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42 Days of Darkness Episode 3 recap

42 Days of Darkness Episode 3 ending explained: Mario frames Cecilia

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42 Days of Darkness Episode 3 kicked off with a slight ray of hope for Cecelia as Victor offered his help on ‘42 Days of Darkness Episode 2.’ 

The authorities are dragging the case, and the victim’s family is losing trust. 

Meanwhile, as much as Victor wants to work on the case, he can’t proceed with being an outsider.

With that being said, let’s dive into ‘42 Days of Darkness Episode 3.’

42 Days of Darkness Episode 3 Recap: “The House Across the Street”

42 Days of Darkness Episode 3 ending explained
42 Days of Darkness Episode 3: Victor and Julio Maturana (via Netflix)

With Victor representing the victim’s family, he is now part of the case, thus getting access to investigation files. 

He also makes a public statement, further solidifying his stance.

On one side, we have Victor, and his team officially examining the case files and call logs; Veronica’s husband, Mario, still refuses to assist properly.

The cops came to take blood samples; however, Mario refused. 

Moreover, his lawyer asked the chief to consult before bringing any strangers.

Mario’s behaviour continues to be unnatural, and the authorities’ higher-ups are getting tensed about possible leaks.

42 Days of Darkness Episode 4 ending explained: Veronica found

Victor and the team meet Veronica’s lover, Julio Maturana. 

After interrogating him, they concluded that jealousy was never involved. 

Mario already knew about them, and he, too, was with someone. 

After examining the call logs, they spotted a bizarre behaviour that Mario never called Veronica after she was abducted.

It’s as if Mario knew Veronica wouldn’t pick up her call, so he never tried. 

This led Victor to request the District Attorney to look for Mario’s involvement in Veronica’s disappearance. 

But, the DA refused without any concrete proof.

Meanwhile, the cops learned that the man who threatened the family didn’t have any woman with him when making the call.

Nora also figured out how Mario was making up a call and that Kari never called him back on her way from school to Altos del Lago.

She informs Victor about this, and he, along with Braulio, meets Cecelia. 

Victor tells it to Cecilia and advises her not to discard any theory and make her statement to the press.

Victor also asked Cecelia to ask Karen (Kari) about the call and if she made it to her father or not.

Cecilia was shocked to learn from Kari that she never called Mario as her phone ran out of battery. 

While the search for Veronica goes on, Cecilia gets depressed, and things continue to get dark. 

42 Days of Darkness Episode 3 Ending Explained: Mario Medina frames Cecilia for Veronica’s absence

It’s been 14 days since Veronica’s absence, and the press covering her story made it uglier.

Kari gets into a brawl with her schoolmates because of wrong remarks about her mother, and she gets desperate to stop unnecessary rumours.

Following Victor’s advice, Cecilia gives her statement to the press. 

It didn’t quite sit well with Mario, whose expression says it all.

His behaviour changed as he lashed out at the authority staying at his home for a trivial matter. 

At the ending of ’42 Days of Darkness Episode 3,’ he sends the kids to Santiago to have them far away from the situation and frames Cecilia for Veronica’s absence. 

Chief Toledo informed Cecilia that she was a suspect and asked her to change her statement.

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