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Tomorrow Episode 9 recap

Tomorrow Episode 9 Ending Explained: ‘Kong’ the adorable dog

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Tomorrow Episode 9 kicked off right from the cliffhanger ending of episode 8, as we see Joong-gil confronting Ryeon about his nightmares.

Let’s dive into the detailed recap of Tomorrow Episode 9.

Tomorrow Episode 9 Recap:

Joong-gil asks about the memories involving all the reapers and asks whether Ryeon has him in her memories as well.

Ryeon answers with a no, reassuring him that her past is all about her sins and has nothing to do with Joong-gil.

Moving forward, despite the seriousness of the show, ‘Tomorrow’ doesn’t shy away from momentary lightness.

Jung-woong has a dream with his mom and sister. Filled with joy, he kisses his mother after being apart for such a long time, only to realize that he is having a dream and is kissing Ryung-gu instead.

This, in turn, turned out to be another dream, as Jung-woong wakes up to find Ryung-gu at his desk calling for him.

Jung-woong visits his store and finds his sister taking a break from school while his mother is sick. He visits the hospital to check on his mother and gets devastated seeing their condition.

RM team receives a new case: The victim is an adorable dog named ‘Kong’

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Tomorrow Episode 9 ending explained
Tomorrow Episode 9: Kong (via Netflix)

RM receives their next case involving Namgung Jae-soo at the office, whose percentage is over 98%.

As they set out for the victim, Jung-woong sees his sister holding Namgung, aka Kong (the dog), to save it from the incoming truck.

He gets right behind her while Ryeon and Ryung-gu stop the vehicle.

After rescuing both, a brief chat happened, followed by Ryeon taking Kong’s responsibility.

They did a background check of Kong in the neighbourhood but to no luck. Finally, after making a few rounds at different hospitals, they learned that Kong is a 15-year-old dog.

Being an old dog, he doesn’t have much time left, and the RM team seemed lost on ways to bring his percentage down.

Ryeon asked Jung-woong to take the help of Jumadeung’s editing team, from where he obtained Kong’s memories.

Jung-woong carefully analyzed the video file, and it had Kong’s memories right from the time a little boy rescued him to when he was diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney that metastasized to the other organs.

The doctor told Kim-hun that Kong’s surgery might not be successful due to his old age.

Perhaps seeing his owner suffering because of him made Kong run away from his home.

Jung-woong soon realized this, and the RM team found Kim-hun looking for Kong online.

The episode is an emotional rollercoaster for pet lovers, especially when Kim-hun’s colleagues don’t empathize with him.

After some time, while in his home, Kim-hun receives a text about Kong’s whereabouts and rushes to the location.

Kim-hun finds Ryeon and Ryung-gu. They tell him about Kong’s condition and the fact that Kong tried to take its life.

Midway through their conversation, Kim-hun realizes why Kong ran away.

Tomorrow Episode 9 Ending Explained

As he waits to get reunited with Kong, Ryeon explains to Kong why he should live his remaining life with Kim-hun.

After convincing Kong, Ryeon takes Kong to Kim-hun.

Kim-hun had an extremely emotional message for Kong, and after realizing his love, Kong decided to stay by his side.

A reaper for the animal division comes to escort Kong but is intervened by Ryung-gu and Jung-woong.

Both intimidated the reaper to delay the escort by 90 minutes, so Kim-hun gets sufficient time to spend with Kong.

Kim-hun took Kong for a final walk and sat on a bench in a park, where they spent their last moments together before Kong passed away.

He was escorted to the afterlife, and Kim-hun finally got closure and cherished Kong in his memories.

Jung-woong gives Kong’s news to his sister, and Tomorrow Episode 9 ends with Jumadeung’s director consoling Jung-woong as he struggles after seeing his family suffer.

We also got to know that both Ryeon and Ryung-gu have their regrets, which is a big reason behind their “objective.”

A dark past awaits revelation, and we expect to know more in the upcoming episodes.

In the epilogue of Tomorrow Episode 9, we see Kim-hun finally reuniting with Kong in the afterlife.

Tomorrow Episode 10 Spoilers:

In Tomorrow Episode 10, the RM team will have to deal with two high-priority cases. Ryeon asks the team to be careful as it involves sexual assault.

On the other hand, Ryung-gu seems to have some history with the offender, as he gets assaults him.

He even appears to charge at Jung-woong upon restraint.

Stay tuned to know more on ‘Tomorrow Episode 10.’

New episodes of Tomorrow are available for streaming on Netflix.

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