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Our Blues Episode 11 recap and ending explained - "Dong-seok and Seon-a, Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun"

Our Blues Episode 11 recap and ending explained – “Dong-seok and Seon-a, Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun”

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Our Blues Episode 11 is quite the episode that we have wanted for some time. It focuses on four of the central characters, and it only gets better from this point on.

With that being said, let’s dive into episode 11.

Our Blues Episode 11 Recap:

Our Blues Episode 11 recap
Our Blues Episode 11: Dong-seok and Seon-ah (via Netflix)

Episode 11 kicks off with Dong-seok and Seon-ah together as they wonder about their parents.

Dong-seok wonders what is it with his mother that she has always ignored him.

Dong-seok’s estranged relationship with his mother has been a secret, and even we have the same question as him.

His mother doesn’t even greet him at the market, and this negligence bothers him. Seon-ah advises him to ask the question directly to his mother.

She then shared how she regretted not being there for her father when he was all alone.

Her father is no more, and she regrets not sharing his pain, so she advises Dong-seok not to reap the same mistake.

Things get a little tense when Seon-ah reveals to Dong-seok about wanting to be near Yeol.

Our Blues Episode 12 recap and ending explained: “Mi-ran and Eun-hui 1”

Seon-ah was offered a job opportunity that allowed her to be near Yeol, and she doesn’t have a reason to return to Jeju.

Although bummed, Dong-seo asks her to let him live in her deserted house; they still find a little time for themselves.

Dong-seok leaves for the night ferry before leaving a beautiful message for Seon-ah, who goes to meet her son.

Seon-ah is still broken and feels low after meeting her son, but Dong-seok’s words made her snap out of it.

Dong-seok’s care for her makes the episode so heart-touching, as his one voice note cheers her, even if it’s by a small margin.

Our Blues Episode 11: Dong-seok and his mother

Next, we have Jeong-jun and Gi-jun as they talk about Yeong-ok and what she might be hiding from them.

As usual, In-gwon and Ho-Sik have a fallout over Yeong-ju and Jung Hyeon.

Dong-seok enters the scene, and so does his mother.

His mother still doesn’t talk to him, and it irked him to the point that he stormed off.

He does his usual business, and the fact his mother came to his shop didn’t sit well with him.

It follows a nasty argument, where he comes to know about his mother dying.

But then we get to know that it wasn’t any severe disease or something; instead, it was just an expression used for her age.

Jeong-jun follows him after he goes off, and we see Dong-seok share about Seon-ah and what she means to him.

Dong-seok also asked Jeong-jun about Yeong-ok and then shared his desire to settle with Seon-ah.

The haenyeos decide to kick Yeong-ok out, but Dal-i didn’t seem too fond of the idea.

On their trip, Dal-i gets frustrated with Yeong-ok’s way of harvesting and warns her.

After that, Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun spend a well-deserved quality time.

Jeong-jun asked her if she could quit haenyeos, to which she explained the reason why she couldn’t.

She also has her complaints against the haenyeos as they leave her out on good things.

Jeong-jun asked her to promise him to stay safe and close to Ms Hyeon and the other haenyeos while on the seas.

Our Blues Episode 11 Ending Explained

Later, they spend the night together discussing things they should follow as a couple.

Both shared each other’s requirements, which prompted Jeong-jun to ask her about her parents.

She revealed her parents were painters and shared about a certain ‘disaster.’

Meanwhile, a call comes that Yeong-ok has been ignoring.

Our Blues Episode 11 ended on a cliffhanger note with Jeong-jun picking up the call.

Our Blues Episode 12 Spoilers and Preview

According to the preview, Eun-hui’s best friend, Ko Mi-ran, will appear in ‘Our Blues Episode 12.

Even the others couldn’t believe the two were friends and seemed to behave differently toward her.

We will get a backstory on Eun-hui and her friend, and it will be emotional.

Also, Yeong-ok will be in trouble with the haenyeos for her act, despite all the warnings she received.

Our Blues Episode 11 is available on Netflix for streaming.

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