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Origin Story of Moon Knight: How Did Marc become the Moon Knight?
Origin Story of Moon Knight: How Did Marc become the Moon Knight? (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Origin Story of Moon Knight: How Did Marc become the Moon Knight?

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The Moon Knight Episode 5 explained the origin story of Moon Knight, how Marc Spector became the avatar of Khonshu, aka The Moon Knight. 

After Arthur Harrow had shot Marc and Steven in episode 4, Marc and Steven woke up in a mental asylum where they met the Egyptian God Taweret. As explained in our previous article, we saw Taweret explaining to Steve and Marc the reality of the Asylum ward they are in and trying to help them escape the underworld.

Taweret revealed that it was an Egyptian realm of the Dead called ‘Duat,’ which was ruled by the God of the underworld, Osiris.

In the Moon Knight Episode 5, after the whole revelation of Marc and Steven’s origin story, Marc’s little brother Ro-Ro’s death and how it affected him and his mother, how Marc’s mother used to torture him because of the loss of his brother Ro-Ro. This resulted in Marc developing the Dissociative identity disorder creating the persona of Steven Grant.

After all these explanations in episode 5, we saw the origin story of Moon Knight, how Marc Spector, who was injured severely and left wounded in the desert, got revived by the god of moon Khonshu and became the Moon Knight

Origin Story of Moon Knight
Origin Story of Moon Knight (Image Credit: Disney+ and Marvel Studios)

Moon Knight Episode 5: Origin Story of Moon Knight: How Did Marc become the Moon Knight?

In Moon Knight Episode 5, After we see the origin story of Steven Grant and Randall Spector’s death, we go back through another gateway to arrive at one of Marc’s darkest memories, i.e., becoming Moon Knight. 

Marc was initially in US Army, and he served there for some years, but in one of his tours, when the army people noticed Marc’s mental state and his Dissociative identity disorder, he was discharged from the army. 

Later on, Marc worked as a mercenary and worked for one of his old friends Raul Bushman, a marksman. 

In one of his assignments in Egypt, he was tasked to raid the archaeological site, but during the raid, Bushman and his men double-crossed him. When Bushman and his men killed all the archaeologists, including Layla’s father, Marc tried to save them, but he was unable to do so alone. Hence, Bushman shot Marc severely and left him wounded in the desert. 

Despite the injuries, Marc Spector had little life left in him. He crawled to the temple of Khonshu and collapsed just below the idol of Khonshu. During that time, Khonshu’s spirit spoke to him and asked him if he would be willing to enact Khonshu’s justice and protect those who travel at night. 

Khonshu told him that he would be reviving his soul, so Marc, being severely injured, had no other option. He agreed to Khonshu’s offer. Hence Khonshu revived Marc and made him his warrior as Moon Knight. 

As per the comics, after transforming into Moon Knight, Marc Spector went on to kill all of Bushman’s men as Moon Knight, but Bushman managed to survive, and later on, he became one of the major villains of Moon Knight. He is notoriously known as the enemy of Marc Spector. 

Although, as of Moon Knight Season 1, we haven’t witnessed Raul Bushman’s character yet, so it is expected that we will be seeing him soon in Moon Knight Episode 6 and, if not, then Moon Knight Season 2. 

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