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Tomorrow Episode 13 recap and ending explained - 'Spring'

Tomorrow Episode 13 recap and ending explained – ‘Spring’

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Tomorrow Episode 13 kicked off with Joong-gil inquiring about his book, as he was doing in episode 12’s ending.

We have a new addition to Joong-gil’s team, Ms Jeon Bo-yun.

Tomorrow Episode 13 Recap: ‘Spring’

Tomorrow Episode 13 recap
Tomorrow Episode 13: Bok-hui and Yun-i (via Netflix)

The newest case for the RM team will be similar to that of ‘Tree‘ as they will be working with the escort team.

Jeon Bo-yun will be joining the RM team to escort Ms Lee Jeong-mun.

The RM team will be saving Yoo Bok-hui, who is desperately seeking to meet her childhood friend, Yun-i.

She is also someone related to Jun-woong’s past life.

Ryeon and Ryung-gu meet Ms Yoo Bok-hui, and she realises that they are soul reapers.

Bok-hui explained that she wanted to meet her friend, who had been forced to become a ‘comfort woman.’

Ryeon clarified that they weren’t there to escort her; instead, they would help her live her lifespan.

Despite having a pretty comfortable life, Bok-hui regrets the fact that she was the one behind Yun-i’s ill fate.

Tomorrow Episode 14 recap and ending explained – ‘Wind Flower’

Ryeon shared with her Jeong-mun’s condition, and Bok-hui agreed to meet her at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jun-woong is busy cleaning the peace statue with Bo-yun.

They had a small scene together, where Bo-yun revealed the reason behind her admiring Joong-gil.

According to Bo-yun, Jumadeong was not as peaceful as it was during the Joseon period.

She explained how in one particular incident, Joong-gil came to the rescue against the soul reaper of Japan.

Tomorrow Episode 13: Bok-hui meets Jeong-mun

Tomorrow Episode 13 ending explained
Tomorrow Episode 13: Bok-hui and Yeong-mun (via Netflix)

Bok-hui finally meets Jeong-mun at the hospital, and it is where we come to know about the past of Bok-hui and Yun-i.

Yes, Bok-hui was the reason why Yun-i became a comfort woman, but she didn’t do it knowingly. Her family was well off, while Yun-i’s struggled.

To help Yun-i, Bok-hui suggested a work opportunity at the Japanese factory, the advert of which she saw in a newspaper.

She also explained how she learned about Yun-i’s fate after going through her grandson’s thesis files.

We also get a background story of Yun-i, as told by Jeong-mun. She described her as an extremely charming girl who never loses hope.

Things were rough back then, as we get a bone-chilling scene of the girls being transported and the authorities killing anyone who resisted.

The conditions they had to live, as described by Jeong-mun, will make your blood boil.

She also mentioned Yun-i going above and beyond to help one of the girls, which inspired others to join as well.

With how life was going on, Yeong-mun decided to take her life but was stopped and comforted by Yun-i.

One day Yun-i learned that the soldiers were going to kill all the girls to destroy the evidence.

She shared with Jeong-mun and decided to run away before the worse happened.

All the girls escaped together, but with the soldiers on their trail, Yun-i decided to be the decoy to buy time for others.

Although the others were able to flee, Yun-i was caught, leaving her fate unknown.

Jeong-mun returned home only to find out that her parents had passed away.

She had to live all her life alone because of her scarred past.

But with one victim’s initiative to reveal the truth, she got some hope to face the world.

However, she was still deeply saddened by how people treated the issue.

After sharing her story, Jeong-mun comforted Bok-hui and asked her not to ‘torture’ herself any further.

We have Jun-woong and Bo-yun arriving at the hospital and worrying about Bok-hui and Jeong-mun.

We get a heart-warming scene between Bok-hui and Bo-yun as the reaper is none other than Bok-hui’s childhood friend, Yun-i.

Yun-i told her how she became a reaper, followed by Bok-hui apologising to her in a tear-dropping scene.

Tomorrow Episode 13 Ending Explained

At the ending of Tomorrow Episode 13, we get another heart-touching scene with Jun-woong, Bo-yun and Jeong-mun.

Jeong-mun revealed how Jun-woong looked familiar to one of the soldiers saving the girls from the Japanese.

Bo-yun also revealed her identity to Jeong-mun and asked her not to burden her with the pain before escorting her to the afterworld.

Jeong-mun reunited with the other girls in the afterworld and carried her life with new energy.

Tomorrow Episode 14 Spoilers and Preview

In Tomorrow Episode 14, Ryeon will have a hard time, and as usual, Jun-woong will try to help her.

We will have a backstory on Ryeon, and what shaped her current personality.

Tomorrow Episode 13 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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