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365 Days: This Day Ending Explained: Is Laura Dead?
365 Days: This Day Ending Explained: Is Laura Dead? (Image Credit Netflix)

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained: Is Laura Dead in in 365 Days?

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365 Days: This Day was finally released on Netflix on April 27, 2022. After the massive success of its first movie, 365 Days, fans were very excited about the release of its sequel, 365 Days: This Day. 365 Days: This Day is based on the novel, This Day, the second of a trilogy by Polish author Blanka Lipińska.

Directed by Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Białowąs, 365 Days: This Day has also gained immense popularity, similar to the first movie.

365 Days: This Day is an erotic thriller movie that shows the life of a mafia don and his wife. The film portrays the hardships that the mafia world brings along with it.

365 Days: This Day: What Happens after the wedding of Massimo and Laura? Did Massimo cheat on Laura?

365 Days: This Day begins with Laura Biel, played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka, and Don Massimo Torricelli, played by Michele Morrone, getting intimate, dressed in their wedding attire, moments before their wedding.

They are soon interrupted by Laura’s best friend, Olga, played by Magdalena Lamparska, who storms in to ask them to get ready for the wedding.

After Massimo leaves, Olga asks Laura whether Laura had told Massimo about her baby that died. Laura tells Olga that she could not even tell Massimo that she was pregnant in the first place.

Massimo is a mafia don who does not easily let go of his anger. So, Laura knows that telling Massimo about the child’s death would result in war.

Olga realizes how difficult it was for Laura and tells Laura that Laura is the strongest woman she has met. Olga also promises to always be there for Laura.

Laura and Massimo get married in a beautiful ceremony. The newlywed couple then proceeds on their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, Laura’s fairytale-like life comes to an end very soon, as after spending a delightful time on their honeymoon, the two of them have to return to their everyday lives.

Laura soon realizes that she has no job other than being a wife and feels suffocated, with her husband, Massimo, constantly controlling her life. To make matters worse, Massimo, being a mafia boss, does not have enough time to spend with his wife, making their relationship even worse.

During their Christmas celebration, Massimo surprises Laura by inviting her parents from Poland to Sicily. He also opens a clothing company and makes her its owner as he knows how frustrating it is for her not to have any work to do and because she loves fashion.

365 Days-This Day
365 Days-This Day (Image Credit: Netflix)

Olga’s boyfriend, Domenico (played by Otar Saralidze), also surprises Olga by proposing to her. The two couples spend a lot of their time together as Domenico is Massimo’s associate in his mafia business.

Realizing that Massimo already has everything, Laura decides to give him sexual pleasure as his Christmas gift. However, it ends on a bad note as Massimo reveals that he has a brother.

When Laura starts asking more questions about this brother that she had never known about, Massimo gets upset and leaves without answering any of the questions.

A few days later, Massimo and Laura attend a party where Massimo has certain business obligations to fulfil while Laura wants to leave. She sees everyone else dancing, including her parents, as she stands there alone.

Laura suddenly sees Massimo upstairs, entering a room with an attractive lady. She follows them and finds them in an uncomfortable position in one of the rooms.

Laura is completely shattered and leaves the party immediately. While running out of the place, she suddenly meets their gardener, Nacho, played by Simone Susinna. Nacho is a very handsome man, and Laura is slightly attracted to him.

She asks him to take her out of that place. After some time, she sends a voice message to her mother, telling her that she is leaving Massimo, throws away her phone, and decides to flee with Nacho to her father’s house.

365 Days-This Day Ending Explained
365 Days-This Day Ending Explained (Image Credit: Netflix)

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained: Is Laura Dead?

Laura and Nacho spend a great time in Nacho’s beautiful house, with Laura wearing Nacho’s pregnant sister, Amelia’s clothes. She also meets Amelia, who tells her how much Nacho cares about her and his entire family.

After spending more time with each other, Laura and Nacho’s fondness for each other keeps growing.

Meanwhile, Massimo spends all his time and effort trying to search for Laura. He is apprehensive about her safety as she is always a significant risk, being a mafia don’s wife.

When a beautiful woman tries to woo Massimo after his wife’s disappearance, he figures out she is responsible for Laura’s disappearance.

It is then revealed that Massimo was right, and the woman was indeed behind the whole plan. She had tricked Laura into believing that Massimo was cheating on her by making Massimo’s twin brother pretend to be him. They use the fact that Laura does not even know that Massimo has a twin brother to their advantage.

However, their plan did not work to perfection, as they had sent one of their men to kidnap Laura after tricking her into confusing Massimo’s twin brother with him. The plan got ruined as Nacho helped her flee before they could kidnap her.

365 Days: This Day Ending Explained- Is Laura Dead?
365 Days: This Day Ending Explained- Is Laura Dead? (Image Credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, Laura starts doubting Nacho when she sees him fighting with a man who breaks into his house one night. She also wonders how an ordinary gardener can afford such a beautiful house and lavish life and why someone would bother to break into his home.

Nacho convinces her by telling her that his father is a wealthy man and he works as a gardener because he does not want to live off his father’s money. They go on to have a great time together and eventually end up kissing.

However, their merry time comes to an end when Nacho tells Laura that they will go to meet his father, and Massimo will also be present there.

Laura quickly realizes that Nacho is not an ordinary gardener and demands to know his real identity. Nacho reveals that his name is Marcelo Nacho Matos, and he is the son of Don Fernando Matos. Nacho’s father is the head of the local mafia and is a rival of Massimo’s family.

Laura realizes that Nacho has been lying to her. He had brought her to the island to use it against Massimo. However, Nacho claims that his feelings for her are real, which she refuses to believe.

It turns out that Nacho’s father, Fernando, has used the opportunity to blackmail Massimo into accepting his terms of surrendering his business into the hands of Massimo’s twin brother. Massimo seems desperate to meet his wife.

However, they soon realize that Laura has been kidnapped again as Enrique had taken her away when she was supposed to be taken by Fernando’s bodyguard, Miguel.

Nacho and Massimo set their differences aside to join forces and begin to find her to save Laura.

Elsewhere, Laura sees Massimo but soon realizes that it is not actually him. Instead, he introduces himself as Adriano Torricelli and reveals that he is Massimo’s twin brother. Laura also realizes that Adriano and the woman had tricked her into believing that Massimo was cheating on her.

The woman takes her gun out and points it at Laura when Nacho and Massimo arrive. Adriano reveals the secret about the death of Laura and Massimo’s baby to Massimo, while the woman reveals that they had instigated Laura into going away with Nacho.

When Laura tries to break free, the woman pulls the trigger and kills Laura. Massimo is devastated and kills the woman and his brother, Adriano. Nacho is also crushed and leaves the place.

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