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Our Blues Episode 12

Our Blues Episode 12 recap and ending explained: “Mi-ran and Eun-hui 1”

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Our Blues Episode 12 kicked off where it left in the previous episode. Our Blues Episode 11 ended with the cliffhanger ending of Jeong-jun picking up Yeong-ok’s call.

This week’s final episode emphasised Eun-hui and her friend, Mi-ran, who has returned to Jeju after such a long time.

While the other had a hard time believing Eun-hui had a friend like Mi-ran, the duo did have their problems.

Without further ado, let’s dive into episode 12.

Our Blues Episode 12 Recap:

Our Blues Episode 12 recap
Our Blues Episode 12: Yeong-ok (via Netflix)

Jeong-jun picked up the call, but the caller refused to speak. Yeong-ok comes and takes the call. 

Upon being asked by Jeong-jun, Yeong-ok clarified herself, assuring him that it wasn’t another love interest that the rumours suggested.

The trip was successful for Jeong-jun, as he got some alone time and got the answer to his question.

Yeong-ok doesn’t pay heed to the warnings on her harvesting methods she got in episode 12, and she gets into real trouble.

She dived extremely deep and got her leg caught in a net. The other haenyeos had to save her.

It affected the other haenyeos’ work and made them extremely angry with her. 

They lashed at her for her rash actions, but they made her realise why it was so dangerous to get greedy. 

Her working alone not only put herself in danger but also the other members. 

Our Blues Episode 13 and 14 release date and spoilers

During that, Yeong-ok reveals that her parents died while she was 12, and it was overwork that took their life. 

She has hidden this from the others and explains her reason for risking so much to earn money.

Our Blues Episode 12: Eun-hui and Mi-ran

The scene shifts to Mi-ran, who seems quite different from Eun-hui, and it’s why others had a hard time believing their relationship.

Not only that, they seem to behave differently, like In-gwon calling Mi-ran a princess while Eun-hui, her maid.

Mi-ran is divorced, and her kid is living with her ex, which is why she has an urge to do something for her daughter.

From her first impression, she looks quite a cheerful character. 

She finally returns to Jeju, and Eui-hui goes to pick her up. 

Our Blues Episode 12 ending explained
Our Blues Episode 12: Eun-hui and Mi-ran

While on their journey, Mi-ran wanted to tell her something about Ji-yun that made her cancel her plans, but she couldn’t tell her at the moment.

Although, at first, it seemed Eun-hui jelled with Mi-ran smoothly, it was far from the truth.

After Mi-ran goes with In-gown, we see Eun-hui showing her frustrations with Mi-ran. She even deemed her a ‘selfish brat.’ 

Back at the house, while In-gwon and Ho-sik argue about Mi-ran, she and the others decide to eavesdrop on them.

In-gwon is on Mi-ran’s side, while Ho-sik thinks of her as a sly girl who still pesters Eun-hui.

 Back at Eun-hui’s house, she gets frustrated with everyone as they keep on praising Mi-ran. 

She even raised her voice on Mi-ran when the latter cancelled her lunch at Eun-hui’s. 

Everyone seems to have a connection with Mi-ran, which explains why they love her. 

But, this makes Eun-hui questions their relationship. We get a backstory of the duo, and they were very close.

Mi-ran belonged to a wealthy family and saved Eun-hui numerous times from being humiliated. Like the time, Mi-ran gave her a ride to school when Eun-hui missed the bus.

Eui-hui also mentions how one day, she was able to attend the High School, thanks to Mi-ran’s help. 

Despite dropping from school, Eun-hui was able to take the GED and graduate, thanks to Mi-ran.

She feels like a traitor for having an estranged feeling toward Mi-ran.

But, something from her past has made her that way. 

Our Blues Episode 12 Ending Explained

One day, Mi-ran misbehaved with Eun-hui over food and called her a ‘moocher.’ 

It didn’t sit well with Ho-sik, but Eun-hui quickly pointed out that it was nothing compared to what Mi-ran did after her third divorce.

In the ending of ‘Our Blues Episode 12,’ after her third divorce, Mi-ran pranked Eun-hui over a bet and called her from Jeju, telling her she would take her life.

The bet was to see “Who would be loyal enough to rush all the way here to Seoul?” 

That’s what tainted their relationship.

Since this is the first part of their saga, we expect at least two more episodes on this. It will be interesting to see how the duo get back on good terms.

Our Blues Episode 12 is available on Netflix for streaming.

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