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When will One Piece end - Is One Piece coming to an end soon?

When will One Piece end – Is One Piece coming to an end soon?

One Piece is cruising towards the end of the Wano arc and with over 1000 episodes aired, fans still have the question “When will One Piece end?

With so much information out there, it can be challenging to find an exact answer.

However, worry not as we have compiled all the latest developments and an exciting theory that claims the ending of One Piece to happen in 2026-27.

When will One Piece end?

One Piece will end sometime either in 2026-27 or 2031. According to the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, the fan-favourite manga is in its final stages.

However, just because One Piece is in its’ final stages,‘ it doesn’t mean it will end in the next 1-2 years. 

If we consider all teasers and hints, it will possibly take another 5 to 10 years for One Piece to conclude.

How many more years will One Piece last?

When will One Piece end
One Piece – The Strawhat Pirates

Now, to break down the above numbers. The whole idea comes from a Reddit theory. 

Currently, One Piece is raging with the Wano Arc, and Oda himself stated about finishing the series in the next five years. 

One Piece reached its milestone 1000th chapter a few months ago, and if we look at the math, we should at least get more than 180 to 200 chapters.

According to Oda, the Wano arc will be the longest arc. 

How many episodes of One Piece are there – [One Piece master guide]

It will be followed by the final stage that will probably feature Elbaf, Luffy finding One Piece, and the final war.

Yes, Luffy finding One Piece Treasure might not be the end; instead, the last major war will conclude the series. 

So, if Wano takes 150 chapters, One Piece will be left with 156 to 166 more chapters. 

Given the average number of chapters released every year (keeping the breaks in consideration), One Piece might finally end in 2026-27 with the final volume 121 or 122.

The ending will also mark One Piece’s 30th anniversary, so it all makes sense.

As per predictions from u/Rightcontentwrite, the breakdown between volumes could be something like the below:

Volume 102 
Volume 103King and Queen ending, Luffy vs Kaido, Kaido flashback
Volume 104Luffy vs Kaido ends
Volume 105Wano arc ending
Volume 106Transitioning to Elbaf
Volume 107 – 109Elbaf arc
Volume 110Elbaf arc ending
Volume 111The beginning of Luffy and Blackbeard’s fight
Volume 112Strawhats vs Blackbeard’s crew
Volume 113Luffy defeats Blackbeard
Volume 114Luffy finds the ‘One Piece’
Volume 115Strawhats learns the history, Lodestar island
Volume 116Final War
Volume 117 to 121Story concludes

Few things Oda already said include:

How many more years will One Piece last?
One Piece Wano Poster

Oda has already thought about One Piece’s ending:

Back in 2006, during one of the interviews, Oda stated that he planned the ending.

He didn’t spill any further details, but knowing him, it surely would be something epic. 

The ending of One Piece will likely change if it’s too predictable:

It’s one of the other traits of Oda that he likes to stay away from mediocrity.

One Piece has stayed among the top for over 20 years, and it’s Oda’s excellence that never fails to amaze us with every new arc. 

With how he likes to foreshadow and drop bombshells, it’s understandable for him to change the ending if it gets predictable. 

Even Oda confirmed that.

Oda wants One PIece to have at least 100 volumes:

It again adds to the above theory that One Piece will end with a total of 120-122 volumes.

With Wano undergoing, and several other important arcs remaining, 100 is not an overwhelming target.

The story of One Piece is 80% completed, Oda said back in 2018:

Oda told Yomiuri, “It’s taken twenty years, and the story has arrived at the 80 percentage point, but there’s still has nine members [in the crew].

He also added, “Well… it’s not ending [now], however. Because there’s more story to come.”

Oda wanted to finish One Piece in five years, he said back in 2019:

Oda’s editor Takuma Naitō reaffirmed Oda’s wish “to end [the One Piece story] in five years.”

He added, “If Oda says it will be five years, then it will surely end in five years.”

However, 2024-25 seems too tight, and given Oda’s habit of taking frequent breaks, the story is more likely to end in 2026-27.

These are all the important statements made by Oda regarding the ending of One Piece.

While it’s still an important topic in the community, it’s important we enjoy the series without overthinking the end.

If 2026-27 indeed marks the end of One Piece, we’ve still got some time to enjoy our favourite characters returning each week.

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