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Tomorrow Episode 10

Tomorrow Episode 10 ending explained: Ryung-gu’s disturbed past

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With each new episode, we are getting rid of bits of Ryeon’s past in the Joseon period. Tomorrow Episode 10 began with Ryeon confronting Jumadeung’s director about Joong-gil’s memories.

With that being said, let’s get into the recap of episode 10.

Tomorrow Episode 10 Recap:

Ryeon is quite tense about Joong-gil’s pursuit, and she doesn’t want him to know their connection.

We get brief info that Ryeon killed Joong-gil’s loved one, which is why she’s worried, though the real story might be more complex.

The RM team receives two new cases involving twins, Cha Yun-jae and Cha Yun-hui.

Yun-hui is a victim of sexual assault, which is why she is trying to take her life.

Yun-jae percentage is relatively high but not as Yun-hui. The assailant was sentenced to 2 yrs in jail and received a suspended sentence in the first trial.

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Ryung-gu’s past:

Tomorrow Episode 10 ending explained
Tomorrow Episode 10: Ryung-gu (via Netflix)

The punishment was not enough, so Yun-jae protested for justice, whereas Yun-hui didn’t want any of that.

The case is quite sensitive to Ryung-gu as his mother was also a victim of sexual assault.

Ryeon asked Joon-woong to take care of Ryung-gu as they set out to meet the victims.

Ryeon went to see Yun-hui as her prosecutor, while the other two met Yun-jae as a journalist.

Yun-jae tells the entire story to Joon-woong and Ryung-gu and why he considers himself at fault.

The unfortunate event took place one night when both the twins had separate plans for the night.

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Although they went to the same bar, Yun-jae doesn’t listen to Yun-hui when she asks him to company him back home.

She was on her way back home, and the assailant attacked her, traumatizing her badly.

The next day Yun-jae gets to know about Yun-hui from his father, and he rushes to the hospital.

Although Yun-jae wanted to punish the assailant, Yun-hui didn’t want the incident to spread.

Things didn’t go well in the trial, and the assailant was only handed jail for two years and probation.

His connections and a well-record student life help him get through the trial without much damage. He soon continued his everyday life, enjoying every bit, but Yun-hui lost her smile and is now suffering.

She explains why she inflicted pain on herself to escape her reality and the haunted memories of that night.

Meanwhile, Yun-jae does everything to gather evidence against the perpetrator for the second trial.

Not only are the twins hurt because of the current situation, but they have also hurt each other.

Tomorrow Episode 10: Did Ryeon save Yun-hui?

Tomorrow Episode 10 recap
Tomorrow Episode 10: Yun-hui and Koo Ryeon

It all started when Yun-hui didn’t receive any support from her family. Even his brother, Yun-jae blamed her.

It led to Yun-hui blaming Yun-jae for his negligence and ruining her life.

After seeing all the horrors online, Yun-hui’s percentage went to 99%.

A confrontation between her and Yun-jae made his percentage jump to 98%.

All these events don’t suit well with Ryung-gu as he constantly seems disturbed.

Yun-hui was about to take her life but was saved by Ryeon, who shared a little bit of her pain and regrets.

While Ryeon is able to talk sense into Yun-hui and convince her to live, Joon-woong and Ryung-gu are in pursuit of Yun-jae, which takes them to the perpetrator’s house.

Ryung-gu has taken the case personally, and he decided to kill the assailant himself.

Yun-jae was at the same place with the same motivation, but Joon-woong managed to change his heart. He tells him to instead be by her sister in these challenging times.

Tomorrow Episode 10 Ending Explained:

On the other hand, Ryung-gu continues to beat the assailant, and Ryeon and Joon-woong stop him before something worse happens.

Ryeon slaps him to bring him into the sense, which is followed by the second trial’s commencement.

Ryeon, as Yun-hui’s prosecutor, defended her well, and the assailant was sentenced to 15 years.

However, Joong-gil collected the assailant’s soul mid-way during his transport.

The perpetrator died of a heart attack inside the burning bus.

Tomorrow Episode 10 ended with Ryung-gu remembering his mother and the unfortunate day when his mother took her life.

Tomorrow Episode 10 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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