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Tomorrow Episode 11 ending explained: Why did Ryung-gu become a Soul Reaper?

Tomorrow Episode 11 ending explained: Why did Ryung-gu become a Soul Reaper?

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Tomorrow Episode 11 gave us a lot more info on Ryung-gu’s past, the tidbits of which were shown in “Tomorrow Episode 10.”

With only five more episodes left, we feel the show needs to end on a high note despite the ongoing criticisms.

With that being said, let’s dive into this week’s recap of Tomorrow Episode 11.

Tomorrow Episode 11 Recap: “West Sky 1”

Tomorrow Episode 11 ending explained
Tomorrow Episode 11: Ryung-gu (via Nexflix)

Tomorrow Episode 11 kicked off with the Jumadeong employees discussing Ryung-gu’s act in the land of the living and the past.

It’s not the first time he has lost his cool, as apparently, he has killed four other people in his past.

Well, at this point, he might seem like the bad guy, but given his circumstance, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of a darker story.

Joon-woong clears the area and reports to Ryeon about the scenario, and she is already aware of the current mess.

Meanwhile, Ryung-gu continues to keep an eye on a woman who seems to be the human reincarnation of his mother.

He returns to Ryeon with a ‘Depart Transfer Form’ and apologizes for putting his team in a bad light.

He eventually leaves the team, leading Joon-woong to seek Ryeon’s assistance.

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She clarified her stance on the issue, and we get a major revelation that she escorted Ryung-gu and his mother while working in the crime unit.

After hearing this, Joon-woong asks Ryeon the real reason behind Ryung-gu’s pain to help him.

The scene shifts to Ryung-gu’s past as his friends constantly pester him for being a commoner.

The following 10 minutes of the episode gets really dark, as we see people in power taking undue advantage of a mother’s desperation.

Till now, it’s quite evident that Ryung-gu is extremely intelligent and rational, but these traits didn’t come overnight.

He was intelligent right from his childhood, but being a commoner kept him in the shadows.

We get numerous events that prove this, like when he got beat up because he approached a vice minister’s son to learn to read and write.

Ryung-gu’s mother takes that responsibility, but even she has a dark past.

Tomorrow Episode 11: What happened to Ryung-gu’s mother?

Tomorrow Episode 11 Recap
Tomorrow Episode 11: Ryung-gu and his mother

The Governor sexually assaulted her during her time as a ‘Kisaeng.’

The Governor, still not over her, sent his goons to track her, and they ended up taking her.

The Governor then used her current desperate situation to play the game in his favor.

He asked her to become his mistress and that he would adopt his son so his intelligence is not wasted.

His mother, however, decided to keep her pride intact.

She told the Governor to let her live in peace, but she got involved in a heated altercation with him.

The annoyed Governor sent his goons to commit the heinous act.

Meanwhile, Ryung-gu snapped after knowing about his mother’s past which.

He returned and saw the goons leaving his house, adding to his rage.

While his mother was sobbing inside, Ryung-gu said extremely harsh things.

The entire situation got worse when he realized that his mother had taken her life due to shame.

All this shapes him up as he grows into a much ‘colder’ person.

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Tomorrow Episode 11 Ending Explained: Why did Ryung-gu become a soul reaper?

Episode 11 gets pretty dramatic from here on. Ryung-gu visits his old home, and the old neighbor gets quite shocked to see his attitude towards his late mother.

He was about to leave when she told the entire story of that unfortunate night, which made Ryung-gu extremely sad and angry.

Emotion and rage got the best of him, and he sought vengeance. He ended up killing the Governor and his four goons.

After getting his vengeance, he gave into drugs and ultimately lost his life due to overdose.

Ryeon escorted him and, on their way, told him about his mother. She revealed that his mother didn’t love him from the beginning.

She was always thinking about abandoning him, but a particular moment changed her heart for good.

She then vowed never to leave him as her father abandoned her.

Hearing about his mother’s story breaks him into tears.

In the ending of Tomorrow Episode 11, he eventually decided to become a soul reaper instead of being reincarnated in hopes of seeing his mother at some point (when she gets reincarnated).

It also explains his joining the RM team, as he hopes to save his mother if she resorts to repeating the same act.

Ryeon explains that the deep pain and sorrow of one life don’t leave the scars in the next life.

So, someone taking their own life is likely to repeat the same in their next life.

What Ryeon explained to Joon-woong, turned out to be true as their next victim turned out to be Ryeon’s mother.

Tomorrow Episode 12 Preview and Spoilers

In Tomorrow Episode 12, the new victim is none other than Ryung-gu’s mother.

Ryung-gu joined the RM team to protect his mother; however, Ryeon and Joon-woong now must ensure her safety without Ryung-gu (who left the team).

Lim Yu-Hwa (The reincarnation of Ryung-gu’s mother) lost her child during delivery, and she is completely devastated.

Her percentage is high, and things are looking grim. Although Ryung-gu left the team, Joon-woong lets him know about the situation.

Will he be able to save his mother and get over his grief? Stay tuned for episode 12.

Tomorrow Episode 11 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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