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The Getaway King Zdzislaw Najmrodzki

The Getaway King Ending Explained: The story of the infamous thief, Zdzislaw Najmrodzki

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The Getaway King revolves around the life of Zdzislaw Najmrodzki, the notorious thief that escaped the authorities a record 29 times.

The 2021 film has just landed on Netflix and seems to have the potential to be a fun watch for this week.

With that being said, let’s dive into Zdzislaw Najmrodzki’s tale.

The Getaway King Recap:

The Getaway King
The Getaway King: Zdzislaw Najmrodzki and Tereska (via Netflix)

The Getaway King‘ is based on a true story, and the film kicks off in Poland in 1988 with Najmrodzki, with his flamboyance doing what he does best.

Najmrodzki is on the run again, and this time, the Warsaw militia has bummed his price from ‘1.5 to 2 million zloty.’

Such a hefty amount for his head makes his partner Antos suggest that Najmrodzki surrender. That way, Antos could get the reward prize while Najmrodzki would escape again.

While the militia is hunting him, Najmrodzki successfully attempted another robbery at the PEWEX store.

Najmrodzki has his team and pulls off his heists with the help of Antos and Młoda (primarily).

The film does add its own elements of humour here and there.

We have a dynamic cop duo, lieutenant Barski and Ujma, working on getting a complete file on Najmrodzki.

Najmrodzki and Tereska

Also, a love interest of Zdzislaw Najmrodzki, in the form of ‘Tereska.’ The duo hits it off quite well, though we have a lot incoming.

Their next target, Młoda, disguises as a cop to inquire about alarms in the shop, basically gathering intel.

Luckily, they don’t have any alarms, thereby creating a hassle-free target for Najmrodzki and his team.

The Getaway King: Lieutenant Barski apprehends Najmrodzki

Well, things didn’t go as planned as lieutenant Barski and Ujma were waiting for them.

Although they couldn’t apprehend Najmrodzki on the spot, Barski charged behind Najmrodzki, and we get a classic cop-thief chase scene.

Najmrodzki managed to escape, but Barski got into a horrible accident as his car flipped.

Seeing the possible outcome, Najmrodzki saved the lieutenant but was apprehended.

Najmrodzki was taken into custody, and the lieutenant was rather quite harsh on him.

After constantly getting assaulted by the lieutenant, Najmrodzki returned the favour as he knocked the lieutenant out cold and escaped again.

After escaping, we see him visit his mother and have a series of dates with Tereska.

His charm seems to have an effect as he manages to impress Tereska’s father over a chess game.

While Najmrodzki enjoys life carefree, the cops find out about his mother.

Lieutenant Barski ordered Ujma to locate her, and after a series of calls, Ujma got an address.

The cops raided the home at the address with full force, but it turned out to be a false lead.

Change in business

The Getaway King Ending explained
The Getaway King: Najmrodzki doing business (via Netflix)

Next, Najmrodzki decides to steal a high-demand car from its owners and sell it to people who desperately want it.

It’s quite a shift from stealing stores to cars.

After obtaining the cars, Najmrodzki plans with his team to sell those to customers using psychology.

He breaks down the customers into four different categories and develops ways to approach each type.

Business is at an all-time high for Najmrodzki, and the money rolls in unimaginable numbers while he enjoys time with Tereska.

Something struck Lieutenant Barksi after examining Najmrodzki’s belongings, and he visits the same bar where the gang hangs out.

Luckily for him, Najmrodzki was there, and the lieutenant apprehended him again.

Najmrodzki gets put under more challenging security with guards all over the place, but it isn’t stopping him.

He managed to escape through an underground passage while throwing the cell into chaos.

Tereska already told Najmrodzki to have a low profile, but his recent stint with authority puts their relationship under strain.

Tereska gets worried that the cops will come after her soon.

Najmrodzki promises to have one last job before settling with Tereska for good.

But Tereska’s worry seems legit, and the cops will be even tougher on him as they decide to shoot him on sight next time.

The Getaway King: Antos snitch on Najmrodzki

Najmrodzki tells about the final dance to his crew, which didn’t sit well with Antos.

Things went from bad to worse as the duo had an ugly falloff, making Anton snitch on Najmrodzki.

Lieutenant Barski catches Najmrodzki again amid a public shootout, and the latter gets sentenced to ten years.

Tereska tells him to behave well and work jobs to get free early while she waits for him.

Poland entered into a new era, and with it, many things changed, but crime increased.

Najmrodzki’s went their separate ways, but Antos didn’t leave crime, as he became even more violent.

Ujma got promoted to ‘Commissioner.’ He dismissed lieutenant Barski for insubordination, as he refused to shoot Najmrodzki earlier.

Antos takes the rough route as he targets Najmrodzki’s close ones and assaults Tereska.

The gang visits lieutenant Barski to seek help in the matter, and we see Najmrodzki finally free (not escaping this time).

The Getaway King Ending Explained: What happened to Zdzislaw Najmrodzki at the end?

Najmrodzki meets Antos and threatens him to stay away, but the latter refuses.

He lures Antos into a faraway place, just like how he did with Barski at the beginning.

In the ending of ‘The Getaway King,’ Najmrodzki staged the entire scene, making it seem like he died in a car accident.

Authorities did their fact-checking after obtaining Najmrodzki’s decapitated hand.

While all are convinced about his demise, Najmrodzki survives the crash as he shows up in front of his family and Tereska.

He keeps his promise to Tereska about settling down for a peaceful life together. 

The Getaway King is available for streaming on Netflix.

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