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Senior Year ending explained and recap: Does Stephanie finally become the prom queen?
Senior Year ending explained and recap: Does Stephanie finally become the prom queen? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Senior Year ending explained and recap: Does Stephanie finally become the prom queen?

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Recently released Senior Year is a teenage drama comedy movie which revolves around Stephanie Conway, played by Rebel Wilson, who wakes up from a coma after twenty years and decides it is never too late to fulfil her dreams.

The movie, Senior Year got released on the streaming platform Netflix on May 13, 2022.

Alex Hardcastle has directed Senior Year, and the original screenplay is by Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pirelli and Brandon Scott Jones. The movie has a runtime of 111 minutes.

Senior Year Plot recap: what is it about? 

Senior Year, the movie begins with Stephanie narrating her story on Instagram.

We then find a fourteen-year-old Stephanie, played by Angourie Rice, whose family has emigrated to the United States of America from Australia, struggling to be noticed and be famous in her new environment.

She promises herself that she will be the most popular girl in school and prepares a road map for it. Finally, her efforts get paid off, and within three years, in the Year 2002, which is her graduation year as well.

Stephanie becomes the most popular girl in the school and dates the hottest guy in the school. She is also the cheer captain and dreams of becoming the prom queen.

She nurtures another secret dream in her heart, which is to live a perfect life with her ideal partner in her dream home.

Stephanie idolises Deanna Russo, a former prom queen from her school, whom she sees leading a perfect life with an ideal husband in a dream home.

Senior Year recap
Senior Year Still (via Netflix)

In her passion for gaining more and more friends, Stephanie ignores her two true friends, Martha and Seth, who love her dearly.

Stephanie’s dreams, however, get shattered; when in an accident while cheerleading, she receives major injuries and goes into a coma.

It turns out that Tiffany, played by Ana Yi Puig, had orchestrated Stephanie’s accident.

It was because Stephanie had snatched both Tiffany’s status as the most popular girl in the school and her boyfriend, Blaine.

When Stephanie wakes up from a coma twenty years later, she finds herself having the mental state of a seventeen-Year-old, trapped in a thirty-seven-year-old body.

She finds out that Martha has become the principal of Harding High, where Seth is the librarian.

She also finds that her dream home is now owned by Tiffany, who lives there with her husband, Blain.

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After having adapted to the new surroundings, Stephanie decides that she will take over from where she has left and fulfil all her dreams.

Her latest wish list includes completing high school, being popular, getting more Instagram followers and becoming the prom queen.

Stephanie, however, finds that ever since Martha became principal, she has abolished the system of choosing prom king or queen because, according to her, this promoted unhealthy rivalry.

Martha is also the coach of the cheerleading team, and under her guidance, the team does routines on social causes like shunning the usage of plastics and possession of guns.

Stephanie launches a signature campaign to restart the event of selecting prom queen and king and eventually gains success.

Stephanie also finds that Tiffany’s daughter Brie, played by Jade Bender, is the new most popular girl in the school.

Brie is an activist who cares about various social issues, but Tiffany wants her to demean Stephanie by becoming the new prom queen.

Stephanie gains popularity and Instagram followers by rejuvenating the cheerleading team, much to Martha’s annoyance.

Senior Year ending explained
Senior Year ending explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

Senior Year ending explained: Does Stephanie finally become the prom queen?

Stephanie arrives at the prom with Seth, where Tiffany leaves no stone unturned to get her daughter selected.

Blaine tries to flirt with Stephanie, which Seth witnesses and leaves. Unfortunately, Stephanie doesn’t have time to go after him as the prom queen and king announcement is being made.

It so happens that Brie withdraws from the race, and Stephanie wins the prom queen crown, much to her delight.

So, she throws an after-party at Martha’s lake house without her permission.

Tiffany calls the cops, and Martha is furious at Stephanie for the mess she has created.

On the way home, Stephanie finds that her cab is being driven by Deanna Russo, who discloses that her life has not been a bed of roses as Stephanie always had thought.

It is now a time for deep introspection for Stephanie and for setting her priorities right.

She now understands the value of her faithful friends, who she always has been ignoring.

Stephanie records a video and posts it on Instagram in which she apologises to her friends and, as expected, is forgiven by them. Tiffany, too, asks for Stephanie’s forgiveness after her daughter’s insistence.

The movie ends with the graduation ceremony at Harding High, with Stephanie and Seth kissing each other.

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