ‘Our Blues Episode 13 and Episode 14’?

Our Blues Episodes 15 and 16 will be available for streaming on Netflix

Both episodes will initially be broadcast on tvN at 21:10 KST, following which they will be live on Netflix.

Our Blues Episode 14 Spoilers and Preview:

Our Blues Episode 14 is titled ‘Mi-ran and Eun-hui 2,’ and according to the official preview, the episode will be highly dynamic.

Eun-hui will try hard not to show her frustration to Mi-ran. 

She will be treating her normally, but it seems something might happen that she will lose composure.

Apart from that, at the beginning of the preview, we get to see Jeong-jun having a good time with Yeong-ok. 

However, things will get a bit problematic at the end between the duo. 

Whatever the reason might be, we expect them to resolve it in the same episode.

Our Blues Episode 12 Recap

Our Blues Episode 13 spoilers
Our Blues Episode 12: Eun-hui and Mi-ran (via Netflix)

We have covered a detailed recap of episode 12, so be sure to check that out. 

In the meantime, you can read the brief summary of what happened in this week’s second episode.

Episode 12 kicked off with Yeong-ok addressing the rumours about her to Jeong-jun, and the latter was content after hearing.

She got into trouble with the haenyeos after risking her life in the seas and affecting others.

On the other hand, Mi-ran, Eun-hui’s best friend, returned to Jeju after three years, and everyone’s seemed quite excited.

The only exceptions are Ho-sik and Eun-hu. 

While Ho-sik despises her for being sly and using Eun-hui, the latter has her own bitter experience.

One day, Mi-ran misbehaved with Eun-hui over food and called her a ‘moocher.’ 

It didn’t sit well with Ho-sik, but it was nothing compared to what Mi-ran did after her third divorce.

At the ending of episode 12, after Mi-ran’s third divorce, she pranked Eun-hui over a bet and called her from Jeju, telling her she would take her life.

The bet was to see “Who would be loyal enough to rush all the way here to Seoul?” 

It was obviously the last straw for Eun-hui, who realised that she wasn’t truly a friend of Mi-ran.

Our Blues Episodes 11 and 12 are available for streaming on Netflix. 

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