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Tomorrow Episode 14 recap and ending explained - 'Wind Flower'

Tomorrow Episode 14 recap and ending explained – ‘Wind Flower’

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We have a slight change from Tomorrow Episode 13, as this week’s second episode is all about the RM team’s manager, Ms Koo Ryeon. Tomorrow Episode 14 kicked off with Ryeon having a hard time alone.

Tomorrow Episode 14 Recap:

Tomorrow Episode 14 recap
Tomorrow Episode 14: Jung-gil and Ryeon (via Netflix)

Shortly after, Jun-woong joins her, only to get sent away by Ryeon, who wants some alone time. 

The following day, Ryeon seems to have her off day, as mentioned by Ryung-gu.

According to him, every reaper gets an off day on the day of their death. 

Although Ryeon mentioned meeting a friend to Jun-woong, the latter sensed something unusual about his manager.

He quickly checks her negative energy level, which turns out to be a whopping 100%. 

Tensed as he is, Jun-woong takes the matter to the director, who asks him about his relationship with Ryeon. 

After hearing his answer, she decided to let him in on her story and what made her take her life.

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Tomorrow Episode 14: Ryeon’s Backstory: Ryeon meets Jung-gil

The story started 400 years ago with Lady Ryeon and her mistress. 

One certain day, when Ryeon sneaked out of her room for hunting, she saw two commoners in trouble and rushed to save them from a certain young man.

Their next encounter happened when the man got bitten by a snake.

Ryeon took him to the place that saved her once. Saved by the people in that small village, the young man (Jung-gil) brings loads of food for them.

Jung-gil happens to be the eldest son of Park Won-sik.

Meanwhile, Ryeon’s father sets her up for an arranged marriage against her will. 

She firmly lets her feeling known to her father before leaving. 

She meets Jung-gil, and the latter seems to have developed feelings for her.  

Tomorrow Episode 14: Ryeon marries Jung-gil

He doesn’t shy away from telling her that. The duo enjoyed spending time with each other as Jung-gil began training Ryeon.

Much to everyone’s excitement, Ryeon gets married to Jung-gil, and slowly with time, the couple grows up.

The adult couple, strolling the market, enjoys shopping together; however, the peace is short-lived. 

Soldiers came in with an urgent dispatch from Lee Chun-ho, the commissioner telling Jung-gil about the barbarians crossing the border.

They require Jung-gil’s immediate help, and he leaves with the soldiers. 

Things are tense as they fear an imminent attack from the Qing army.

Ryeon doesn’t seem to have a good position with her mother-in-law, and the army intrudes and interrupts their conversation.

Fight against the Barbarians:

She gallantly fights off the baddies and saves her mother-in-law, but the entire village is in chaos. 

Ryeon fights to keep her loved ones safe, while Jung-gil fights like a true warrior with the army.

He returns to his home only to find out the barbarians have taken Ryeon. 

He immediately leaves for her, and Ryeon keeps her hope alive, despite being captured.

Ryeon comes up with a way to escape by mixing a poisonous plan in the food prepared for the barbarians.

Her plan seemed to be in motion, as amid the soldiers dying, she and the other girls escaped. 

The remaining soldiers were on their trail, and things looked grim. 

Finally, Jung-gil reached the hideout, but, Ryeon and others had already escaped.

Tomorrow Episode 14 Ending Explained

Tomorrow Episode 14 Ending Explained
Tomorrow Episode 14: Ryeon and others (via Netflix)

After reaching Joseon, Ryeon and others were shocked to get denied past the borders. 

With one guard almost attacking Ryeon, things were about to get ugly, but Jung-gil saved her.

One year has passed since that dreadful event, but Ryeon still gets nightmares of it. 

Despite surviving the attack, Ryeon was still in turmoil as Josoen’s people started treating her and the other survivors differently.

With absurd rumours circulating, Jung-gil tried to find the source his way. 

Jung-gil certainly doesn’t like that face his wife is getting targeted.

Things started to get messy for Ryeon; as adding to the daily insults, Jung-gil mother offered Ryeon to die to save the family’s honour.

She and her mistress (Gop-dan) were pelted with stones for stating the obvious fact. Unfortunately, Gop-dan died saving Ryeon.

Ryeon, completely shattered, tried taking her life but was stopped by Jung-gil.

Seeing Ryeon in such a mental state, Jung-gil couldn’t take it anymore, and he went on a rampage. 

He killed two soldiers who badmouthed Ryeon. He made his intentions to Ryeon, but she insisted on him killing her instead.

Ryeon, completely devoured by sadness and grief, took her life, leaving Jung-gil devastated.

Tomorrow Episode 14 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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